Skinnylicious Cooking is an interesting digital cookbook that’s authored by Flavia Del Monte. Flavia is a highly successful, respected and well known nutrition and fitness expert. She’s also a wife, mother and a nurse.

She also has a very popular website that’s geared towards helping women become one of the best versions of themselves. Flavia is also the author of many other best selling fitness courses for women. In fact, she’s also been featured on a famous Women’s Health Magazine.

Skinnylicious Cooking is something which is completely different for Flavia as it isn’t a workout program. Its something unique and new for her and is her first attempt at the cookbook. She definitely nailed it!

All recipes featured in this cookbook have come straight from Flavia’s own kitchen! She has tried and tasted every single recipe and this is the reason whey she was able to lose 15 pounds after giving birth to her daughter recently.

Flavia wasn’t a great cook. She invested money and time in learning the art, and also hired a persona chef to assist her with the recipes and also train her.

So, all these recipes in the eBook are a combination of author’s experience and knowledge and her personal chef’s unique skills at crafting delicious food.

What Do You Get With Skinnylicious Cooking?

The main and most important part of this program is the cookbook. This cookbook covers more than 150 fat burning, delicious and healthy recipes that are wheat free, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, allergy and paleo friendly!

Therefore, they are best for all those who want to avoid all the above listed items. The cookbook is a large one and has more than 370 pages! Skinnylicious Cooking has been broken down into number of categories.

The eBook begins with a short intro that is also one of the best materials of the book. Flavia breaks down how to pre your kitchen, properly organize it, what all to stock, and ways to avoid certain foods that are not good for you. She also mentions some alternatives to certain ingredients.

The recipes in the eBook are broken down by:

  • Breakfast
  • Dressings, Sauces & Rubs
  • Appetizers as well as Sides
  • Soups & Salads
  • Main Courses
  • Shakes
  • Desserts

Each of the recipe in the ebook features detailed step-wise instructions as we discussed earlier, and there are beautiful pictures of prepared dishes, pre time, ingredient list, nutrition stats, preparation time and personal cooking tips from author herself. There’s literally everything you need to shop for your meal, prepare and cook it!

Skinnylicious Cooking basically has wall to wall recipes and the quality of this beautiful digital cookbook rivals most hardcover cookbooks available on the market, but at the same time their is a simplicity to this beautiful and useful cookbook.

The best thing is that it’s digital, so you can also load it on your iPhone and keep it close when you’re in kitchen.


Let’s have a close look at all bonuses you will get when you buy the cookbook.

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All in all, you get 4 bonuses with the eBook:

1. Recipe Quick Sheets-These are great if you love having physical recipes. You can use recipe quick sheets to print out your favorite recipes so that you can have easy access to them physically. This way, you can take one digital cookbook and make it a physical cookbook. It’s really easy to handle.

2. The Three Day Delicious Diet- Flaiva makes an important claim that if you religiously follow just one rule, you can easily more fat that you’ve ever stored in just three days! So what is this special rule Flavia is talking about?

Proper Carb Manipulation

There is plenty of research and science to back Flavia’s claims. And did we mention that foods required for carb manipulation are the same recipes that author provides in her cookbook?

3. Grocery Lists-It would be pretty hard for you to cook if you fail to buy the right groceries. Flavia has got you covered. In these groceries list, you get everything you need including ingredients for the dishes. This way, you can prepare ahead of time without rushing through last minute purchases.

4. How To Cook 15 Meals In Just 50 Minutes-This is definitely a great bonus but its title may possibly scare you off! How it is possible to cook 15 meals in just 50 minutes? Let’s tell you that it is possible! If you’re a family and enjoy doing things together, then this would definitely be a really fun and tasty activity to do. To clarify on this this bonus Flavia provides you a video so you get to watch them step by step!


You get the cookbook in easy to read digital format. Therefore, you can instantly download it and start using it to make delicious recipes. It also comes with full 60 days money back guarantee.


It's a big 370 page eBook, so you'll have to browse through extensive pages to view choicest recipes

A Inside Look

So now you clearly know what you get with the Skinnylicious Cooking. The cookbook is really beautiful and definitely a smart purchase for you. Are you still on the fence thinking whether you should buy the book or not?

Well, let us assure you that Skinnylicious Cooking is a digital eBook available from Clickback. It is one of the most trusted and reputable online retailers.

Each of their offer comes with a 60 days money back guarantee, so you can try the cookbook and if you’re not satisfied, you can simply ask for the refund.

So with your purchase of Skinnylicious Cooking, you also get 60 days to try the cookbook. Flavia believes in her product so much that she’s now going above and beyond.

If you try this product and feel that it’s not for you, just send a customer service request on her website and you’ll soon be refunded and you will also get a gift voucher from her towards use of other workout or fitness programs from her!

That’s definitely an insane offer, but she confident on making it because her cookbook is just that good!


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Skinnylicious Cooking really takes the idea of cooking healthy, nutritious and great tasting recipes that can seem scary to some new chefs and makes it super easy!

We feel Skinnylicious Cooking could make every other digital cookbook up their game because Flavia just put so much energy and work into this product. There are no hassles, as you get a great product at a great price. Best of all, it comes with a full money back guarantee.