You most probably have heard about the half day diet plan by Nate Miyaki and you’re looking for more information about the plan, maybe even wondering if its worth your time, well, search no more.

I'll take you through every bit of information and the juices it has to offer.

So, what exactly is this diet plan?

The half day diet is a hand book that shows you how to implement a “half day” style of dieting that makes your body start burning small amounts of fats.

Nate, the inventor of the program says that it is counterproductive to adapt a strict low-carb for weight loss.

Cutting various types of carb-rich foods or consuming them at the times that are wrong not help you to get away from the Carb-Loop cycle, which is responsible for your cravings and midnight binges.

Furthermore, he say points out he stumbled on an investigation that says people only have to be on low-carb during specific times of the day.

This complete program was authored by Nate Miyaki, an ISSA certified nutrition coach and ace certified trainer. He is also formally educated on kinesiology, exercise physiology and biomechanics.

His knowledge on these stuff and books makes him not only an expert in these fields but also he has gone through many weight loss obstacles himself.

Thus he possesses a firsthand experience on what it feels to be overweight and what it takes to efficiently lose weight, keep it at bay and maintain that body you so bad desire.

So whats included in this program?

The half day diet is comprised of three main components that all work together to effectively reach your goals without much effort or strain. Stated below are the three main components.

Nate shows you how to tweak proteins carbs and fats through selecting the macronutrient templates that fit your requirement in the first section.

This makes you aware of the right foods, timing and serving that you should follow to maximize the potential of your fat burning.

In this part you are taught on how to adjust your diet to accommodate your neds and life styles,

In the last part of the half day diet plan, you are taken through different templates on how to keep losing or maintain your weight, for example there’ll be the strength training template, the beach physique template and sedentary template

The half day diet plan also comes package with bonuses that are absolutely free. These include;

A. The Restaurant & fastfood Survival Guide” which contains helpful home elevators the way you can enjoy eating down without worrying about ruining your diet

B. If you’re thinking of quitting social thinking, you might as well reconsider that. The happy hour handbook comes in handy by telling you what type of food you need to eat before formally begin your social drinking spree. It also tells you the right times to do this and Nate’s remedy for hangover etc.

C. Then there’s the holiday fat loss manual that contains a seven step plan that guides you on how not to overeat during holiday occasions. This way you wont be ruining your weight loss results.

D. Nate also offers a free usage of their exclusive flat belly platinum cub where you'll make contact with individuals with same ideas and goals.

Are you the ideal candidate for this plan?

The half day diet plan isn’t discriminative. Whether you are the gain strength type, want to shed off some fats or the sexy beach body type, the half day diet offers templates for whatever desires you dream of.

What are the benefits of the plan?

a) Avoid dieting plateau.

Following certain diets such as low carb diets for a long time has its own problems, the body slowly adapts and with each new day it burns fewer calories.

Setting up a cheat day you surprise your metabolism a surprise so it continues to burn extra fat.

The half a day plan is one of the plans that is by your side all along. You can chose a different template that matches your goals, nutrition requirements and other needs once you start getting rid of that extra pounds.

b) No need to sacrifice your favorite carbs.

Its almost impossible to maintain a traditional low carb diet. This is where you are graced by Nate’s half day diet plan if you really want to lose weight safely and as long as you want.

For as long as you are following Nate’s program, you can enjoy your favorite carb-rich foods without fear of messing up your body physique.

c) It’s created by a well known and professional weight loss expert.

Yo wouldn’t belong in a fitness world if you didn’t know Nate Miyaki. He successfully established a practice in the San Francisco areas and has also authored various books like the Truth About Carbs and The Samurai Diet.

He was a kinesiology student at the San Francisco State university who secured different certifications and achievements that can be looked up in his official website.

d) Aids in Avoiding The Common Pitfalls Of Low Carb Diet.

Low carb causes bad breath! That I’ll tell you free. A lack of carbs supply causes your body to look for alternative sources of energy like stored body fats.

Ketons are produced in the process of burning these fats which are excreted via bad breath or urine.

That’s barely all of the effects of a strict low carb diet. Late night cravings, rebound weight gain and low energy levels are just but a few to mention.

Important study research states that absentminded, fuzzy headed, low focus and difficulties in learning can be caused by eliminating carbs from your regular diet.

e) Funds are refundable within sixty days.

If the half diet plan fails to produce results, Nate is willing to put his name in the line by offering a full refund with his prowess and respect in the fitness world though, it’s highly doubtable that anybody would take advantage of such an offer.

Now, Is The Half Day Diet Plan A Go or No Go?

It definitely is a great diet plan for those who look forward to losing weight, gaining strength or maintaining your body physique’ after reviewing Nate’s theory, credentials and achievements ,it turns out that he s absolutely frank about the clinical research that he stumbled on.

The good thing about this diet plan is that you don’t have to starve yourself while following it or spend countless hours in the gym striving to lose weight.

Bottom line is, Half Day Diet is definitely a GO for me. I don’t see the reason why you wouldn’t sail with me on this one.