The venus factor is a weight loss program for women. It takes a completely new approach compared to other fitness programs. At its center, there is the Venus index that is usually determined by measuring the waist, height as well as the hip.

You do not necessarily need to measure your height since the waist is estimated to be 30% of the height. To determine your hip measurements, you will need to multiply the waist size by 1.42.

the venus factor program

From the figures you will get from the measurements, you will be able to know whether you will need to lose weight or not. You will be required to lose weight if the Venus index is higher than normal.

If it is too low, you will need to plan on adding some weight.

What Is Included In this Product?

Whether the Venus index shows that you need to lose or gain weight, you will get proper guidance on how you are supposed to eat as well as exercise in order to achieve your goals.

Apart from guiding you, the program comprises of a workout manual as well as schedule, a body centric eating guide and also a community membership.

The workout manual and schedule provides you with a twelve week routine that you will need to follow. This routine comes in three different phases.

The good thing is that each routine has a plan that you will need to follow and it comes with complete videos, pictures as well as detailed explanations that will help you do everything correctly.

The body centric eating guide shows you the foods that you are supposed to eat in order to get your ideal body shape as well as weight. It shows you the different vitamins, herbs and other foods you should eat in order to increase the leptin levels in the body.

Leptin is a hormone that boosts the metabolism rate. This implies that when its levels are high, the rate of metabolism is high, and as a result you will be able to lose weight fast. In the event that the leptin levels are low, you will not be required to lose a lot of weight since you may end up jeopardizing your health.

The community membership allows you to access the community of other women that are also taking part in the Venus factor program. It will very handy especially if you like exercising from home.

You will still be able to get moral support from other women across the world while exercising from the comfort of your own home.


Does It Work?

If you check out independent expert and consumer reviews on this program, you will find that most people are satisfied with its results. It helps you lose weight, get a perfect body shape and ton rapidly.

There are some people who wanted to lose weight and get their bodies into shape, but the idea of going to the gym was not so welcoming to them. They found relief when they discovered Venus factor because it enabled them to lose weight from the comfort of their homes.

The Venus factor program gives you a body that you can be proud of. Even though it may not necessarily be a muscular body such as that which you will get from excessive gym workouts, it gives you an appealing body shape and weight.

It has dieting and weight loss routine that is very easy to follow and it is not strenuous. Even though you will be working from home, it does not mean that you will not have anyone to support you through the process.

You can link up with the community members that are also trying to lose weight and you can encourage and advice each other as you go on.


  • The venus factor workouts are designed to be done at home, so you will not need to spend money on any specialized gym equipment.
  • It does not have a strict diet, so you will have a lot of freedom on what to eat.
  • It is designed especially for all women regardless of their fitness level.


  • It focuses mostly on getting a suitable feminine figure rather than fat burning or weight loss.
  • One workout session entails various routines, so it takes a lot of work.
  • It lacks maintenance exercises which are very important if you want to maintain the results you will get at the end of it for long.



The Venus factor weight loss program has a lot of benefits. First of all, it is designed to specifically help the women who struggle to get the figure they desire. This means that this program will not be of great benefit to you if you are a man.

It is designed to work well for all women regardless of their fitness level. It is however very important to be in good health for you to be able to do the workouts that it is comprised of perfectly.

Another benefit of this workout program is that it has a very unique approach. It does not simply instruct you to eat less in order to lose weight like many weight loss programs usually do.

It also does not have restrictive diet rules that will deny you the ability to enjoy your favorite meals so as to maximize the results. It has instructions that show every woman what exactly she is required to do in order to maximize the results depending on her fitness level.

Another great thing about the Venus factor is that it is a complete workout program that contains step by step instructions that you will be required to follow. It also has pictures as well as videos that will help you get the maximum results in each phase.

Another benefit of this program is that it connects you with a community of other women that are also trying to lose weight. You can therefore ask them questions or seek advice as needed in order to get your desired results.

Motivation and inspiration are very crucial in weight loss, and you will be able to get that from the community members.