Every woman all over the world wishes to drag others attention and look attractive, skinny and glamorous. The latest research reveals that people throughout their whole life do their day to day activities like eating, exercising and sleeping in a wrong way.

The belly melt diet will teach the women to perform their activities in rightful way to get the desired results. This book has not just planned for the sleep and wake up activities, but it also prepares the body to keep the fight against hormonal imbalance.

The readers will get beneficial information regarding metabolism boosting, soaring their energy, maximizing the burning of belly fat, keeping track of menstrual cycle etc. this will help the readers to keep up their confidence level and feel balanced and achieve their success in their field.

What Is This Product All About?

This book is a simple 2-phase diet plan that helps the women how to exercise, eat and sleep. It consists of 100 easy and delicious fat melting recipes, the proper time to exercise as well as the newest study of body rhythms and the research regarding chronobiology.

Women who took this diet plan seriously and tried it in a proper way lose up to 19 to 20 pounds in just 5 weeks. They embarked with slimming, energizing lifestyle that remained with them.

Who Is The Author?

John Shein and Glen Richards is the creator or author for this book “the Belly Melt for Women program”. Both are nutritionist as well as weight loss expert It can be downloade4d and used.

Apart from this if a women won’t find any change by following the weight loss program in 2 months then there is 100% money back guarantee.

All the information regarding the program is available in the official website http://www.bellymeltforwomen.com.

What Is Included In The Program?

The program is specifically designed for women who wish to enjoy sexy figure and flat tummy. The program includes several sections.

  • The first section includes comprehensive information on the several ways that the body stores belly fat. The author would help the follower to identify the areas that are getting affected.
  • The second section lists all the reasons for which the body stores fat and how they get reserved.
  • It gives knowledge regarding the foods that accelerates fat storage process inside the body. It also gives information about the food that helps to get rid of ugly belly fat.
  • There are two proper exercises that are basically meant to get rid of belly fat. These exercise target the omentum. Omentum is the reason that prevents the belly fat to melt. These exercises are equal to three hours of workouts.
  • This guide also deals with Liver detoxification methods. It also helps in enhancing some specific hormones that are useful in losing belly fat.

Besides all the above mentioned points, this eBook comprises of

  • List of healthy dessert recipes that are specifically meant for women to lose weight.
  • It is also like a guide known as “You Diet Meal Plan”. It contains the diet plans that are recommended for the women for around 2 weeks. It is a 2 week planner that one needs to prepare each day. This also will help the follower to reduce the waist size fruitfully.
  • The last thing that it includes is the diets or foods that one can intake in any kind of restaurants or fast food shops.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

It is not a scam. It is a six week planner that works perfectly to get rid of belly fats.

In the initial three days one needs to get a proper consumption of around 1200 calories that will prepare the body to take over the six week program.

This will reset the hormone and metabolism rate of the body. In the first stage one needs to get used to the diets and which will increasingly make the body acquainted to control the hunger hormones.

The diet program focuses on the hormones of the body that helps in balancing the function of the body. This is mostly important criteria as there are several guides and programs available online that promises to lose weight within one week.

But following those online programs one starts gaining weight after some week. They also have several side effects as those programs mostly prioritise to the diet controlling. But in this program the hormonal changes of the body is targeted for which the change will remain permanent.

This program schedules the foods that are to be intake. It is like a planner that keeps the record of the foods that are to be taken in breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It also gives tips to reduce weight while sleeping. The overall program helps women to control the urge of eating without dropping their normal lives.

List of Pros:

  • The program has several advantages. A research was done online. Several women opted for the program and gained benefits. This program comprises of proper balanced diet with gentle exercise.
  • Apart from gaining a sexier figure, it also has several advantages. By following this program one can avoid life threatening diseases like diabetes, heart problems, hormonal disorders etc. it boosts the metabolism and also keeps the overall functioning of the body in proper condition. It also restores the sex drives.
  • This program prefers all the natural ways so it does not have any side effects.
  • The best part is a 60 day money back guarantee is associated with the program if one is not gaining satisfied results.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate For The Product?

The ideal candidate is someone who at least has an inch of fat or too much belly fat. But this is not preferred program for someone who is around 80 pounds.

Apart from this is not for women who are having loose skin and lack elasticity. This program is also not for skinny women. The ideal women or candidates for this program are those women who want to take care of themselves and prefer to have a healthy body and life.

Does The Product Work?

From a research we did online, we found out that most women with belly fat who took the program were contented with the results they got after undergoing the process.

Many of the women who took the program claim that it gave them a new lease on life, and said that it was very easy to understand everything the authors mentioned inside the program.


It can be recommended for every woman who is gaining weight. But it is not a overnight planner. This program does not deal with starvation. It is a planner that consists of a proper balanced diet and around 10 to 20 minutes of daily workout.

No pills are involved in the program and one may notice change within 30 days.