Man Diet is a totally radical and unique weight loss approach which is specifically targeted at men. As one can infer from the product's name, the man diet program helps men to gain muscle mass and attain muscularity by following a precise form of diet.

Who is the Author?

The brain behind this product is an individual named Chad Howse who was forced to come up with this idea of a gender specific diet after experiencing several physique-related issues himself.

This product is essentially an eBook that has all the relevant information, tips and techniques which Howse had researched over the past several years before arriving at the final product.

In an age where majority of the weight loss programs focus solely on women, the man diet begs to differ and prove that it is possible for men to follow a tailor made weight loss program that guarantees tangible results.

What is included in the program?

As a part of this product's purchase, you get access to the main eBook and its associated guides which complement the work done by the book. Listed below, is a roundup of what you get when you make the final purchase of the man diet program.

  • The Man Diet eBook – Contains a treasure trove of knowledge to improve your lifestyle by boosting your body's testosterone.
  • Quick Start Guide – A shortened version of the eBook, you can use this guide to start off immediately if you wish to leave the details to study at a later stage.
  • The Man Diet Cheater's Guide – This guide spills the secrets on how you can stay fit and healthy despite dedicated certain days of the week of month for gorging on your favorite junk food.
  • Supplement Guide – This guide contains information on the various kinds of supplements which you can consume to increase the amount of testosterone produced by your body so that its levels rise quickly and reach the optimum range.
  • The Man Diet Meal Log – You can use this log to maintain records of daily food intake and to ensure that you are not going off track as far as your weight loss program is concerned.

Everybody who purchases the man diet product will get instant updates to the program so that they don't lose out on the valuable data supplied by the author. Plus, there is also a bonus 60-day money back guarantee with no questions asked in case you are not satisfied with the results of the product.

How does it work?

Chad Howse's the man diet book lays great emphasis on the role played by testosterone when trying to burn fat and how following diet programs aimed at women create adverse effects on a man's ability to shed weight.

Throughout the entire course of the program, the readers are introduced to a wide range of methods by the author, which help regain the body's natural testosterone levels and improve the prospects of losing weight rapidly.

The author also touches upon the myths associated with men's fitness and provides plenty of scientific evidence to refute the myths. The instructions found in the book are highly detailed and follow a step-by-step approach.

Just by simply following the instructions, one can easily increase their body's energy levels, muscle development and reduce fat content without the help any strenuous exercises.


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Who is the ideal candidate for the product?

Men who are experiencing a torrid time in their attempts to lose weight despite undergoing a strict diet and exercise regime are ideal candidates for trying out the man diet program.

There are chances that you may not notice any physical changes in your body or a reduction in weight in spite of your sincere efforts towards dieting and exercising. The reason behind this could be your selection of diet which is not considered best for your gender.

It is not just common adults who can benefit from the man diet, but also bodybuilders and professional athletes whose aim is to be at the peak of their fitness.

List of Pros and Cons

No diet or weight loss program or product in the world has been certified as perfect. There are bound to be some positives as well as negatives surrounding its usage. So let's find out how the man diet performs in this regard.


  • Suitable for men across all age groups above 18 years.
  • Simple, lucid and easy to follow techniques and solutions.
  • Doesn't make you starve or crave for your favorite foods.
  • Higher rates of success as proven by the testimonials from thousands of happy customers
  • The safety of your investment is certain as you can avail the money back option if you end up being unhappy after using the product
  • Doesn't burn a hole in your pocket when compared to other similar products in the market.


  • Strict vegetarians may have a hard time adhering to this diet.
  • Not suitable at all for women.
  • No quick results are promised. It may take several weeks for the results to show up.

Does the product work?

From the feedback that the man diet has received so far from tons of users, it clearly shows that one can surely benefit from it, if used in the prescribed manner. The program's approach is straightforward and doesn't involve any kind of nonsense such as low-carb diet or low fat diet.

Since there are no shortcuts involved in the product's use, you have to work the hard way in order to enjoy its fruits of labor.


To conclude, the man diet is a highly effective method for men to lose body weight and sport a muscular physique by way of increasing their body's testosterone levels. If used correctly, the program can serve its users well for an entire lifetime.

The highlights of the program include easy-to-cook meals which require minimal effort and time and expert guidance on the choice of supplements that help boost testosterone levels.

By sticking to the plan laid out to them, users of the man diet can reduce the occurrence of any dangerous side-effects and lead a healthy lifestyle which they are proud of.