Femazyn is an all-natural system specifically designed for women and girls to help them lose weight without strenuous exercises or following a diet.

It is called a system because it is a combination of three phases which include a blend of organic/natural supplements in form of capsules, a body cream for nourishing the skin and a guide on how to lose weight while still staying healthy.


Does it work? or is it scam?

Femazyn works and this is as a result of the effort that was put to create the product. The manufactures understand the struggles women go through to lose weight and they know how diets don’t work.

Femazyn was created as a friendly way of helping women lose weight while still enjoying life. Sticking to a diet of food that you don’t enjoy and strenuous exercises is definitely not enjoying life.

Here is an explanation of how the three phases of femazyn system work:

Fat burning formula – natural capsule supplements

These capsules are made from a mixture of six natural ingredients carefully blended into strict proportions. These ingredients help fasten the metabolism and the stored fat is quickly synthesized by the body and excreted.

This blend also the ability to reduce the rate at which fat is stored in the body. This eliminates the need of taking those strenuous exercises to aid metabolism or reduce the storage of fat in the body.

Body cream – for sculpting the body

This is a cream that was created to work on the skin during the process of weight loss. The cream works to get rid of the extra fat on the skin and to make the skin firm. The cream will also nourish the beautiful skin gained after the process of weight loss.

Health guide

This is a guide that helps you enjoy life, lose weight successfully and still remain healthy. The guide comes with tools from professionals that will help you stay healthy after the program.

15 diet tips which are enjoyable unlike your typical dieting tips, a guide to help you lose any amount of weight you want. This guide covers all aspects of life holistically apart from just the weight loss journey.

Femazyn ingredients

Femazyn combines a blend of six ingredients all of them natural. Although these are common ingredients some from well-known plants they need to be blended in specific proportion.

Mixing the plant ingredients in the specific proportions in what helps in the achievement of weight loss results. It is not advisable to take these ingredients individually because there is a recommended dosage that should be followed for effective results.

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These ingredients include:

1. Chromium.

Chromium keeps the bad cholesterol away from the body and it also very efficient in stabilizing and improving the blood sugar level.

2. Caffeine.

Caffeine helps the process of metabolism and also ensures the body cells are not clogged with fat.

3. Extract from the green tea leaves.

Green tea is responsible for boosting the process of metabolizing and this helps fasten the breaking down of fat. Green tea also helps the oxidation of fat.

4. Sclareolides seeds.

These help shrink the fat cells and they are derived from a plant called clary sage.

5. Theobromine cacao.

This helps in functioning of the heart and aids in maintaining a healthy heart. It also keeps the blood vessels dilated for proper functioning of the heart.

6. Guggulsterones.

Boost the functioning of the thyroid, keeps a healthy fat balance in the body and also helps in eliminating the bad fat also known as cholesterol.


1. Reduces the storage of fat in the body.

Fat is stored underneath the skin and around major organs of the body. This fat is what makes people over weight and even in some cases it causes obesity.

Chromium helps to reduce the fat storage and also the cream eliminates the fat on the skin. Reducing the storage of fat not only makes one look attractive but also reduces the risk of developing diseases like diabetes or heart disease.

2. Naturally gets rid of unwanted fat.

Every day our diet contains more fat than our body requires so if we don’t have a fat elimination plan it ends up causing unexpected weight gain.

Taking femazyn helps in eliminating fat that is not useful in the body and in this way the body never gains unexpected and unwanted weight.

3. Eliminates surface fat.

The best thing about femazyn is that it takes a holistic approach when it comes to weight loss. Using other weight loss procedures, may leave the fat surface on the skin but femazyn has a specific body cream to take care of that. The body cream works on the skin to eliminate the fat which remains on the surface of the skin after weight loss.

4. Nourishing and keeping the skin tight.

After weight loss the skin needs to stay nourished and thus the body cream once applied will provide all the necessary nutrients needed by the body. The skin will need to go back in place after weight loss and thus the cream is also very important to aid in tightening of the skin.

5. It is long term.

The changes brought about by femazyn are long term. This is not a product taken to fix the problem of weight loss temporarily.

The femazyn system provides a guide that helps the uses continue living a healthy life to make the system continuous. The guide provides life time tips for weight loss.

Any side effects?

It can be confidently said that femazyn has no side effects considering that all the ingredients used are natural. However people who don’t use caffeine maybe advised to stay away from it.

The list of the six natural ingredients should be checked before starting the program to make sure that you are comfortable with all the ingredients used.

Where can u buy femazyn?

Screen Shot 2558-02-28 at 4.13.38 AM

You can order femazyn in the official website and this is the best option because they offer a free trial for the product. Alternatively femazyn can be bought from amazon.