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Custom Keto Diet Reviews

The Custom Keto Diet is a diet that is based on the popular modernized Keto diet. Even though the program itself is based on a type of diet that is well known and has been followed by people for many years, the Custom Keto Diet aims to customize this very popular diet method in order to make it more personal for people in their lives.

The word “custom” implies that the diet is different from its original form and can be altered to fit an individuals' dietary needs.

The name of the product is fitting, since it aims to explain this to everyone who is interested in learning more about this new dieting method without the possibility of anything being miscommunication to those interested customers.

Who Is The Author or Creator?

The Keto diet is something that has been originally developed by many people over many years. A Keto based diet has not one, but many original creators.

As for the Custom Keto Diet plan that is highlighted here, the author is Tom Hunter. Tom Hunter is a active weight loss coach, who works to improve the lives of others by helping them make more sustainable and healthier lifestyle choices for themselves.

Tom Hunter is also an author who has written works to also help individuals with their health and personal wellness goals.

Tom Hunter created the program Custom Keto Diet in order to have an established set of works compiled all together in one place, allowing him the ability to share his knowledge with the world on what exactly he has found to work within a Keto dieting plan overall.

What Is Included In The Program?

Those who follow the instructions included in program are provided the steps to achieving a healthier weight through the dieting plans included.

The program claims to provide its users the ability to diet and lose weight, without having to give up foods that they love and without starving themselves.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

The program works by giving those who purchase the program tools to improve their eating habits through a Keto based plan.

By eating a mostly beat and raw based diet, Keto aims to provide dieters the ability to lose weight and still be able to enjoy hearty meals while doing so.

What a Keto based diet is made up of is a combination of many types of fatty foods that are actually lower in carbs than they are fats. Keto diets include many foods that you may not even think about being included in a realistic dieting plan.

With the Custom Keto Diet program, the goal is to up an individual's fat intake while lowering their carb intake in the most effective manner possible.

Since it is difficult for people who first start on a new dieting plan to know where to begin, it is actually helpful for those individuals to have a plan that is easy to follow and lists out just the right steps to take.

In that way, this program is in no way a scam. It is based on a dieting plan that has been around for many years and has proven to show its effectiveness in helping people lose weight, as long as they are able to follow the plan correctly.

Positive Points/Pros

  • Users of the plan will be able to continue to eat delicious and full fat meals while losing weight.
  • The Custom Keto Diet goes over all of the points that individuals will need to take into account, in order to meet their own individual dietary requirements.
  • All resources and information required to follow the dieting plan correctly are complied into one useful package.
  • The author is a professional in the field of health and wellness with a proven track record of expertise in providing advice to dieters.
  • Real statistics are used in backing up the claims made by the author in their studies.

Negative Points/Cons

  • Minimal financial commitment is required in order to invest in this endeavor.
  • Along with this commitment, time and energy will also need to be exerted on the part of the dieter in seeing through with all of the steps included in the plan.
  • Discipline is needed for anyone who undergoes any type of dieting plan, including Custom Keto Diet, which means sticking with all steps outlined and being willing to commit to the time needed to see significant results.

Who is the Ideal Candidate For The Product?

The ideal candidate for the Custom Keto Diet is anyone who is looking for a diet that is in the realm of Keto, but do not know exactly where to start out on their journey.

It may be that some people have some skepticism in how effective the diet plan is. For anyone who is willing to try out a new dieting method and stick with it for many months, in order to see long lasting results, then they are perfectly qualified for this type of program.

People of all ages and genders can find something to gain from the Custom Keto Diet. Anyone who feels as if they are overweight or have had issues with struggling with keeping their weight at a healthy level will enjoy this product.

Individuals who wish to continue to eat delicious meals while working towards reaching a healthier weight will be able to find benefit with Custom Keto Diet.

Does The Program Work?

The program does work as long as the participant is able to stick with the dietary plan for months in a consistent manner.


Consistency is key with all dietary plans. It's true that we all have different body types. With that in mind, the program may work faster for some people than it does for others.

Some people tend to retain weight more easily than others and there are several factors to take into account on why this is so. This program is recommended for anyone able to work with it into the long term.