Hoodia Balance is a supplement that acts as an appetite suppressant. It is one of the most natural and authentic Hoodia Gordonii-based supplements available at the market. Hoodia Balance uses 100% pure Hoodia Gordonii taken from the Kalahari Desert in South Africa.

Hoodia Gordonii herbs grow mainly in Africa. The plant is extremely expensive and very hard to cultivate. Thus, engaging in such a business would require huge sums of money.

There are only a few pharmaceuticals who are able to keep up with the expenses. One of these companies is Hoodia Balance. The manufacturer of Hoodia Balance was granted by the African government permit to regularly receive supplies of the Hoodia Gordonii to be used in making the supplement.

How Does It Work?

Most people think that losing weight is just about mind over matter. But what they fail to realize is that even if they make up their minds to cut down food intake, hunger still strikes, and nothing can beat a complaining stomach.

Thus, the person ends up eating, or else he or she will feel bad or unwell. When this happens, a person will need some external help. This is where Hoodia Balance is beneficial.

Hoodia Balance supplements are taken once daily to suppress one’s appetite. The supplement acts by stimulating the body to burn glucose or sugar and burn fat, mainly in one’s liver.

Moreover, it slows down the release of sugar into the blood stream. When there is no sugar in the blood stream, there is no fat build up as well.

As a result, the effect is basically the burning of sugar and fat, slowing of the release of sugar into the blood stream, and prevention of conversion of sugar into fat. All these made possible in a safe and natural way.

What Are The Ingredients?

Hoodia Balance’s main ingredient is Hoodia Girdonii (400mg). This is a luscious plant that resembles the characteristics of those belonging to the cactus family. It is a very rare plant found mostly in the wildernesses of South Africa.

This plant was discovered by a Dutch anthropologist, and was found to be an appetite suppressing agent. However, this is not the only key ingredient that makes up Hoodia Balance. It also contains some important ingredients, which include the following:

  • Magnesium (250mg). This mineral is one of the important ingredients in this supplement because this is vital in building strong bones. Furthermore, this is also believed to relieve stresses brought about by various stimuli.
  • Garcina Cambogia Extract (50mg). This extract is an ephedra-free diet aid that suppresses an individual’s appetite. Moreover, this extract also contains fat burning properties that help an individual lose weight.
  • Green Tea Extract (50mg). The Green Tea extract is also one of the vital ingredients of the supplement because this extract contains strong antioxidants protecting the body from free radicals. Moreover, this extract is believed to have cancer-fighting properties.
  • Proprietary Digestive Enzyme Blend (100mg).

What are the benefits gained from this product?

Hoodia Balance serves not only as an appetite suppressant, but it also has numerous good effects towards an individual’s body.


Aside from the benefits, there are also advantages when Hoodia Balance is selected over other products. These advantages include the following:

  • The Hoodia Balance has higher doses of Hoodia Gordonii Extracts. The Hoodia Balance contains 400mg of Hoodia Gordonii Extracts, meaning the appetite suppressant effect of the drug is more potent than other products sold in the market.
  • Hoodia Balance carries the appropriate certifications. The manufacturers of Hoodia Balance supplements were granted two certificates by the government of South Africa. These certificates are the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) certificate and the Protected Plant Permit. This means that Hoodia Balance is a certified product with its main ingredient being under the protection of the government of South Africa.
  • Hoodia Balance does not contain any stimulant. Hoodia balance supplements are made from 100% natural ingredients. This means that there are no synthetic ingredients added to stimulate the body systems to suppress appetite. All ingredients are natural and synergistically work to block a person’s urge to eat, without disturbing the person by feeling hungry or lethargic.
  • Hoodia Balance offers a 90-day money-back guarantee. Hoodia Balance supplements are proven to be a great supplement. However, to prove its competence, the company offers a money back guarantee just in case the supplement does not work for some individuals.
  • Hoodia Balance is not only beneficial as an appetite suppressant. Hoodia Balance supplements are not only appetite suppressants. They also contain magnesium, which helps build stronger bones, and relieves stress. Moreover, the supplement also contains ingredients that have anti-oxidants and cancer-fighting ingredients.
  • Hoodia Balance offers free trials. To test the efficacy of the supplement, the company is willingly offering free trials of the Hoodia Balance supplement.
  • No exercise regimen or diet is required. When taking the Hoodia Balance supplement, there is no need for an individual to enroll in exercise programs or have strict and stern diet regimens.
  • Hoodia Balance also has a 24/7 customer service. The company is also offering its consumers a 24/7 service where representatives respond to their queries and concerns pertaining to the product or anything related to it.

Does It Have Any Side Effects?

Hoodia Balance is made mostly of Hoodia Gordonii extracts, which is a natural herb. Thus, no known adverse effects have been reported from the use of the supplement.

However, there are a few consumers who reported that after using this supplement they noticed having mood elevations and noted increased libido as well.

However, caution is advised for people under any medication or treatment. It is always best for them to consult their primary health care provider before taking this supplement.

Where to Buy It?


This supplement is available in Amazon and Walmart stores. However, to make sure that the supplement bought is legit, it is best to buy one that comes from the official website of Hoodia Balance.

In this manner, an individual can make sure that the supplement bought is not a fake or an imitation.