There is a growing number of people that are recognizing the dangers of excess weight and obesity, and who have began taking steps to combat this problem; the majority of these persons however will admit to hitting many a brick wall in their efforts to lose weight.

Simply put, exercising every once in a while and pursuing complex diets is no longer enough, with so many people around the world expressing frustration at gaining pounds no matter what they do to erase them.

Most such people will have begun turning their attention to supplements like 5-HTP max, many of which are highlighting the important role mental health can play in weight loss.

What is 5-HTP Max?

5-HTP max is a weight loss supplements that purposes to eliminate excess weight by promoting positive moods, improving mental well being and combating emotional eating; the manufacturers of the supplement understand the simple fact that people tend to eat, not because they are hungry, but every time they are anxious, stressed or depressed, with this particular supplement aiming to combat excess weight by increasing the production of serotonin, this then suppressing appetite and allowing the body to better moderate its weight.

How it works?

There is a deeper connection between mental health and weight gain that most people presume; research has proven that a decline in mood, possibly even the onset of depression will have an adverse impact on appetite, with most people admitting that they tend to eat so much more the worse they feel.

Mood swings in general are connected to the excretion of a substance in the brain known as serotonin, whose increase or decline will positively or negatively impact one’s mental state at any given time.

The key to 5-HTP max lies in its sizeable content of a substance known as 5-Hydroxytryptophan; an amino acid naturally produced by the body, the production of serotonin is directly connected to the presence and generation of 5-HTP.

And this is the role that 5-HTP max plays in patients seeking to lose weight; when the supplement is consumed, the 5-HTP within its list of ingredients enters the bloodstream, is transmitted to the brain and translates into serotonin and melatonin, substances whose increased production will not only improve moods but suppress appetite.

And a reduction in unhealthy hunger cravings will reduce the number of calories consumed by individuals, easing the process of weight loss.

Is It a scam?

Many professionals in the pharmaceutical industry have long since understood and affirmed the role 5-HTP plays can play in controlling weight by increasing serotonin production; as such a supplement dependent upon 5-HTP to achieve weight loss will typically enjoy the support of most medical professionals, and 5-HTP max is no different.


The supplement enjoys relative support from the many persons across the internet that have used 5-HTP max, the majority of which tend to present a very positive report about its effects. As such one would be hard-pressed to accuse this supplement of being a scam.


The primary draw of 5-HTP Max lies with the fact that it is not only capable of effectively initiating weight loss but it achieves its purpose using a collection of all natural ingredients that guarantee results even while eliminating the risk of side effects.

Chief amongst the supplement’s ingredients is 5-HTP (typically 50mg). The substance is extracted from a West African shrub called griffonia simplicifoli well known for its ability to increase serotonin production, curb appetite and, hence, control weight.


There are numerous benefits to the body that many clients of the supplement have imputed to the use of 5-HTP Max, these including the following:

  • 5-HTP Max is a purely natural supplement that promises positive results without attracting any negative consequences to the body, making for a product that clients can utilize without having to worry about potential side effects.
  • The supplement is typically purchased alongside a 90 day money back guarantee, reducing any financial risks that might be involved in the case that you find yourself unsatisfied by the effects of 5-HTP max
  • The supplement will suppress appetite, enabling individuals to better control the number of calories they consume a day and hence, playing a role in moderating weight.
  • The product will increase the body’s ability to produce serotonin; this will not only combat emotional eating but fight against mild anxiety and depression without individuals having to incur the wrath of the side effects of chemicals typically utilized in treating depression.
  • 5-HTP max can play a role in treating insomnia, this resulting from its ability to increase serotonin production. It is a natural method of tackling this issue.

Side Effects

When people think about 5-HTP Max, they are bound to immediately leap to negative conclusions based on the information that has been disseminated about eosinophilia myalgia syndrome, an ailment that has been connected to the consumption of supplements that contain 5-hydroxytryptophan. Eosinophilia myalgia is not only incurable but it can be fatal.

However proponents of 5-HTP max have always defended the supplement, and have been known to suggest that the syndrome’s occurrence is connected specifically to those supplements that are contaminated by unhealthy chemicals which are often hidden from clients.

There is little in the way of proof, however, to verify these claims seeing as research into 5-hydroxytryptophan’s connection to the syndrome’s emergence is still ongoing.

There have been reports about the use of 5-HTP Max resulting in heartburn, drowsiness, vomiting and even stomach pain, with voices supporting the supplement suggesting that any side effects that might have been reported about 5-HTP max emanate from those individuals that acquired the supplement from less than trustworthy sources whose stock of 5-HTP max is typically home to ingredients that are less than healthy and which the official website has always taken steps to warn clients about.

A number of the client testimonials have maintained a fairly positive review of the supplement, with many such voices speaking of its ability to achieve its goals in the absence of any noteworthy side effects.


Where to buy 5-HTP Max?

There are numerous web stores on the internet through which you should be able to access the product without any particularly egregious complications; however it would advisable to restrict your purchase of 5-HTP max to the product’s official website, that is if you want to avoid exposing yourself to products that might not be 5-HTP max (no matter what their labels say) even while gaining access to any deals and promos that might be on offer.