Visual Impact High Carb Fat Loss Reviews

The Visual-Impact is a new high-carb and low-fat diet technique for weight loss. The program provides you with a meal template guide on how you can lose weight and get lean while consuming high amounts of carbohydrates.

But do not get misguided because this high-carb diet does not simply involve eating candy and fries all day.

However, this program challenges the obvious and usual notion that you know about weight loss i.e. in order for you to lose weight, it is important that you reduce the intake of carbohydrates and increase the intake of healthy fats.

It actually implements the opposite of this, more carbohydrates and less fat in your diet.

The Creators of the visual-impact high-carb program

This Fat-Loss program was co-founded by Mark Kislich & Rusty Moore. Mark is a conditioning and strength coach for professional athletes in Iceland and Olympic.

Rusty Moore on the hand is a full-time writer who specializes in fitness articles and he has over ten years of experience. The fitness professional is an instructor for runway models and he also runs a fitness center.

What Is Included In the Fat-Loss Program?

Inside this program, you will find important weight loss information on how and why this diet works. The course is 100 percent digital and it is completely desktop and mobile-optimized.

Once you have made your purchase, the login access will be emailed to your address. After Logging in into your account, you will get tips and guidelines to follow in order for the diet to work. You will also get access to:

  • An incredible and a responsive members group on Facebook.
  • Community recipes.

Note that even though this diet may appear to be very simple, there are details which are found within the program which are very crucial and they must be effectively implemented in order for you to achieve the desired results.

How Does This Product Work? Could it be a Scam?

This program will introduce you to a unique low-fat and high-carb diet for weight loss.

Unlike common methods of weight loss, this diet works on the contrary and its basic method relies on the diet that Mark Kislich, the co-author used and he was able to maintain a body fat of between 5 to 6 percent all year round by simply eating a high-carb diet.

The approach used in this program is completely the opposite of the Keto diet. It’s a pattern interrupt that is said to be superior to the ketogenic diet and it works extremely well.

Rusty and Mark realized that although the low-carb diet weight loss approach is very popular and it can work, their blueprint, the high-carb and low-fat diet is more effective and it produces long-lasting results.

As a matter of fact, this weight loss method will eventually become widespread just like the ketogenic diet.

Following this diet means that your body’s sensitivity to insulin will improve dramatically, resulting in energy levels which will accelerate the rate at which the body loses unwanted fat.

It’s an enjoyable a fantastic weight loss method whose precise strategy is meant to make the yo-yo way of dieting forgettable.

The high-carb fat-loss program allows you to lose weight steadily without backtracking or regaining body fat that you had already shed.

It allows you to rapidly drop fat by simply implementing an effective meal plan which you can use from Monday to Thursday.

As a user, you will have a lot of flexibility of eating whatever you wish on the remaining days while still making remarkable progress after every week.

Furthermore, you can follow this diet even if you are a meat eater or a vegan. There is a whole food diet for vegans which will help them to get lean without starving themselves.

The non-vegan diet template allows users to mix meat with a lot of processed foods. Note that this program is not a scam.

Its effectiveness and high-quality results cannot only be seen from the co-authors of the program but other members who have used it.


Visual-Impact high-carb Fat-Loss has a lot of benefits to users. Some of its advantages include:

  • Users are guaranteed steady fat loss with no backtracking or regaining of weight that had been previously lost.
  • A more vibrant and healthy skin.
  • A lot of energy output that makes you productive and lively.
  • The course is simple yet detailed and uncomplicated.
  • The course is mobile-optimized and it looks amazing on mobile phones.
  • The meal plans are amazing and they are available for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.
  • Visual-Impact high-carb Fat-Loss’ Facebook group is active and amazing. Members help each other with solutions, support etc.
  • There is a zero risk of ordering this course. Users are guaranteed 60-days money-back. Within this period, you can test-drive the program to check if it suits your needs.

You can use this program anywhere at any time because you can access it from your mobile phone or even desktop computer

The Ideal Candidate For this Product

Visual-Impact High-Carb is a weight loss program that has been designed for people really want to lose unwanted body fat and be able to get extremely lean while still eating carbs.

In case you want to shed some weight but your current eating method is not effective, then this approach is perfect for you.

Does the Visual-Impact Low-Fat, High-Carb Fat-Loss Work?

If you follow the right protocol, this product will work for you. By just looking at the before and after images of the co-authors of this program, you will be able to see how this product is effective, and the results are simply amazing.

You can lose fat and get a lean body by following this diet correctly.


The high-carb low-fat diet is something that you should definitely try. Not only is the course affordable, the diet outlined is also readily available.

I recommend the Visual-Impact High-Carb Fat-Loss because its results are guaranteed and it has no any side effects. Simply get yours today and start using the well-detailed guidelines and prepare yourself for great benefits.

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