There are many ways to stay healthy and have a good body shape. Several health practitioners keep advising people to use a number of physical activities in order to achieve a great body. All the physical activity suggestions are meant to help people lose the extra fat in their body, especially the belly.

However, one drawback with these suggestions is that the health specialists fail to demonstrate how the exercises should be done. This makes people do it the wrong way, and hence, get the unexpected results. But the case is different with the Shapeshifter Yoga.

What Is The Product?

The Shapeshifter Yoga is technically an inspired program that has been created to help the body have a good shape. This program works differently from the typical yoga, whereby, it applies scientific techniques that help the user have a healthy body.

It is basically a yoga training program that helps users carry out the yoga in an easier way. It is also aimed at engaging in a pain-free motions, which boost the overall focus, energy and sharpness of a person.

Who Is The Author?

It has been developed by Kris Fondran, a specialist in yoga training and practicing for more than 10 years. She was a marathon runner, and has a masters in Exercise Science, and to top it all, she has a degree in Education.

The experience and proficiency that she gained throughout the years of her education and physical exercises made her come up with this program to help users.

What Is Included In The Program?

The program is broad enough, and it has a number of features and elements. Some of the things included in the program include the following;

  • The Manual. This teaches the user how to use the product in the right way, and it is basically the chief guide. Other than guiding you on how to use the program, it also outlines the things that you should avoid in order to achieve the best results.
  • Video Library. This is a video collection of various yoga poses and how you should do them the right way. The video also explains specific poses, and highlights the muscles that will be affected.
  • Manual for Yoga Pose. This includes the various information that you will need to know about the yoga poses that are explained in the library. This is in a written format, which explains more in writing, for those who prefer the written text.
  • Program Video. The Shapeshifter Program Video entails every pose that is listed in the video library, which helps to have an absolute yoga routine. This also allows you to complete the entire routine at once, or split it into subsections, for the sake of fitting it to your normal schedule.
  • Follow-Along Videos For Everyday Training. This is most suitable for the women who have a tight schedule. This is because it contains videos that demonstrate moves that can be achieved in less than 10 minutes daily.
  • Wall charts. These are charts that you can print, and they help you to track your activities and keep up with the program to avoid being left behind, and know how you are fairing.
  • Audio Packages. These are audio files that describe the yoga movements, which are included in the video library. They are most suitable for anyone who needs a meditation type guide.


Click Here To Download Shapeshifter Yoga

How Does It Work?

Generally, the components included in the system are the ones that help you to carry out the yoga poses. The main guide, which is the manual, can be downloaded instantly from the official website, then you can easily view the videos from any media player.

Basically, the system guides you on how to do the Yoga the right way, and how to live healthy, while still enjoying the poses. There will be no much effort needed, other than follow keenly the video, audio packages and the main manual.

There is no rocket science involved, all is laid down in plain English, which you can follow up easily.

Who Is The Ideal Candidate For The Product?

There are no specific candidates that are recommended for this product, generally, it is suitable for anyone, who needs to have a perfect body. However, it has been specially designed for women.

For that, any woman can get in and try out the amazing yoga poses, but if anyone has a cancer history, which might have affected the bones and joints, it is recommended to check with your doctor.


  • It is a reliable fat burning program, which has been tested and proven to work perfectly.
  • It is less painful, since it is basically Yoga, compared to other endurance training.
  • It is easy to access and use, since they are downloadable, and the videos are easy to follow.
  • The presentation has been elegantly designed, which makes it enjoyable as you follow through.
  • There are no side effects because it is basically Yoga, which is physical training.


  • It could need you to spend some money in the correct Yoga outfit and/or mats, though this is not mandatory.
  • The fat burning process is slower, compared to the other intense training, because this is Yoga.
  • It also needs commitment in order to get the perfect results.

Does The Product Work?

The precise answer is yes, because it has been tested by several users, and it has produced reliable results. The product will most definitely work, however, this is in relation to your effort applied. If you are committed enough, then you will get the results within a shorter period of time.


The bottom line is that the Shapeshifter Yoga is surely going to work for your body, and you will get the most appealing results, as long as you follow up the program keenly. It needs no detailed requirements, but the only requirement that will be needed is that you must be committed to use the program daily.

The author assures the users of effective results within 30 days of their initial use, and several users have experienced the change. In addition, there is a money back guarantee 60 days, if you don’t see any changes.

So yes, this program will perfectly work, and the best part is that there are no medication or invasive methods involved, so you don’t ha to worry about your health.