The Customized Fat Loss program is exactly what the name suggests; it is a fully customizable nutrition plan, based on different body types. This plan is in aid of quick, safe, and easy weight loss.

The plan is based on the perception that generic weight loss programs are not specifically designed for individual people, but overweight groups in general.


Who is the Author?

The author and creator of Customized Fat Loss, Kyle Leon is a certified nutritionist, health expert, fitness trainer and fitness model. Years of research and nutritional expertize is utilized in the program.

What is Included in the Program?

  •  Customized Fat Loss Online Software, which is instantly downloadable after payment
  • An e-guide “Peak in a Week”, which is a week-long program to transform yourself for special occasions wearing something skimpy such as a swimsuit and turn heads.
  • An e-guide on supplementation
  • An e-guide on exercise and training, step-by-step, for twelve weeks
  • Unlimited online upgrades for life
  • Custom Transformation tracking Program

How does it Work?

This program is based on a nutrition plan customizable to suit specific body types. Kyle uses the six different body types of individuals, explaining the different body types individually.

The concept of this program is Somato-Specific Nutrition, which is what we would call body type. Although body type diets and nutritional plans are not a new concept, this one is different.

Other body type programs deal with three different body types, whereas the Customized Fat Loss program is based on six different body types. Using six body types, individuals have a much more precise nutritional meal plan than any other program or diets.

The program discusses how much and what every individual person should consume, depending on their composition and body type. You get meal plans for resting days, for workout days, as well as what you should consume post-workout.

Meals plans and exercise routines are tailored to meet your individual needs. Patented and researched formulas take your body type, metabolism, weight, height, and age into consideration in order to customize your distinctive plan.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for the Product?

The best feature of this program is difficult to name as it has many, but surely one of the most worthy is the fact that absolutely anybody and everybody can use this program. Any sex, any age, regardless of the amount of weight you wish to lose, you are included as someone who will benefit from it.

The fact that it is customizable is the main feature and both meals and workouts are customized to suit the any body type. Typically you will find similar programs, however each and every one of those will be based on three body types.


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Inside the program Kyle explains exactly how to choose your body type, if you look at the below body types and still are not quite sure how to determine which one you actually are. Kyle Leon’s program works for six body types and you will be one of those. They are:

1. Ectomorph – very skinny body types with narrow hips and shoulders and thin arms. These people struggle to gain weight or muscle.

2. Endomorph – soft bodies, which are prone to fat gain.

3. Mesomorph – these body types easily gain muscle and usually have narrow hips, but muscular shoulders, arms and calves.

4. Ecto – Mesomorph – this is a combination of two body types, mainly this person is an Ectomorph with the soft body prone to weight gain, but with Mesomorphic traits.

5. Meso – Endomorph – This is another combination and mostly a mesomorph, but has a more rounded and slightly softer appearance.

6. Meso – Ectomorph – Another combination that is mainly Mesomorph, but also has some Ectomorphic traits.


  • The program has additional bonuses, which are valuable enough to be stand-alone products themselves.
  • The customizability will help you to lose fat faster.
  • It is online based software, allowing you immediate access when you are connected to the internet.
  • Kyle Leon is a nutritionist with an established record and has helped many individuals successfully in their weight loss struggles.
  • The software is user-friendly and offers various options for you to choose from.
  • You can pick the food you want as well as crafting meals according to your preference.
  • If you are unsatisfied with the program, you can receive a full refund within 60 days.


  • The product is often unusable due to an unstable backend infrastructure and unresponsive support team.
  • The lack of workouts and exercises in the program is a complaint some users have, although there is a free bonus included that addresses workouts and exercise routines.
  • People with medical conditions, might find the program not flexible enough, although that is the case with all diet and weight loss programs.

Does the Product Work?

Customized Fat Loss is a proven and trusted program and guarantees to deliver the intended results. It is a unique solution, completely different from any other program or diet you have ever tried.

The creator of the program, Kyle Leon, developed his program using scientific and highly advanced methods many have not heard off before. Anyone who completes this program with honesty and in an earnest manner will have positive weight and fat loss results.

You learn exactly what your body type is and this is something many never knew. Follow this program and within eight weeks you will see a complete different person, full of energy and vitality with a transformed body.

This is a worthwhile program if you are serious to work at your health and set your diet goals and sticking to it.


The Customized Fat Loss program has more advantages than any other current program, allowing you full control over your weight loss. You create your meals according to your body type suitable for your specific body type.

This is a highly recommended program and any individual has the ability to achieve serious weight and fat loss. It is different from other programs and it is clear that Kyle Leon has done his research as it contains quality useful information.

Should you invest in this program with its low price? The answer is simple, after you read this honest and unbiased review, you can buy this product with confidence.