The Thyroid Factor Reviews

The Thyroid Factor is a program that was introduced to address the many known factors that are responsible for weight gain such as diet, exercise and genetics.

The difference in this program is that is also addresses an unknown factor that many people don’t realize may be responsible for weight gain which is the thyroid.

This system is a comprehensive and highly effective program designed to facilitate weight loss. First it is important to understand the function of the thyroid.

It is responsible for weight loss, mood, and energy levels. When the thyroid is not working as it should, your body is not in sync.

The Thyroid Factor is designed to revamp your thyroid, resetting it to work at its optimal level to decrease weight gain, increase moods and increase energy levels.

The Brains behind the Science

Dawn Sylvester is the Thyroid Factor creator. Dawn has been a health and fitness professional with more than 15 years of experience in her field.

She has created this program as she herself went through the issue with the thyroid during menopause recently termed “thyroid-pause”.

When she was suffering with the lack of energy, brain fog and belly fat, she wanted to know why and what things she could do naturally that could help with her situation.

Dawn has worked with thousands of women to examine the real reason why women struggle with fatigue, energy loss and weight gain.

She took this knowledge and was able to work with the best known thyroid experts worldwide to come up with the Thyroid Factor, a thyroid weight loss solution for women around the world.

What is in the Program?

The Thyroid Factor is a program which is designed to assist women to combat an underperforming thyroid. An underperforming thyroid can be responsible for weight gain despite diet, exercise and genetics.

This program is a 21 day thyroid booster weight loss system that is designed to help eliminate the belly fat along with finding that sharp mind you once had.

Increasing how your thyroid may help you become refreshed and the feeling of tiredness all the time may dissipate.

The Thyroid Factor comes with an eBook that explains the link between menopause and thyroid function. It gets down to the nitty gritty of the role of the thyroid.

The ebook will first provide information on the effects and symptoms of a low producing thyroid. You will read about foods that act to suppress the thyroid.

You will learn what questions to ask your doctor and how to ask your healthcare provider to order a proper thyroid test.

When the tests come back, the book contains information about supplements you may need to assist the thyroid depending on the lab results to increase your thyroid function.

The best information in the book is the list of common natural thyroid boosting foods. The natural thyroid boosting foods listed can be found easily by everyone and may help boost your thyroid with simple items such as tea, foods and spices.

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

The Good

  1. With delicious foods as options, there are no more starving routines. The foods are easily found in grocery stores making the eating plan more affordable and attainable
  2. Cardio exercise will become more effective with a properly functioning thyroid making gym visits a better experience
  3. Brain Fog will be lifted to reveal sharp thought processes with a properly functioning thyroid
  4. Belly fat will be a thing of the past with a properly functioning thyroid
  5. It is a 21 day system, three weeks, which will lead to lifestyle changes. 3 weeks is not a long investment time to feel like you did 20 years ago.
  6. Even the busiest women can use as it is easy to implement so you are less likely to have another diet failure

The Bad

  1. There is no miracle product that will help you lose the extra pounds. This program may not work for everyone
  2. Once the thyroid is stimulated, maintenance will be required to keep this. This is not a one-time 21 day program but a lifestyle change

Who is it For?

The Thyroid Factor is designed specifically designed for women more than 40 years of age. Women that are entering menopause or perimenopause.

Women that experience daytime sleepiness and lack of energy are also ideal candidates for this program.

Does it Work?

The premises behind the Thyroid Factor is to put the thyroid back to its original state. This ebook will guide you to a day by day plan to reboost your thyroid.

The day by day plan will makes the program easy to follow for everyday busy life. The plan makes jump starting your thyroid a simple process. Healthier eating is always a good idea so this program can’t hurt.

Another Scam?

The Thyroid Factor Program is designed to assist women to combat an under-performing thyroid and to achieve a perfect body figure. First, there is never a perfect body figure.

It is important to be comfortable in your own skin. There is something about this program that may help women worldwide. It educates women about the thyroid and things that cause the thyroid to slow down.

It is an eye-opener for many women. Pointing to signs and symptoms that may lead them to healthcare providers.

The changes made to your diet will help in life and your general well being if it does not actually increase your thyroid production.

In the end, the healthier foods will give you a healthier lifestyle which is never harmful. There is a 100% money back guarantee if you have any doubts about this program which gives a sense of security to protect against a scam.


Even if the Thyroid Factor is a placebo effect, it is never harmful to feel healthier and better about yourself. Yes, it is proven that women tend to gain weight during menopause.

Healthy adjustments to your diet plan that may help restore your thyroid can not be harmful. However, first be sure to check your thyroid with your healthcare provider and talk to them about starting this plan.

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