Without a doubt weight for a lot of people has quickly become the elephant in the room. With very limited time to work out and exercise, there have been plenty of programs that have come up all with the idea of helping people lose weight without necessarily having to work out but heavily relying solely on dieting.

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One such program is the 21 day sugar detox program. It has started out quite well with plenty of customers claiming to have used it and if the online reviews are anything it go by, then it could be the next big thing.

What is the product?

The 21 day sugar detox is a program that helps the user get answers on how to manage and in the long run be able to eradicate craving for sugars and carbs since it has been established that these can cause weight changes to the body.

The program also assists the users and guides them on what they should forfeit in their diets and more importantly what they should eat in order to overcome the unhealthy cravings which in the end results in weight loss.

Who is the author?

The 21 day sugar detox program is authored by Diane Sanfilipo who among other capacities is a qualified nutritionist and a lifestyle coach.

She has widely specialized in holistic approaches with regards to dieting and the book that is sold with the program describes her as a passionate person that spends a lot of time trying to figure out ways through which she can be able to help others especially when it comes to dieting and losing weight.

This is how she was able to come up with this program that is aimed at helping a great number of people get over their craving for sugar and at the same time get to lose some weight. She is also the author of Practical Paleo which is also a huge success.

What is included in the program?

Upon purchase of the program, there is a lot that one is able to get aside from the knowledge and teachings that are part and parcel of the entire program.

The buyer is able to get a FAQ which is a six page guide that addresses most of the questions that most people will ask with regards to weight loss, side effects and even the portion sizes that they should eat and answers to a vast number of other random questions.

There is also a smoothie manual which is 26 pages long that includes 21 recipes of smoothies that vary from low to very high calorie proportions but are well packed with ingredients that are very high in nutrition.

Inside the program, there is also the program guide which is a 91 page dossier that is meant to explain the philosophy of how the program works and at the same time, this also has a couple of testimonies from professionals in related fields in a bid to quell uncertainty.

The guide also contains information on what to consume, recipes and even modifications of the program for the special cases.

There is also a supplement guide that offers vital information on tips that help in keeping your carbs un check, a variety of other herbs that can be key in your journey to better weight and also that can help in curbing your cravings in a more natural and friendly manner.

Lastly, there is a work out guide included that is six pages long and includes three levels of exercises which are the beginner level, the intermediate and the advanced level.

The work outs involved do not require one to go to the gym or use any special tools and hence are considered excuse free.

How does the program work?

The program follows quite a simple plan of action and this is aimed at offering the individual a variety of recipes to choose from all of which are Soy free and sweetener free and the individual can choose those that they would like to try first.

The aim is to reset the body and also the taste buds on how they perceive sweeteners and allow the individual to get over their craving for sugars and carbs.

Because of the reduced intake of these kinds of ingredients, the body is not able to store as much fats and owing to the work outs that are prescribed by the program, one is able to shed off the extra pounds. In the long run, the aim of the program is to help you eat healthy and maintain a healthy weight.

Who is the ideal candidate for the product?

Anyone that is having problems with weight and would like to cut back a bit or any one that has a problem with sugars and high carb diets can benefit from what this one of a kind program offers. This is inclusive of mothers that have just delivered and would like to cut back on the baby fat.

What are the benefits of this program?

Relying on what the program is about and the books that the author of the program has published, there are a lot of benefits that come with the 21 day sugar detox program. Some of these include;

  • The program comes in an online downloadable and printed version meaning that it has readily available for those that might need it.
  • The outlay of the program is easy to read and comprehend not to mention that it is also very affordable hence it is able to reach to even more people that might need it.
  • The program is realistic and practical and the timelines set are enough to alter one’s eating habits to make them healthier with results that are visible.
  • The focus of the program is on natural and high quality ingredients hence promoting better health and better quality life.
  • It is relatively simple and does not pose much of a challenge to those that are trying to start on it.
  • It has a sea of positive online reviews from customers that are using and have used the products and share their complements on it as well as their experience.

Does it work?

Given the very outspoken and jovial nature of all the people that have used the 21 day sugar detox review, it is safe to say that the product actually works.

Furthermore, the practical and realistic lay out of the program does not leave any questions to doubt its ability to deliver results to the users.



One of the reasons as to why this program is more ideal than a greater deal of other dieting programs is because it addresses the root cause of weight gain and as such even after one is done with the program, they are able to still maintain a healthy weight which is why the 21 day sugar detox program is highly recommended.