The Ultimate Revenge Diet Reviews

If I were to summarize the product in its entirety, I would say it is about deciphering the truth from the lies when it comes to proper weight management, healthy dieting and ultimately not compromising your happiness or health for consumerism-centered regimens.

I will however not paraphrase for the author had a lot more to say than that. Basically, there are lies that she emphasizes have held back women for a while now, lies that have to be stopped in their tracks.

i) Women can't as easily cut weight compared to men.

A modern myth believed so highly since women's bodies have been designed to store more fat but with the ultimate revenge diet regimen, any lady out there will unlock the ‘fat burner' switch that actually works like a charm.

ii) That the gym is the ultimate place for cardio.

The truth. A busy day filled with simple activities can transform your life without having to overstretch your limits especially if your schedule is tight and you can find no way around it.

iii) About avoiding foods high in fat.

The lie has always been hiding the truth all this time, because ultimately the body needs fat for fuel and to lose weight, the secret is to maintain a healthy intake of fat.

With the well-designed system outlined in the ultimate revenge diet, you'll quickly work your way up to that great body.

The Author

Joanie Anderson gets up close and personal about her tragic journey and how it increased her insight on matters of weight loss upon which she discovered an Ultimate Revenge Diet.

One that she used to navigate and restore her own self-worth, which she had almost lost when her longtime partner walked out of the marriage, and later share it in her written works.

She personally understands how it feels to be cast out and see yourself as ugly and worthless and she knows no one deserves to see themselves in that light.

She decided to stop being a victim and took control. Without having to do extreme exercise, starving herself of the foods she loved or taking supplements that would amount to some form of dieting.

When she researched and discovered this ultimate plan, her doctor was shocked because it worked beyond the scope of ordinary medicine.

The secret helped her shed 40 pounds in 3 months, brought back her long-long lost sex drive and passion and ultimately saved her marriage with her prodigal husband coming back and asking for another chance which he worked for in the end.

The Ultimate Revenge Diet Program

i) 7 Day Simple Jumpstart.

Like a pilot program, it kicks off your routine easy and provides the specific 3 rules that changed everything for her and countless other women. It will have you feeling young-ish and all without losing your food tastes and lifestyle.

ii) 6 Week Ultimate Revenge Program.

Contains the exact formula, step-by-step already completed-for-you instructions presented from the success stories of the author and countless other women.

In just 6 weeks see yourself transform without naive experimenting, measuring your food intake, eating unbearable ”foods” and no gym workouts. You'll gain extra bouts of energy and shed off all those unnecessary pounds.

iii) An ultimate revenge shopping guide that will be your greatest aid in the grocery store all without having to cut away those cakes or ice cream.

iv) Free Gift.

For trying out her exceptional system, she provides a free guide, ”Dieting And The Woman's Body,” containing 12 secret tips that transform the ability of the woman to store more fats to her advantage and more tips to help her lose weight faster than men.

How it works.

The Ultimate Revenge Diet has a cheat code that not many possess and flips a ”chemical switch” in women that hacks away at belly fat, reverses heart conditions, improves type 2 diabetes symptoms and restores power to your musculoskeletal system.

Scam or not?

When Joanie had her first heart attack at age 46, her doctor advised against her continued intake of diet pills that presumably help burn fat.

They are essentially just ‘natural speed' and are detrimental to good health. When she sought out more research and created her diet plan, the results were better and she regretted having spent so much money on classes, diets, medical bills and diet pills.

It is an easy program designed to present results almost automatically and definitely worth the affordable price you get it for.

Restore to yourself that youthful vigor and feel healthier and sexier in your own eyes, stare at the mirror and be proud of how far you've come.


  • Informative instructions that help navigate you to your destined body weight.
  • Designed to reduce your kitchen time, not spending it preparing difficult diet regimens of unappealing foods that push you to the edge.
  • No memberships and bills that ultimately don't contribute to your weight loss and worsen your finances
  • No embarrassing gym sessions.
  • No miracle diet pills or supplements.

Ideal candidates

  • Women who love food and understand it's heartwarming properties for themselves and their families and would rather not go through the torture of extreme dieting.
  • Working class moms who barely have time between their jobs and family time can reap beautiful benefits from this program.
  • If you've ever felt self-loathing,worthless and undesirable because of your weight this is your chance.

Does the product work?

With the jumpstart program and its highly guarded secret , in just the first week some shed up to 4 lbs and ultimately even after a month, the metamorphosis is unbelievable.

You'll be able to race back into the dating scene with a closet full of clothes you can wear and look like a delicious snack all day. The success stories speak for themselves eventually.


Take a chance with the ultimate revenge diet program and see how quickly you become a sensation to yourself and those around you.

You'll lose that unwanted weight in no time and feel attractive as ever before and gain your footing on your reality and dreams once more.

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