Leptitox Reviews

Leptitox is a new and revolutionary treatment to fight the biggest health problem facing the USA today, Obesity. It is a natural product which is made in he USA.

The manufacturers controversially claims that when you take Lepitox there is no need to bother going to the gym to lose weight, simply taking Leptitox is all you need. This is quite claim and I will be looking at the science behind this later in my Leptitox review.

The Leptitox capsules are a herbal based product, made with natural materials and without any known side effects. They are, therefore, quite safe t use.

Who Is The Creator?

Morgan Hurst and Sonya Rhodes developed Leptitox.

What Is Included In The Program?

There are three product options to choose from

At the time of writing Morgan Hurst is offering some bonuses on the Popular and Best Value packs. These bonuses may not be available long. packs are also being sold at steep discounts

  • Basic Pack containing one bottle
  • Popular Pack containing 3 bottles – Bonus: – One pack of Colo Cleanse product
  • Best Value Pack containing 6 bottles – Bonus – Two packs of Colon Cleanse Product

With any option you also get Free Shipping

How Does It Work?

When I review medical products I like to be sure that the claims made by vendors have some basis in fact. It is so easy to make a lot of unsubstantiated facts and blind people with science. So I always do esearch to check out claims tht are made,

How Morgan Hurst explains he way his product works like this. When fat cells grow a hormone called Leptin is let loose.

Leptin controls the levels of hunger and our appetite. Low Leptin levels result in reduced appetite and high levels will reduce our appetite and bring on a sensation of being full.

Put simply if Leptin levels are high we are going to stop eating.

The normal cycle is that our body works this way:

  • Fat Cells are empty
  • No Signal from cells via Leptin
  • We feel hungry, so we eat
  • Fat Cells are full
  • Signals sent from cells via Leptin
  • We feel full so we stop eating

However there is a condition that is called Leptin resistance which changes the cycle to this:

  • Fat Cells are empty
  • No Signal from cells via Leptin
  • We feel hungry, so we eat
  • Fat Cells are full
  • Signals sent from cells via Leptin
  • LEPTIN RESISTANCE – interferes with the signal sent from cells
  • We feel hungry, so we eat

Leptin Resistance

Obesity has become an issue in the last fifty years and it is growing rapidly. Think back to the cycle and you will see that Leptin resistance is the cause of overeating.,

Morgan Hurst states that In a huge study at the University of Helsinki of 2,452 females and 2,227 males it was discovered that in both genders irregular eating and diets for weight loss had actually resulted in weight gain.

That is because many years ago when man was constantly battling to obtain enough food that when food supplies are reduced (Your Die), the body assumes that there is a famine and adjusts the metabolism to that food is stored in fat.

Incidentally, during my research for this article I independently looked at these claims and the study from the University of Helsinki, and the claims made by Morgan Hurst are true (I always like to check things myself).

Research has shown that the majority (95%) of diets will not succeed and that some 66% of those dieting are going to put on more weight within a few short months.

Why are the Diet Product Companies not tackling this?

The only real way of ensuring weight loss is the tackle the Root Cause of the problem, which is Leptin Resistance.

If we consider that the average American is going to spend $111,500 on diet products and services during their lifetime, then it is clear that dieting is a major source of income for these companies..

Exercise Programs

Anther shocker is that when we exercise we force our bodies to release Cortisol. Cortisol causes the retention of belly fat.

Ts is something you can check for yourself quite easily, as i did. A study has aso shown that exercising results in people eating more.

We have identified the problem, nor let's look at the solution

Laptin Resistance can be tackled and that is what this product is all about. Morgan Hurst claimed the inspiration for his product was based on a recipe he acquired in Malaysia on an island named Langkawi.

One of the ingredients that was listed by the Malaysians was Marian Thistle (milk thistle) which is known for detoxifying BPA..

Again, as part of my research, I did research on these claims with the Mayo clinic and the US National Library of medicine. I found support for all of Morgan Hurst's claims..

BPA is an acknowledged problem and the Mayo Clinic discuss and it support that Milk Thistle counters the effects of BPA.

BPA is found in large number of food containers, plastic bottles, and cans. A study by the Department of Neuroscience at Ontario, Canada found that doses of Leptin that are lower than the level deemed safe for humans by the US Food and Drug Administration.

So, we accept that BPS can effect the Leptin messages and cause obesity then how does this connect to Morgan Hurst's product.

Well it seems that BPA is not the only factor producing Leptin resistance. Other materials such as TBT (found in pint and pesticides) and PFOA (found in Teflon).

Also have the same affect. Endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDC) have been linked to Leptin Resistance.

Milk Thistle was just one of the ingredients in the recipe provided to Morgan Hurst. I do not want this to become tedious so i will not discuss them all at length, other than to say all of the ingredients have independent support for the claims made about them.

After Morgan Hurst had got a medically trained person Sonia Rhodes to double check his research he went on to establish a production facility to mix the ingredients into a easy to take capsule

Is It a Scam?

After spending a great deal of time checking Morgan Hurst's claims independently and comparing them against other research findings, I believe that this product is based n sound research and most certainly not a scam.

Good Points

  1. Every claim can be verified
  2. The product is based on science
  3. It seems to work
  4. Money back guarantee offered

Who is the Ideal Candidate For The Product?

Since the obesity rate is over 35% in 9 states with the others not far behind, ths product is perfect for any overweight person.

Does The Program Work?

I believe that the program is effective and is based on good science. I am also convinced in the value of the money back guarantee.


I suggest that if you are overweight that you should definitely use this product, and since at the moment their are some special deals I would think that it would be wise to act today.

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