We all understand how hard it is to stick to a healthy diet and lose weight. But what if you can enjoy all your chosen healthy treats such as cakes, ice cream, and cookies without them having a severe adverse effect on your health

Guilt-Free Dessert is a book with a collection of desserts recipes in which ingredients that are harmful and unhealthy have been replaced with the ones that are much better for you.

What the product is all about

This book contains recipes collections that claim to be delicious as originals yet having much fewer unhealthy ingredients.

The book contains recipes that are high in protein and fiber while low in sugar, fat, and calories while still being tasty.

Additionally, the book covers fifty starter recipes which are ideal for a healthy dessert food including a lot of traditional favorite foods like gingerbread cookies, mint chip ice cream, carrot cupcake, chocolate chip cookie, chocolate coconut truffle, and much more.

Who is the author or creator?

Kelly Herring is the author of Guilt Free Desserts book. She’s a well-known name globally in health and nutrition. Here are some vital things that you need to know about her.

She’s a founder and chief executive officer of a company called Healing Gourmet. This company is a leading provider of recipes and meal plans to people with medical conditions or those who’re losing weight around the world.

She has also written four books that have been published by macGraw of which two of them eat to fight cancer and eat to lower cholesterol.

Kelly has more than ten years experience assisting individuals in improving their diet and enlightening them on foods that are better for their health and which would protect them against diseases.

She helps thousands of people in achieving their lose weight goals and improving their health.

What is included in the program?

To put it simply the Guilt Free Desserts recipes taste as good as the unhealthy recipes. However, they do not contain any of the bad stuff.

Kelly took out any refined or unnatural ingredients like fats and sugar and substituted them with healthy fats, proteins, and fiber. Meaning the recipe can make you feel fuller for longer and will not spike your blood sugar level.

You’ll also get to learn about

  • The natural sweeteners you can use apart from sugar with which you can obtain great flavor without spiking your blood sugar level or calories.
  • How to make a dessert with various flours which have a low glycemic index than white flour.
  • Healthy fats guide for baking so as to enable you to make your taste decant without being too damaging.
  • How to add to your dessert's extra fiber so that you can relish its benefits without affecting its flavor.
  • How to bind baked goods together without the use of eggs.
  • Finally, you’ll also learn about the use of metabolic power ingredients in keeping your blood sugar stable. This will assist in promoting the feeling of fullness making you not crave for more food.

Also, this book comes with exclusive extras like a guide to Healthy Appetizer. It is a book that teaches how to make a healthy version of “girl scout cookies.”

How does it work? Is it a scam?

This program is not a scam because Kelly who is a CEO and founder of Healing Gourmet is also the author of this book, and she's a respected provider of sustainable recipes, organic and meal plans for health and weight loose globally.

Furthermore, in the book, she raises awareness of the effects food have on the body and how their combinations can be used in advancing health and reverse chronic illnesses.

Thus it is a book that would encourage you to overhaul your whole diet. Additionally, this book would teach you how to analyze the health benefits of various fats where you'll be advised on where to buy them.

Finally going through the book, you’ll be able to understand the healthier flour whereby Kelly advises you about the use of ingredients that can work within your body and create a diet plan that would still include desserts.

An example is the coconut flour that substitutes regular wheat flour to make a dessert a little sweetener. Here are some of the benefits you'll get from using this book.


  • With the book having a wide range of recipes you’ll have a good chance of finding something you’ll enjoy. For you’ll be able to find nearly anything in it from cupcakes, cookies, ice cream, etc.
  • The deserts not only have ingredients that are healthier but also have a good taste. Thus you won't even notice the distinction between them and the unhealthy types.
  • You won't need to hunt a round for specialty stores looking for ingredients because the ingredients used in the making these desserts are common thus can be found in any supermarket.
  • The recipes do not have artificial coloring and flavoring meaning they are better for your health.
  • The book provides all calorie and nutritional information. Thus if you’re monitoring your calorie through a weight loose app like MyFitnessPal, you’ll be able to record your food much easier.
  • The recipes provided by the program will not cause your blood sugar fluctuations. As a result, you won’t experience crashes, cravings, and other damaging effects.

Who is the ideal person for the product?

This book is suitable for a lot of people including those who are on a special diet or those with a particular medical condition.

Additionally, an individual who has a metabolic disease or one with a sweet tooth but has dread blood sugar spike or calories is best suited to the program.

Does the product work?

The product does work because there are lots of positive reviews on the internet from people who have used it.


If you would like to enjoy your delicious treat guilt free why not give a try to Guilt Free Desserts book. The good thing is that this book comes with a sixty-day money back guarantee.

Thus if you’re not happy with it, you’ll simply get your money back.