The 4 cycle solution product is a dieting program that places emphasis on the fat burning process. The program is based on precision during dieting. It seeks to control food-intake in the body and the mode of response to diet.

Reaction is measured on the time of response and the type of food that triggers this response. The purpose of the program is to increase the rate of metabolism at all times.

It also regulates the hormonal structural response of the body in line with the dieting program. In the long run, it forces the body into a weight loss initiative in the most preferable way.

Creator of the program

Shaun Hadsall health and fitness program instructor is the creator of the 4 cycle solution weight management program. It is based on a diet mechanism called Macro Patterning that was initiated by the late Wendy Chart.

The program seeks to compel the body to utilize stored fat rather than using carbohydrates and stored protein. The fat is to be used as the main energy source.

In order to actualize the program’s benefit, a person has to practice precision dieting. The advantage of the program is that it does not require one to forfeit the muscle tissues in the course of dieting.

What is included in the program?

Diets designed for weight loss program fall prey to the challenge of adaptive response in a human body. The result of this response is the “weight-loss plateau” or the “weight rebound” mechanism that takes the body back to its original status after dieting.

The rebound slows down the weight loss process while the weight plateau takes advantage of the fat stored in the body to aid in survival. Accurate use of the program helps a person to lose weight quickly.

It maintains a continuous utilization of the fat stored in the body. It also takes advantage of the responses the body makes in the course of dieting.

How does it work?

The solution program is divided into four stages. The first step is called, “7 Day Carbohydrate Depletion” phase. The idea here is to exhaust all carbohydrates stored in the body.

The body is then forced to turn to fat as its major energy source. Exercise is included in this phase. “Macro-Patterning” (MP) is the second step that speeds up the process of burning fat in the body.

It works up the hormones and ensures the body adapts to fat-burning. “Accelerated fat loss”” (AFL) is the third step that neutralizes rebounds and plateaus. The last step is “The Diet Break” (DB) that cools down the dieting program and makes it permanent.


The ideal candidate for the program

People diagnosed with a higher fat to carbohydrate ratio are best inclined to adopt the use of this program. It majorly seeks to help obese patients and those diagnosed with overweight issues.

People with inadequate time to exercise due to high job demands will find the product very helpful. It only exacts on the dieting part with a little focus on exercise.

Consequently, people that dislike exercises but still want to lose weight will greatly benefit from the program. Those who like wordy instructions will also find no problem following through the procedure to the latter.

The only disadvantages attached to the program are the product in flexibilities and the technical jargon attached to it. They may limit the kinds of people that have an opportunity to benefit from the product.

A lot of the time may be spent in trying to figure out the meaning of words such as “carbs” and others. Adjusting to the rigid schedule requires quick action that may require faster comprehension of the terms in place.

People that do not mind the technical side of the product will find it helpful in diet advice. People choose weight loss products just to lose weight. This product makes this loss a permanent feature in the body.


  • Experienced dieters will find it easy to use since it is a precise approach that strengthens procedures used in the past
  • The results are quick and easy to maintain in the body as far as dieting is concerned
  • Both men and women can easily use the product to their satisfaction
  • The program covers the three pillars of weight loss that include: balanced “diet, exercise and motivation.”
  • It is strongly founded in science
  • Provides a large amount of information at affordable prices
  • The program is grounded on the “Macro-Patterning” (MP) method which is scientifically proven
  • The program has a gorgeous presentation and its layout is attractive


  • The product guide is too wordy although it still has images
  • It is very technical thus may easily confuse starters of the dieting program
  • The program emphasizes a strict diet. This tendency can destroy all plans to enjoy or indulge in any delicacy

Does the product work?

This product from Shaun has received huge endorsements from renowned advertisers such as ESPN and Oxygen Magazine.

Others in the health and fitness fraternity such as Muscle Media have picked up this product and supported it due to its workability.

Famous celebrities such as Erin Nicole who is an Announcer for Detroit Pistons has largely proclaimed of the product’s effectiveness. The program has a quick style of reducing weight.

It places concern on the state of a person after losing weight as a result of dieting. It is formulated to be sustainable. A rating of four out of five stars is the best prescription for this product. The product works.



The purchase of 4 cycle solution product is greatly recommended. It covers all its in flexibilities with astute performances that maintain the weight loss procedure. At this day and age, exercises have become overrated.

Not all who go to gymnastics acquire their dream body sizes. Most people who have embarked in weight loss programs have ended up in disappointments.

Instability of the programs makes it hard to deliver the desire body package. This solutions maintains a body figure without intense work-outs.