‘Metabolic Cooking' is a cookbook that contains an exhaustive variety of fat torching recipes and guidelines for weight reduction as well as muscle training.

Written by Karine Losier and Dave Ruel, it teaches the right way to approach the weighty issue of obesity and enjoy both the preparation and the consumption of fat burning foods.

What is this product all about?

‘Metabolic Cooking' is a cookbook, designed with the sole motive of reaching out to people who are facing issues of obesity or are in need of healthy diet plans for muscle training.

Contained within the book is an assortment of over 250 recipes which include metabolically charged ingredients, guaranteed to accelerate the BMR and bring about instant weight reduction.

These recipes are easy to prepare and trigger the fat oxidizing metabolism of the body to allow burning of calories and inch-reduction in a matter of few days.

The book also contains lists of fat burning foods which keep the stomach full for long hours of time and reduce the body's incessant cravings for calorie-rich foods.

The meal plans dictated by the book pave the way for permanent weight loss and allow one to naturally develop a diet plan that is healthy, low on calories and customized to fit one's individual needs completely.

Who is the author?

Karine Losier is the co-author of ‘Metabolic Cooking'. The recipes have been penned down by the joint effort of Dave Ruel, who is the husband and business partner of Karine.

Also known as the ‘Lean Kitchen Queen', Karine is a quite a regular woman in, who likes to cook and revel in working up dishes that taste good and are healthy as well.

She nurtures a passionate interest for lean and healthy cooking and loves challenging the tried and tested professional diet plans that claim weight reduction in a matter of few days.

The possession of a master’s degree in psychology only helps her further to delve deeper in the minds of obese individuals, struggling with issues of weight loss and low self-esteem.

Her husband, Dave Ruel is a renowned fitness cook in North America who has been the guiding light of thousands of people aiming for fat loss and muscle building in the past few years.

What is included in the program?

The book is a complete package of fat torching recipes, weight reduction rules and detailed descriptions of diet plans along with calorie counts.

It is loaded with scientific information about the different ways that can be deployed to bring about a marked reduction in weight within a short period of time. The following are included in the program:

  • List of fat burning foods that boost the metabolism of the body to trigger weight loss.
  • Rules of guaranteed success in weight reduction.
  • How to time meals and regulate calorie intake as well as precise portions of foods for each time of the day.
  • Tips to create a customized diet plan that includes all the components of a balanced diet too.
  • Grocery shopping as well as money saving tips.

How does it work? Is it a scam?

‘Metabolic Cooking' is a masterpiece based upon scientific principles and realistic ideas. It is certainly not a scam as it as been penned down by one of the most trusted fitness cooks in North America, i.e Dave Ruel.

The authenticity of the book may be adjudged from the fact that it has helped numerous people from all walks of life in attaining the desired weight loss and athletic figure.

Moreover it employs natural recipes that are devoid of chemical preservatives and unnecessary processing. The book works wonders with people even when the professionally tested methods of weight loss have failed to work.

It entirely changes the mindset of people aiming for weight loss and also brings about a novel joy in cooking, as the recipes enlisted in the book are incredibly easy to prepare and taste delicious.

List of pros

  • The book is an exhaustive guide to weight loss and weight training. Apart from listing fat burning recipes, it enables one to create an individual diet plan by using a set of ingredients. One can easily adhere to such a diet plan comfortably for long period of time, as it fits one's needs completely.
  • It teaches one to prepare meals as quick as possible and manage a kitchen budget without wasting money on unnecessary food items.
  • The book supplies a list of the author's personal grocery supplies, shopping lists and the exact shopping destinations to hunt for quality ingredients. All these may be found in the cooking glossary section of the book.
  • The book allows readers to remain motivated during the entire period of weight loss and set goals to stay positive at all times. It truly changes the way one thinks about weight loss and also helps to nurture interest in cooking.

Who is the ideal candidate for the product?

This book is not restricted to a certain age band or a particular group of people. Weight and health issues are faced by all kinds of people, irrespective of their age, caste, social or economic background.

The language of the book is lucid, engaging and has a personal touch to it. Also, the ingredients used for the recipes described in the book, are easy to garner and prepare as they require very less effort.

This makes it a perfect book for busy housewives and businessmen. ‘Metabolic Cooking' is the ideal book for athletes, obese individuals, skinny people and people who are diabetic or at a high risk of cardiovascular diseases and suffering from high blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Does the product work?

The work is guaranteed to bring about dramatic results in terms of weight loss reduction. This is because it is built on the premise of triggering the body's natural metabolism through the intake of fat burning foods and defeating metabolic adaptation. Such a scientific approach to weight loss is essentially foolproof.


This book is the ultimate mantra of success in weight reduction as it works even when the other ways of weight loss have failed. The recipes described in the book are innovative and healthy.

Also, they are devoid of artificial sweeteners, undefined ingredients or chemical preservatives. Being completely natural, they bring about desired weight loss in no time. It is thus highly recommended for people aiming for a better health and better body.