Burn the fat 7-Day Body Transformation program is a system that guides people on methods and ways to lose body fats naturally. It teaches how to gradually change the body in the desired shape.

The product comes in a package of set of exercise instructions plus diet guide to ensure that any user have accessed it has gained adequate information on fat loss and body building procedures on a daily basis.

Who is the author?

The creator of this program is Tom Venuto. He is a known author on weight and fat loss topics. He has published other related books in the same topic category.

In this program, he explains how he transformed from a chubby kid who experienced a hard time in gym class but later lost body fat and won the first bodybuilding championship at the age of 21. He shares the secrets he learned and used to burn the most stubborn fat and gained the shape he wanted.

What is included in the program?

This program is a new 2015 full update. It includes the new Burn Fat Program plus an accompanying an online total immersion community coaching from Tom.

It is a simplified version of the previous Tom’s fat-burning techniques used previously for years but it is delivered in seven short and simple lessons. The seven main lessons also described as secrets in the program, are set each for a day.

How does it work?

On the fist day of learning Burn the fat 7-Day Body Transformation Program, users get to learn how to mindset and get ready for the permanent fat loss. This includes topics such as goal setting, motivational tactics for the brain to set a strong mental energy ready for the program training.

On the second lesson, day two, the program teaches on the calories facts and how the diet industries have this information for themselves and not for everyone.

It goes in to details on how many calories should be available for the body. This lesson also talks about the macro-nutrients which are the proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

It majors on how every person’s body type should have these nutrients and proteins in the required amount that will bring or maintain the right muscle.

Day three lesson is about the food types which help in metabolism which facilitate fat burning process. It explains how it is achievable without necessarily cutting down on calories drastically.

Eating the recommended food in this chapter will make you feel full and lose fat. This is possible by avoiding “the terrible 12” fat-storing foods.

The forth day lesson, he describes it as almost magical as one combines three food types that boost metabolism creating a maximum fat loss environment.

This diet also creates body mass and skyrockets energy levels. It simplifies the fat burning process by giving the user 10 most popular recipes that are delicious and at the same time burn fat at all times.

The fifth lesson is about getting your own daily meal plan. This is possible after learning the forth lesson about diet steps. It describes that the plan can be created manually or by used of a software.

It also states that the user will be in total control of their diet as long as they follow the “Burn the Fat” rules for calories, macros and balanced eating.

The six lesson majors on muscle building process that is customized for specific body and goals. There are set workout programs designed for various levels-beginners to advance. This can then be mixed to avoid boredom or getting on a constant level.

On the seventh day, the user gets to discover the “feedback loop” system or the progress system that sets aside the constant condition.

This is where successes is achieved through learning to measure it and make adjustments every week as you adjust your system avoiding any time wasting. This creates room for achieving goals faster.

In addition to the above, Tom, provides free powerful bonus to accompany the Burn The Fat Journey Easier.

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The bonus has four parts:

Burn the fat essentials: A toolkit that includes; workout trackers, meal planner sheets, protein, fat and calorie calculators, A data base for the program, shopping list, progress chart and a goal planner.

Fat burn software: This is meant to create and save customized diets and recipes. It has simple to follow steps on daily meal.

Recipes: These are original recipes created by Tom. They are easy to prepare even without prior cooking experience.

Fat testing System: This bonus is an e-book to assure you that you only lose fat and not muscle. The new 2nd Edition titled, How To Measure Your Body Fat in The Privacy of Your Own Home.

It describes a 2 minutes test on how to measure your own body fat at home and let you know why body is important than body weight.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate for the product?

Burn the fat 7-Day Body Transformation program is ideal for those who have excess fats in the body and would like to get rid of it in a natural way. It is also suitable for people who want to get muscle development and get the right diet for body growth.

Pros of this program

  • It has focused on all human age
  • It is a gender sensitive program and suitable foe both male and female
  • It has a 60 days money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the program results
  • It gives a step by step guide with easy to follow support of e-books, videos and audios tutorials

Does The Product Work?

There are customer reviews on product websites who claim that the program worked perfect for them. It is rare to find negative review and little if any is available. This is a clear indication that the program works for those who have used it.

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Burn the fat 7-Day Body Transformation program is a good recommendation for anyone who wants to lose fat and get the lean body shape they desire.

It is worth the price considering that the product has bonuses and discounts. On top of that, it has a 60 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee. This makes the product worth trying and risk free after the purchase.