Although many will be reluctant to admit it, habitual use of desserts in our everyday meal schedule is something that cannot elude our attention. It has developed into a compulsory ingredient for our meal routines and most people would not even dare skip it.

However, as this trend keeps blending into our lifestyle, it will only be better if we take a closer look at the whole aspect. The first and most vital thing therefore that surfaces in the midst of all this is the nutritional aspect of it.

The lack of need to embrace nutrition has seen a lot of us get excessively fatter and fall prey to chronic illnesses like diabetes, kidney ailments, and many others. In worst scenarios, some have even succumbed to death.

But this should not frighten you since Guilt Free Desserts is a product that's been developed to ensure this doesn't take place. This eBook is the ideal choice for dessert lovers since it emphasizes and gives insights into developing desserts through healthy components, in addition to promising an extremely healthy lifestyle.

Who Came Up With Guilt Free Desserts?

Perhaps that's a question one would be interested to really know about due to the credibility factor. Healing Gourmet is an industry renowned as the providers for organic and sustainable diet plans and recipes designed to facilitate healthy living through good health and weight loss.

Its founder and CEO Kerry Herring, in her role as the editor-in-chief, has been dedicated towards promoting healthy living among women and even men through offering reliable nutritious alternatives.

By simply following an all natural and low-glycemic diet, Healing Gourmet has, for the last 10 years running, been able to educate it's readers on the advantages of a natural diet and the immense power of foods and nutrients in eliminating diseases and sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

What's contained in the product?

Now, you may be a little curious to know what's the magic behind such a simple product. Well, as the name suggests- Guilt Free Dessert: Your Guide to Better Baking, this cookbook includes fifty tantalizing dishes of your preferred desserts that could be successfully prepared at the comfort of your kitchen.

Rather than visiting high end dessert shops to purchase your preferred dessert, the components you'll require to use can easily be found in that simple grocery store.

This justifies the economical aspect of it. In addition, it offers effective substitution for the synthetic ingredients that have been known to be hazardous through inclusion of the healthy components.

It also gives explicit explanations about the chemical processes that are responsible for producing sugar substitutes such as Splenda, and how they interfere with metabolism.

It goes ahead to offer alternatives that are low in GI and consist of antioxidants to protect the immune system. As a result, Kerry Herring developed a formula that ensures easy metabolism through sugar replacement and which contains close to no GI.

Furthermore, the book also has necessary information for improving nutrition quotient through making use of veggies as an ingredient in our recipes.


How the product works

Basically, after systematically observing the instructions on how to prepare every dessert meal, the final product won't have great variations from the initial product prepared by synthetic ingredients.

For instance, using coconut flour instead of the regular wheat flour brings out a product that's extremely sweeter and low on carbohydrates.

These desserts eventually provide even more dietary fiber, healthy protein, fewer calories and sugar as compared to the usual products like chicken, yogurt, apples and many others.

Many of the organic components contain pure nutrients which assist in improving one's health. In fact it saves you the risk of having to use GMO foods and other synthetic foods and leaves you feeling less guilty about snacking.

Through the use of veggies as an ingredient in our recipes, the book promises high protein intake that will be a key factor in promoting one's health.

Target users

Desserts are attractive to most of us and at least everyone is engaged in an effort to shed extra weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It's very common therefore to find most of us looking for stand by solutions that will save us from this menace.

Guilt Free Dessert will help you optimize on your health, work on your fitness and identify the best options for healthy living.

Compared to other options that make it compulsory for you to quit yearning for deserts and scrap them off your meal routine, this option promises you nothing hard to adapt to other than relish your deserts and observe a few instructions on how to go about them plus a couple other additional instructions on various aspects.


This amazing product boasts of the following advantages:

  • The price is quite affordable. At only $24.95 ; the product that will bring great change on how you go about desserts, for the good of your health.
  • In consideration of the individual ability and preferences, the book has numerous dieting plans that suit different budgets and are extremely easy to implement.
  • Upon purchasing the product, you'll get an additional guide on baking. This will be central to you preparing recipes full of protein to aid in fat loss and also ensure you make exciting guilt free pastries and beads.
  • As if Kerry saw the vital information wasn't just exact what he desires for you, there's a third book , ‘Awesome Appetizers' , that makes the package complete and offers tips and other vital information perfect when organizing drinks and beverages for different occasions.
  • With 5 detailed pages on order information and links to products, this book makes it extremely easier for one to obtain the ingredients and furthermore saves you time and effort you'd spent trawling the internet looking for best suppliers.
  • In case you aren't pleased with the books, there's a full 60 day refund. One Just needs to contact Healing Gourmet and they will effortlessly respond to your request.

Most users have attested to the fact they have been able to consume cheesecakes fused with raspberry sauce, huge slices of warm apple pie fused with vanilla custard and many other dishes; and not at one point have they turned hazardous as their health got even more excellent .

Usually, one would not expect that to be the case but since it's just a healthier version of the same meal, many have recorded excellent results.

It's just not any other book; it's been life-changing and users have confessed consuming cakes, desserts, gingerbread cookies, creme brulee and many other foods that have only resulted in weight loss and improved health.


It just doesn't stop at that, no sir! It's time you also permanently transform your diet plans and embrace this amazing scientific approach to delicious nutritious meals. It's actually the most revolutionary product in the culinary world that's going to revitalize the whole nutrition industry.

Don't hesitate, invest in this Guilt Free Desserts program and experience sudden great pleasure derived from your improved health and lifestyle.