Dietrine is a supplement in the form of a pill that helps you in your weight loss journey. It functions by reducing your craving for carbohydrates which are known to be the lead cause of excessive weight.

Apart from suppressing your carbohydrate appetite it reduces the rate at which carbohydrates are absorbed in the body thus the name ‘carb blocker' meaning ‘blocking carbohydrates' absorption.

How does it work? Is it scam?

Dietrine works in two ways, first it suppresses the carbohydrate intake and this is a very important function as far as preventing excess weight is concerned.

We all know that carbohydrates are notorious in adding unwanted calories in the body and suppressing your appetite will mean no excess calories in the body.

Reducing carbohydrate craving means saving the body from unwanted fat accumulation. This is because dietrine will encourage you to take more of vegetables and less of carbohydrates just like the nutritionist recommend.

The little carbohydrates portions you will take will be physical broken down and the rest will be stored for energy.

Secondly dietrine works by blocking carbohydrates absorption. Once you take a carbohydrate meal it is broken down into sugar by the digestive enzymes and at last stored in the body beneath the skin as fat.

This is the reason why people struggle with overweight issues. Dietrine is made using an ingredient called phaseolus vulgaris which is a starch neutralizer.

This ingredient inhibits conversion of starch to glucose and then fat and so chances of weight gain through fat accumulate are very slim.

The working of dietrine does not subject the body to energy loss. You will still feel strong and energized because the carbohydrate blocking abilities are 66% leaving the rest for your energy needs.

This is a good and reliable supplement but due to internet popularity it has been over rated. It will work well together with other weight loss plans like work outs so it is unrealistic to use this supplement alone.

What are the ingredients?

Dietrine is made from safe ingredients which have been tested and found fit for human consumption. Some of the ingredients include:

1. Phaseolus vulgaris which is an extract from kidney beans. This extract is the key ingredient which performs the blocking of carbohydrate absorption magic and it is a natural safe to use product.

2. Chromium which is commonly known as a fat transporter assists in the production of ordinary blood sugar. Chromium works with insulin in stabilizing the metabolism of carbohydrates and also proteins. Apart from all these weight loss benefits chromium has additional benefits because it is good for functioning of the heart. Chromium also helps in working of the insulin and therefore stabilizing the production of insulin.

3. Vanadium is also added in the production of dietrine and it functions in the metabolism of cells and it is also good for bone and teeth strength. Vanadium also prevents the production on cholesterol which is harmful to the body and also good for the reproductive health.



  • It is an all-natural product made with naturally available ingredients. Dietrine does not include any synthetic additives harmful to the body.
  • It is free from harmful ingredients like ephedrine, ma huang and ephedrine.
  • It has gone vigorous clinical studies of up to 7 times and this has proved its effectiveness in performance of weight loss issues. This is following numerous test carried out in labs and years of research to find out the best ingredients to use.
  • It is free from stimulants like caffeine which are common in most weight loss supplements.
  • It is safe to use by both men and women. It was designed to work for all people and so anyone can use it.
  • It assist in weight loss and the procedure for weight loss is safe and has been approved.
  • There are no known side effects associated with the use of dietrine.
  • All ingredients used in the manufacture of dietrine are safe products for use.
  • There are numerous testimonials and reviews written by real people who used and benefited from the use of the product. These are real success stories to prove that the product actually works.
  • Tests have shown that dietrine has no interactions with other herbal medicines available in the market or any other over the counter drugs available.
  • Apart from weight loss benefits dietrine provides additional benefits of lowering the glucose levels in the body.
  • Dietrine ingredients also help in lowering the cholesterol level. Cholesterol is harmful body fat which causes complications in the body and also contributes to weight gain.
  • Studies have also shown that dietrine is good for the heart and also for the general health of the reproductive system.
  • Dietrine offers the clients a money back guarantee in case they do not benefit from the product. This is to show that they are confident and sure about their product.

Side effects

It is safe to say that dietrine has no side effects considering it is made from all natural and safe products. Although there is a concern as to why it has not yet been approved by the FDA which is the regulatory body for food and drugs in the United States.

It is however not safe to use dietrine during pregnancy. The use of dietrine and pregnancy has not yet been confirmed. The use of dietrine for lactating mothers is also not advised.

People who suffer from chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes should stay away from dietrine because it is not yet known how the supplements reacts with the continuing medication.

Although the manufacturers claim that the product can still be used with other drugs it is important to first seek the opinion of your doctor before using dietrine and other prescriptions.


Where can you buy dietrine?

Dietrine is available on Amazon but you can also visit the official dietrine website because here you will be advised on the use of dietrine effectively and also all the questions you have will be answered.

If you buy dietrine directly from the website you will also receive the money back guarantee.