1 Minute Weight Loss Reviews

Just as the name insinuates, the 1 Minute Weight Loss is an alternative to long and strenuous exercise regimes where users only exercise for a maximum of 60 seconds at a time and for a total of 5 minutes a day.

Although shorter, this program promises to achieve the same results that would be achieved in a 50 minutes exercise with workouts twice as hard.

Who Is The Author or Creator?

The One Minute Weight Loss program was created by Brian. Since Brian was a teenager, he was always trying to get fit. Unlike his peer, he seemed to be the heaviest despite doing everything to be a little bit fit.

Therefore, he resorted to making fun of the fit kids so as to feel good about himself. But this worked only for too long. Soon he was in his twenties and had added so much weight that he could barely fit in clothes.

Thus, he enrolled to a gym with the home of gaining a ripped physique. However, this did not work either because he had a busy work schedule and could neither wake up early nor have the energy to visit the gym after a hard day at work.

Also, he felt miserable exercising for an hour. Therefore, he dropped the gym and started trying out various diets. But, they all seemed to be getting him fat.

This got him depressed and almost ruined his personal relationships. Hence, he decided that he was going to lose weight but on his own terms.

It was while on this journey that he found physicians' research that was against long and strenuous exercise. This was the beginning of the One Minute Weight Loss program.

The creator took a year trying this program and the results were tremendous. With a few smart workouts, done for a few minutes at the comfort of his home, he achieved the body of his dreams. That was when he decided to develop a similar program to help other people.

What Is Included In The Program?

The program includes a variety of one-minute workouts that are categorized into four including;

  • Beginners

In this section, the author of the 1 Minute Weight Loss program provides a wide range of exercises for people who are just beginning.

These exercises include wall pushups, squats and chair dips. The beginner section comes with detailed videos to explain how to go about the exercises.

Also, it has a video to guide users on how to go about muscle stretching for proper rest and restoration.

  • Intermediate

In this category caters for people that are building from the beginner level. Just like the prior level, intermediate entails 4 workout videos.

One video guides you on how to properly stretch the exercised muscles. The other three are a detailed guide on how to go about squatting with a hold, triceps dip on one foot, and push-ups. The videos consist of the three movements done for 20 seconds each.

  • Advanced

The advanced category of this program is an upgrade from intermediate. It builds up on the exercises in the previous levels.

Like the other two categories, intermediate has four workout videos that include workouts such as lunge jumps, decline pushups, and triceps dip on both feet. It also includes a detailed video to guide you in stretching.

  • Rapid Results

This includes four workout videos to guide users on the four workouts. Exercises in this category include plank, Swiss ball crunch, and dumbbell side crunch. Also, it includes a video for stretching.

Currently, Brian is also giving a bonus on subscribers to his One Minute Weight Loss program. The bonus includes;

  • The One Minute Weight Loss Cookbook: “Smart Exercises” Recipes and Meal Plans E-book

This book is full of simple recipes that will help to complement your smart exercise efforts. Also, the meals in this e-book do not taste like diet meals.

  • Melting Fat Heat-to-Toe: How Anyone Can Burn Fat Where it Counts E-book

This e-book is aimed at revealing the tips and tricks to help you burn fat on areas that you mostly struggle with. These areas include stomach, thigh, neck, and arms.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

The program works by incorporating exercises that are short and smart rather than long and tedious. Therefore, it people who previously gave up on fitness due to strenuous gym programs.

The programs targets stubborn fats ensuring that you achieve your fitness goals in a very short time. This program is not a scam as it has scientific proof to back it up.


  1. The program is easy to follow
  2. Users achieve rapid weight loss following this program
  3. The program is backed by scientific research
  4. The program is suitable for everyone, whether beginner, intermediate or advanced.
  5. The price is great considering that you pay $37 only
  6. The 1 Minute Weight Loss program focusses on the quality of exercise rather than quantity.
  7. Has a money-back guarantee if the program does not work on you


  1. Might not be suitable with people who have some health conditions such as diabetes.
  2. The program must be followed for at least 2 weeks for results to be noticed.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for the Product?

The ideal candidate for the 1 Minute Weight Loss program is ideal for people who have tried to lose weight but have failed.

It is especially great for people that generally find it hard to keep up with regular gym sessions that have long and tedious schedules.

It is also ideal for people that have tried various diets but have failed. In addition, it is a great option for those that want to keep fit at a budget because the workouts provided in the program can easily be done at home. Therefore, there will be no need to pay for gym membership.

Does The Program Work?

The One Minute Weight Loss program does work. Furthermore, the program does work and is even supported by science.

Also, many people have testified that they lost pounds of fat by just following the program. The website even has real photos to show people that have lost weight as a result of the program.


The 1 Minute Weight Loss program is definitely one of the most effective fitness programs that we have seen this year. If you have been struggling with weight loss and you have had enough, we recommend you to try this.

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