Most people think that losing weight is all about hard work. They also think that the only way to get fast results is by spending hours in the gym and following restrictive and bland diets.

However, the sad fact is that although following a super restrictive diet may generate result it also takes you away from the joys of life. Thanks to the severe lifestyle change brought upon these diets, most people fail to continue them and again start piling on weight.


This is exactly why 6 Minutes To Skinny is such a great program. It doesn't rely on super restrictive diet or exhausting workout plans. Fitness expert and program creator Craig Ballantyne understood that people were too busy in their lives to follow time consuming and difficult plans.

This is why he created the 6 Minutes To Skinny program to provide practical and simple solutions that work. However, just because it's simple doesn't mean it's ineffective. The program delivers dramatically fast results as it works by boosting your body's metabolism enabling you to burn more fat naturally.

The program revolves around having smart and delicious food items and doing short and powerful exercise sessions to amp up your fat burning capabilities. In short it means you will enjoy great fat loss results while having tasty food and doing little exercise.

What the does the program include?

The program creator Craig Ballantyne believes in making it easy. This is why all the materials provided with the program is super easy to understand and follow. Let's take a look at the things that are included.

Complete Program Manual: The 6 Minute To Skinny manual acts as detailed guide for the system. The book familiarizes you to the system and then talks in details about the fat loss tips and practices and how it can be implemented in your life.

This manual is the complete guide for the program so you can refer back to it anytime you want.

A Follow-along Video Guide: This is a video guide that contains different movement patterns. These patterns not only energize you but also plays a vital role in boosting your metabolism. These are short videos, so all you have to do is play and follow along.

7 Day Fast Start Guide Book: Starting any new program can be confusing. This is why the 7 Day Fast Start Guide book contains exact instructions for the first week of the program. All you have to do is copy-paste these instructions to your real life.

A Recipe Book: As mentioned before the program doesn't believe in having uninteresting and tasteless food. To help you with your quest of preparing tasty food quickly, the program includes the 2 Minute Breakfast Meals.

The recipe book contains 35 different delicious breakfast shake recipes to help you start your day with a bang.

Nutrition Guide: The Perfect Nutrition Guide is the complete food guide that will help you to prepare delicious food items for you and your family.

More About The Author And Creator:

It seems there are no shortages of fitness experts and gurus nowadays. There are hundreds of different fat loss programs and probably thousands of experts claiming their system is the best in the world. This is why the question, “Why should we follow this guy?” is pretty understandable.

Who is Craig Ballantyne? He has a Master degree on Exercise Physiology. He is also considered to be one of the leading experts in health, nutrition and fat loss. His research articles have featured in magazines like National Geographic, Men's Health, Oxygen, Prevention, Maxim, Details, Women's Health, Toronto Star, Men's Fitness and many more.

Apart from that, he is also part of the Training Advisory Board for Oxygen and Maximum Fitness. Most importantly he is a guy who still continues to research and find out the most effective ways to achieve different fitness goals.

How Does The Program Work?

The program includes suggestions that are new and effective. These suggestions are based on scientific research and have real scientific evidence to back them up. These are also not suggestions that are cheaply available everywhere.

These are unique, effective, and guaranteed to help you lose weight. This program is not a crash diet nor does it rely on unsafe experimental methods. In fact every single suggestion is based on the body's natural cycles and works to trigger your body's fat burning hormones to generate maximum fat loss.

The program is like a cheat sheet containing easy-to-follow tips about food, exercise, and lifestyle that's based on real scientific studies.

Who Can Benefit From This Program?

Almost anyone can reap the benefits of this amazing program. As mentioned earlier, this program is designed for people who don't want or have too much time to spare. All anyone needs is to spare 6 minutes every day and the 6 Minutes To Skinny program will help them lose weight.

Therefore, this is perfect for urban executives and professionals who simply do not have the time to follow a complicated and time consuming fat loss program. In fact it's great for anyone who is not fond of spending too much time exercising or giving up tasty food.


  • Effective: The first and the most important advantage of this program is it does exactly what it claims to do. It works in reducing body fat percentage effectively and quickly.
  • Simple And Practical: The program relies on simple tips that are easy for anyone to understand and follow. These tips are easy to implement in real life.
  • No Drastic Lifestyle Change: The program doesn't advocate a drastic lifestyle change. You can keep having tasty food and party with friends, the program will still work.
  • Little Time Involvement: All you need to do is spend 6 minutes every day and that's it. The program completely discards lengthy workout sessions to give you something compact and effective.


  • Sounds Too Good To Be True: The only con of this program is that it sounds too good to be true. Even though it's safe, effective, and simple many people think it's a hoax. This is because these people have been falsely trained to believe that fat loss only happen to people who train hard and restrict their diets.

Does The Program Really Work?

According to hundreds of customer testimonials and YouTube video reviews, it's safe to say that 6 Minutes To Skinny really works.

You can do your share of research and you'll find tons of people on YouTube, Facebook, independent blogs, forums, and almost everywhere on the internet who have lost pounds after pounds of fat following this program.


It's simple, it's easy, it's effective, and there is no reason why you shouldn't try this amazing new program. 6 Minutes To Skinny works and that's why we recommended it to anyone who's struggling with their weight and looking to find a fat loss program.