Digestive problems come in various shapes and forms, from the mild to the considerably painful; from acid reflux to inflammation of the gastrointestinal system, most people have a clear understanding of just how devastating digestive complications can prove to be.

And the solutions are equally wide ranging, from the natural to the chemical, each guaranteeing quick results within a surprisingly short amount of time; with the majority of such solutions targeted towards solving one particular digestive ailment or another, Chia seeds stand a class apart as an effective method of tackling any and all digestion complications in one go.

Chia seeds have been playing the role of nutritional supplement for a very long time, with Aztec messengers said to have used them as sources of nourishment when covering several hundred miles during their journeys.

What Exactly is It?

The Digestive Science brand is known for its diverse range of products designed to promote digestive health; they have spent the last few years garnering a positive reputation from various corners of society for availing effective products geared towards promoting a healthier gut and body.

Chia Seeds are the latest superfood to hit the internet; attracting considerable popularity because of the positive commendations they have been receiving from popular personalities like Oprah and Doctor Oz; chia seeds from Digestive Science are home to natural antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids and a multitude of minerals and nutrients expected to positively impact the digestive system, ensuring a healthy body.

This supplement from Digestive Science is made available in a very fine texture that doesn't require additional grinding; the fact that the product has no flavor means that it can be utilized in any meal without altering a given food item’s flavor.

Designed to provide the body with a healthy helping of essential minerals, vitamins and amino acids, Digestive Science Organic Chia Seed is devoid of noxious chemicals or additives, making it safe for consumption.

How does it work?

The world is a very busy place, so much so that most people simply cannot not find the time to properly moderate their diet to acquire the necessary nutrients, fiber and minerals that the body requires to operate optimally.

Digestive Science Organic Chia Seed essentially replenishes the body’s stock of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids.

Containing more calcium than milk, considerably more potassium than bananas, greater quantities of antioxidants and magnesium than Blueberries and broccoli, this product will ensure that the body acquires its daily dose of essential nutrients and minerals.

It is the perfect product for people who are always on the move, especially considering the role it can play in weight loss. From fighting diabetes to lowering cholesterol and positively impacting blood pressure, digestive science organic chia seed is bound to drastically improve the body’s health.

Digestive Science Organic Chia Seed

Is it a Scam?

One would find it difficult to accuse the product of being a scam. The positive impact chia seeds can have on the body has been quantified and qualified by scientific research.

There are also numerous historical evidences that seem to highlight the medical and nutritional role chia seeds played in ancient times.

As such it is only natural that Digestive Science’s attempts at harnessing the power of chia seeds would be received in a positive manner, with numerous medical professionals known for recommending this product as a nutritional supplement that can promote the health of the body.

There are numerous testimonies online that can attest to the positive impact digestive science organic chia seed has had in many lives.

That being said, one cannot ignore the many knock-off products available on the internet using the name of chia seed from Digestive Science, many of which are far from healthy for human consumption.


This product is home to 100% pure organic chia seeds; digestive science doesn't include any filler or artificial additives. The product doesn't need them, not when it has several dozen nutrients and minerals at its disposal which, when combined, should be able to effectively tackle most ailments known to manifest in the body.


  • The product promises to increase the body's energy levels even while inhibiting appetite and hunger pangs; the result is a reduction in daily calorie consumption.
  • The product will not only lower cholesterol but fight lower blood pressure
  • As per its brand, the product should positively impact the body’s digestive processes, hence preventing those conditions related to bad digestion.
  • The product can be used with all types of food as well as drinks, the result being an increase in the nutritional value of any meal.
  • The product is tasteless; as such it can be consumed with all types of meals without affecting flavor.
  • The product is affordable, especially when it is purchased directly from the official website, and this isn't even taking into account the offers that might be available.
  • The product is long lasting; it will remain safe for consumption for quite a long while. As a supplement it has one of the longest shelf lives.

Side effects

Digestive Science Organic Chia Seed is a product free of dangerous additives or chemicals. It is completely natural and organic. As such it is completely safe for consumption by everyone, including children and even pregnant women. One doesn't even have to worry about how long they have been consuming it.

That being said, its effects on different individuals cannot be predicted. There are people who have been known to react in a negative manner to chia seeds, with allergic reactions including diarrhea and watery eyes.

And some doctors tend to warn patients of certain illnesses to stay away from the product, such as individuals taking heart medications; those individuals scheduled for surgery are also discouraged from consuming the product.

Older patients have been known to react negatively to the drastic changes in blood pressure that chia seeds can cause; and even those nutrients that the product brings to the table, the vitamins and minerals that are supposed to be good for the body, might have adverse effects when present in very high amounts.

Where to buy it?


The official Digestive Science website is the best place to purchase this product; one is less likely to encounter knock-offs, many of which tend to possess dangerous additives and chemicals.