When it comes to burning excess fat and facilitating weight loss, there are many products available to choose from. You can find pills, supplements, surgical procedures, workout programs and diet plans among other options for fat/weight loss.

This is ironically what makes it difficult to choose the absolute product that will meet your needs. However, some of them have been proven to have positive results and are based on existing scientific facts.

Carb Back-Loading 1.0 is one of the fat loss products that exhibit viability and optimum results. It is simply an e-book detailing a carb-intake program that supports fat loss and muscle growth.

What is the program?

Carb back-loading 1.0 is fat loss e-book guide developed by John Keifer, who has a bachelor in physics and mathematics. He also became a PhD candidate (University of Florida).

The guide emphasizes on how people consume carbohydrates and how the body systems work. In simple explanation, this program advocates avoiding carb in the morning and consuming them in the evening preferably after workouts.

The program includes a number of sub-guides and requirements meant to facilitate the speed of fat burning and/or loss. Some of the main features include the following;

  • The plan should be combined with workouts particularly resistant training and exercises
  • The amount of carbs taken before 5 pm should be limited to 30 grams
  • Eat carbs after workouts, rather than before
  • Carbs can be taken at night on resting days (non-training days)
  • Workouts should be scheduled between 3 pm and 5 pm
  • Breakfast can be skipped

The carb back-loading program focuses on sugar-fat conversion and insulin production. This e-book does not only help you to lose the unpleasant fat, it also teaches a lot of things about the body’s metabolism and anabolic functions. Some of the lessons you will learn from this program includes;

  • Ways of keeping low insulin levels
  • How to stop sugar/carb-fat conversion
  • Ways of stimulating muscle growth
  • Understanding Circadian rhythms and maximizing anabolism

There are various other lessons such as six pack development, choosing the right supplements and training. In overall, you will learn all these as well as how to use the program to derive optimum results (lean muscle, no fat, six pack abs…).

The book also contains sections for women and how they can facilitate their own fat loss.


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Science behind carb back-loading (how it works)

The idea behind carb back-loading 1.0 is quite simple and factual. As Keifer describes it, the emphasis is to restrict your carb consumption until later in the day like evenings and night. This makes it much easier for the body to burn fat.

It also allows the growth of lean muscle. Excess fat in the body, or any fat for that matter, is as a result of sugar-fat conversion. The body converts carbs and sugars into fats that are stored in the body.

There are various hormones responsible for this conversion while some aid fat burning. The stress hormone cartisol normally burns fat in the morning to provide energy.

However, this hormone does not work well in the presence of insulin. Insulin is the hormone that regulates blood sugar level. When you consume carbs in the morning, the sugar level in the blood raises and automatically the body releases insulin to regulate it.

This may prompt fat cells to convert sugar to fat besides the fact that cartisol is now unable to effectively burn fat in the morning. The end result is increased fat deposition. When you avoid carbs in the morning, cartisol will aid fat burning to reduce the available volume.

The insulin level will also not be increased which means there will be little to no fat conversion. Consuming carbs in the evening, especially after workouts, does not only help in fat burning, but also ensures the carbs are used in repairing and growing lean muscles.

Carb back-loading 1.0 is therefore a diet protocol that prescribes special nutritional consumption to facilitate optimization of insulin impact on fat cells and muscles. Since insulin is an anabolic and fat storage hormone, this program ensures the body burns excessive fat while inhibiting conversion of sugars to fat.

Who needs it?

It is clear that carb back-loading requires one to complement it with exercises. As a matter of fact, the advice is to take carbs after workouts in order to gain maximum results. Those who want to loose unpleasant fat layers will find this program very suitable.

It is also for people who want to develop strong lean muscles and six pack abs devoid of fat. The program is perfect for those who can not endure the low-calorie diet plans. One good thing about this protocol is that it does not fully limit ones consumption of carbs.

You can still have your favorite treat in the evening. It is however important to watch your caloric intake. As usual, if you consume more calories than you burn, it will still result in fat conversion.

Studies have also shown that people (67%) who took carbs in the evening or night rather than morning had a decreased desire for eating. This program affects hormones such as leptin, which acts as messenger to inform the brain of starvation (hunger) or satisfaction.

Those with cravings will therefore eventually loose their appetites for such foods.

There are various benefits of the carb back-loading 1.0 e-book. Nonetheless, it also has a few concerns just like any other product. Its merits and demerits are briefly listed as follows.


  • Facilitates fat loss and growth of muscles
  • Lowers insulin level and blood sugar level
  • Instant download in PDF format and a 60-day money back guarantee
  • Has free updates and upgrades that go straight into your inbox
  • Extensive support and references to scientific journals


  • The scientific information can be overwhelming and confusing
  • The charts may seem cumbersome to understand


Carb back-loading 1.0 supports the idea of loosing fat and achieving excellent shape without necessarily avoiding the junk food. It is very different from the low-calorie starvation diets and strenuous heightened workouts.

This program is based on hormonal science and how carbs are converted to fat or used in muscle growth. In overall rating, this is probably one of the most descriptive and complete fat-loss guides. It is effective and easy to adapt.