The 4 Week Diet Reviews

The 4 Week Diet is taking the weight loss industry by storm. After following multiple weight loss regimes, people who eventually joined the 4-week diet claim to have received magical results.

With this review, we will try to see what the details of this program are.

What Is This Product All About?

The 4 Week Diet is an eBook. Yes, an eBook with all the knowledge required to lose weight in 4 weeks. The product claims to have helped thousands in obtaining great results with their weight loss expectations.

The eBook packs all the information with which you can effectively lose weight without having to go under a knife. If you are looking for a program that has no side effects then this could be the ultimate solution.

Who Is The Author or Creator?

Brian Flatt, an author, weight loss coach, a renowned nutritionist, and trainer has come up with a solution to
weight loss with easy to follow steps.

After having researched over year, Brian finally came up with a system that doesn’t require the users to follow gruesome methods.

The methods used are simple and straightforward for the majority. The biggest challenge of an overweight person is lack of mobility. So when other programs claim weight loss through rigorous training, the participants find it difficult.

With Brian’s methods, it has becomes considerably easy for almost anyone to follow a regime and to lose almost one pound each day.

In four weeks’ time, the body will start activating all the required mechanisms to keep the body weight in control.

Although a proven method, and utilized by thousands of overweight people, his methods are different than anything seen before.

What Is Included In The Program?

The entire program is in the form of an eBook, and it comprises of the following parts:

1. Program Launch Handbook

This handbook introduces the 4-week diet. It overviews all the methods mentioned in the book briefly. This is more educative in nature where it tells the reader about the hormones and their effects on the body. How hormones affect weight and metabolism is covered in detail.

The launch handbook ties the information back to the roots. It gives you the reason why you are overweight in the first place.

Knowing what to solve is more important and this is the exact premise this book covers. So once you know the root, you can actively work on the solution. The book launches its readers into the correct mindset required for the program.

The scientific explanations given in the book are of tremendous help. It details the reasons behind weight gain. It also details the reasons behind the difficulty in losing weight.

The mechanism involved in storing fat and losing fat is explained. And how these mechanisms can be triggered in tandem to lose weight without much change in lifestyle.

2. Diet Handbook

This book gives you the details of what to eat when to eat and how much. All in a lucid language which is amazingly simple to follow.

The diet does not include any special food items. Most of the diet described here can be followed by continuing your existing food.

No need to go grocery shopping especially for this. The very fact that it doesn’t restrict you from eating your favorite food is reason enough to love the methods.

The calculations involved in finding out the lean body mass and body fat percentage is mentioned in this handbook.

3. Activity Handbook

The activity handbook is more like an optional book. It is applicable for those who are tremendously overweight. For most users, the diet plans are enough to kick start.

However, people with excessive fat should diligently go through the Activity Handbook. It contains workouts that can easily be performed at home.

No need for special equipment and gears. Even a gym membership is not required. These are the simple to-do exercise that can be performed with ease.

Readers are engaged in fifteen-minute exercises every day. These exercises have scientific backing and put together to burn maximum fat in minimum time. All with least efforts.

4. Motivation Handbook

As it is usually known, most of the things can be achieved with willpower. The same applies in Flatt’s book. He wants to train your brain too.

A critical part of the body that will control the rest. Easily giving up on weight loss programs is a major problem. Many users leave a routine half way because of lack of will.

To avoid that from happening, Flatt has ensured that the brain is equally involved in the program. You train your brain for the program, to be realistic and stubborn.

Not expecting overnight results. The brain will give you the strength to stick to the plan. It will help you in being focused.

Most importantly it will increase your potential by pushing harder every time you want to give up. Once the mind is mastered, the body will easily follow, eventually reaching the required goal.

5. Hypnosis Audio

After going through reading and doing activities. You reach the mental part. Hypnosis, this audio works on the mind to reduce the random food cravings.

It enriches the brains alertness. Listening to audio provides the listener with the right mindset in addition to the methods followed earlier.

This is a positive hypnosis and the word should not deter users from going ahead. How well does hypnosis help in losing weight?

Well, better try it to know it. This is an important step in the program and should be diligently followed. It will help you in taking the right eating decision and keep a check on the nutritional value of the foods being consumed.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

The author of the book, Brian has years of experience in the field of nutrition. He understands the problems of a traditional tiresome weight loss methods.

He has the understanding of the medical studies involved in developing the program. The wealth of experience involved in this program has resulted in a scientific formula to lose excess fat.

The program involves healthy foods that have been carefully selected to help lose weight. It does not require any drugs or supplements. There is no risk of anorexia either.

With all that into consideration, it is very clear that this program is not a scam. And the testimonials of thousands of users are a testimonial to its effectiveness.

What are the Pros?

With a program that claims to lose weight for you without excessive efforts, let’s see the pros

1. Simple to follow

This is the best part of the program. No fancying around. Natural processes which are not at all complicated.

2. No unusual diet plan

The program does not expect you to throw away your existing grocery and start with a new tasteless set of food items.

3. Suits specific needs.

As the diet plan has no unusual eating requirement, it is equally beneficial to both vegetarians, and non-vegetarians. And even those who classify themselves in between.

4. No gruesome exercises

The program requires 15 minutes of simple exercises. These can be performed in the comforts of the home. No need for a gym membership either. Everyone gets a simplified routine in the package.

5. Easy on the body.

You don’t have to eat only carrots and only broccoli. You basically continue eating your tasty meals with gradual checks on the diet. This means you are mentally happy and have the energy to follow everything that comes with it.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate For The Product?

Anyone looking to lose weight is an ideal candidate. If you have tried multiple weight loss techniques in the past and disappointed with the results.

Then this is that one final program you need to follow. If you are overweight then this program has a schedule for you.

If you are excessively overweight then this program has a schedule for you. If you are a vegetarian, then also this program has a schedule for you.

In simpler words, anyone, anywhere who is looking to lose weight should go ahead and follow this program. It takes sincere efforts, but they are realistic and achievable.

Does The Product Work?

The 4 Week Diet plan works. Yes, we said it. With changing lifestyles and eating habits, gaining weight has become common.

Inability to keep a check on the weight gain can be a problem. People need an easy to follow the program that helps them lose weight.

The 4 Week Diet Plan works exactly where it is required. With a time frame so small, it is easier to follow. The usefulness of the program can be seen in the number of people benefited.

Thousands have claimed to lose weight. All without doing anything out of the world. Simple techniques help in achieving the previously thought impossible.


Obesity is a growing concern among most of the developed countries, there was a need for such a program. Flatt’s program is easily the best out there to tackle this issue.

What is more fascinating than a weight loss program that doesn’t exhaust you? Nothing. This solution is effective, safe and enjoyable.

As you start seeing results slowly, the programs start becoming fun. This programs actually help you shed fat which makes it the best.

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