There are lots of eBooks and blog posts out there on how to lose weight and stay in shape. The truth about abs is not your every day weight loss guide. Simply put, The Truth About Six Pack Abs is an e-Book by Mike Geary.

It has been described on many platforms as the best exercise and diet program for individuals who are tired of weight loss plans that never work. The book has sold over 700,000 copies worldwide both as an e-Book.

The book explains how one gets six pack without sit-ups or vigorous workouts. In the book, you will lean simple dieting and how you can carry out simple full body exercises.

Workouts come in seven levels; level one as a beginner to level seven as an expert. He gives 60 meal plans for those looking to lose weight and get those inviting six packs.

About Mike Geary

Mike Geary, the author of The Truth about Six Pack Abs, is a published author with more than 500 fitness and health articles. He has published his work on more than 1000 websites.

Mike is recognized as the Platinum Expert Fitness Writer on Over the years, he has been a contributor to Muscle and Fitness Magazine as well as Oxygen Magazine.

Besides, he contributes to an online fitness and health newsletter, Lean Body Fitness Secrets.

Mike is a professional and Certified Nutrition Specialist having gotten his Bachelor of Science Degree from the Susquehanna University. He is also a Certified Personal Trainer specializing in functional strength, power training and body fat loss strategies.

He says that his passion is to assist people live happy and healthier lives. Over the last 2 decades, Mike Geary has been studying and researching on Fitness and Health in his endeavor to stay abreast with training and nutrition issues. Besides physical training, Mike Geary also teaches how to cook healthy and delicious food.

Mike Geary loves adventure. He has visited over 25 countries around the world doing what he likes; skydiving, scuba diving, motorbike racing and more. He is also the co-author of the best selling The Fat Burning Kitchen.

What is Included in the Program?

The e-Book gives you the best weight loss program you will find online for a few bucks. On buying the package, you will receive The Truth about Six Pack Abs that goes for $49.99. The e-book contains seven level workouts and 60 meal plans.

You will be able to follow simple steps which are explained scientifically with simple terms. You will also choose from the 60 meal plans that covers your best foods; you do not have to stay hungry but you have to change your diet a bit to fit to the program.

Upon purchasing the e-Book, you will enjoy three great bonuses. The first bonus is a DVD on Kim Lyon's book “5 Keys to Guaranteed Fat Loss” that goes for 79.99 dollars.

Besides the DVD, you will get membership to Kim Lyon's program. The second bonus is the M-Power Fast Fitness program that comes as four audios. This goes for 45.95 dollars.

The third bonus is the Fusion Workout (8-Weeks BW-DB) which goes for 24.95 dollars. However, the total package price has been slashed to 4.49 dollars today.

With the four items in the package, you will be good to go. The e-Books and audios that accompany the package have been well illustrated to enable you lose weight and get six packs within a short time.


How Does It Work?

It is simple. The program enables you to get six packs naturally without supplements. You will not need to rely on expensive machines. At the beginning, you are introduced to diet plans that will enable you lose fats.

You are also introduced to a seven level workout plan that goes with the introduced diet. After 60 days, you will have achieved you six packs (if you strictly follow the program). You do not pay for the book until you witness the results of the program.

To this end, you only pay 4.49 dollars as processing fee and get the full e-Book. You will have one 21 days free trial after which will fully pay. Note that if the program does not work for you, you do not need to purchase the product.

After verifying that the program works, you will be billed $34 and get the full package after which you will never be billed again.

You can then follow the full body workouts and meal plans to get the six pack you have always dream of. You will learn the specific foods to eat in order to burn fats, simple workouts that burn the fat around your stomach and get motivation and mindset to lose fats.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for this e-Book?

This e-Book comes handy for those who have been trying to lose weight or want to lose weight. If you have tried programs that do not work, this e-Book is for you.

However, you can also get the e-Book if your body is in shape and you just want to maintain it that way. Either way the e-Book will work for you. The workouts and the meal plans works great for both women and men of all ages.


  • It comes in an easy to read PDF
  • The program is ideal for both men and women of all ages
  • You have 21 days free trial before purchasing the e-Book
  • The program is inexpensive and works fast compared to other options
  • Most proven diets and Workouts
  • Best selling since 2007


  • There are no workout videos (only pictures)
  • Some foods in the diet plans are expensive in some parts of the world

Does The Truth about Six Pack Abs Work?

Yes. The e-Book has sold hundreds of thousands of copies and has been receiving lots of positive reviews. Based on the high number of happy customers it is clearly true that the program works.

It has been ranked the best Fitness and Health e-Book since 2007 and continues to get more and more attention online.



Purchase the free trial Truth about Abs e-book by Mike Geary and you will not regret. The 60 days money back guarantee is real and you do should not worry about losing your money on this.