What Is This Product All About?

It’s a collection of products, and it’s about changing the way you eat and work out. And it’s easy to use. Unlike most plans, you get both the workouts and the eating plan with Wake Up Lean, and they’re meant to work together.

It’s an easy-to-understand program where you actually see the results. You can tell Rumi cares about what she does!

Who Is The Author or Creator?

Rumiana Ilieva, or Rumi, is the developer. She has years of experience as a fitness expert and is a certified trainer. I love her blog! She is easy to understand, which I need because I am definitely not a fitness expert.

What Is Included In The Program?

It’s awesome! You get 8 videos, a food plan, and a guide to working out.

Videos: Rumi does the workouts with you in real time, and it’s easy to understand the movements. I’ve tried other videos, but the trainer either went too fast or didn’t explain the movements well.

And Rumi’s workouts aren’t boring! You can adapt them, and they were always just the right amount of a challenge for me. They’re focused on one set of muscles or body part each, so it’s not repetitive.

Book: The Wake Up Lean gym book is easy to read and comprehend, and I can do the workouts easily at home, too. The pictures are really helpful.

She uses water bottles instead of weights for the home workouts, which is awesome! Super easy to use, and I don’t have to have a ton of stuff laying around my house.

I travel for work sometimes, and it was easy to do these in the hotel. I use the workouts at the gym, too; I just printed out my book and took the pages for that day’s workouts to my gym. Way easier (and so much cheaper!) than paying a trainer.

Food plan: The recipes are easy to follow, and I love that I eat 4 times a day. I wasn’t ever hungry. She includes actual food on the plan; it wasn’t just salads and smoothies.

It’s more about the combination of foods, and it wasn’t ever boring or repetitive. My favorite is the snacks! It was easy to shop for the ingredients in my normal grocery store, and my cost of food actually went down, because I wasn’t buying a ton of processed stuff.

I loved not having to figure out how many calories were in everything, and I still got a wide variety of foods, so I wasn’t craving sweets or processed snack foods. The pictures were great, too.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

Like most plans, it works if you stick to it! As long as you do the workouts and eat with the plan, you will definitely lose weight and gain muscle.

I didn’t find it hard to stick to at all, honestly. The workout videos aren’t boring, and they’re focused on specific parts of the body.

It was easy to keep going because I knew I had a great video for my arm workout the next day and my tummy after that.

Foodwise, it was easy to do. I just shopped once a week and planned for the week ahead. I took my lunches and snacks to work easily, and none of it takes a long time to prepare.

I actually saved a ton of time because I had my week planned out, and didn’t have to figure out what I wanted for dinner, or take time from my lunch hour to run and buy something fast (and probably fattening and expensive).

Wake Up Lean is definitely not a scam! You get a money-back guarantee, and you get the materials through Clickbank, which is a verified distributor. Rumi has been doing this for years, and she really cares about what she does.

List of Pros

  • Rumi is amazing! The plan is all about her genuinely wanting to help you feel, look, and be better.
  • The workouts aren’t boring! I hate that about traditional video workouts. These were awesome, and I could easily do the workouts either at the home, in a hotel room, or at my gym.
  • The food is actually good, and I wasn’t hungry. It’s amazing what your body can do when you feed it the best possible foods, and in the right combinations.
  • It’s not expensive! I was pretty amazed that I got all of the videos, a workout book, and a full 4-week eating plan for just $47. I’ve spent way more on just workout videos, or on “diet” plans by themselves, so this was pretty much the best value I’ve seen for what you get.
  • There’s a guarantee! If you’re somehow not happy with Rumi’s plan, you get your money back. There’s literally no risk to trying this out.
  • You can make it your own personal plan. It’s easy to switch things around, and it’s meant for every fitness level.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate For The Product?

I picked this plan because I’m really busy, and I wanted really clear instructions. If you’re busy, this is absolutely the best plan.

I was worried about having to cook a lot, but I saved so much time. I went to the store once a week, then just did a little meal prep for the day ahead. There are no super complicated recipes or weird ingredients.

For the workouts, I saved time at the gym because I knew exactly what workouts to do that day.

At home, it was AWESOME to know that I had a bunch of videos on my laptop, ready for me whenever I had time to do the workouts.

I also travel sometimes for work, so it was great that those videos were easy to download and already on my computer so I could do them in the hotel room with just water bottles. No excuses!

Does The Product Work?

Yes, yes, yes! Like I said, you have to stick with it, but Rumi makes that easy to do, especially since you see results really quickly.

People always have these vague plans that they’re going to start eating better and working out, but Rumi does all the work and makes the plans for you so that you can actually get started and then stick with it.


I give this a solid thumbs-up, especially for people who are busy and who need clear instructions. I am by no means a dietician or a gym-rat, and I still felt like I knew exactly what I was doing. Thanks, Rumi!