Yoga burn is a weight loss program that is designed for women specifically for women. The program is very effective and thus is helpful for women who are suffering from the overweight problem.

Another name that is commonly used to describe the same is “Her Yoga Secrets”. That means it is packed with awesome insights and tips that are so invaluable in maintaining a good health and body shape and structure for women.

Who Is The Author or Creator?

Zoe Bray Cotton is the person who worked behind the scenes to come up with this awe-inspiring book that is meant for women.

She is one of the most renowned personalities who has created an impact on the lives of women and is thus an icon in the fitness industry.

Another important thing to note about Zoe Bray is that she is a well trained and certified instructor and also a personal trainer who is sought after by the majority of women.

Therefore, her book is not just a product of mere speculations but is guided by scientific research.

What Is Included In The Program?

The program is packed with beautiful and effective ideas that are put into the three phases. The phases are designed to suit the user from the beginner to the one who has mastered all the arts of yoga.

In this case, the following are the 3 phases that make up the huge content of this spectacular program:

1. Foundation flow

As the name suggest, this is just but the beginning phase of the program. Therefore, this is the beginners phase that helps women to burn down fat from simple poses and sequence exercises.

In addition, this stage is good for the starters of the program since it builds one for the next stage that is, the transitional flow.

2. Transition flow

This phase is a bit advanced from the first and it incorporates the poses of the first and the second to form a sequence. That means, once you have gained from the first phase, you are good for this awesome stage.

In this, you are likely to lose a lot of fat from your body as the program continues since a lot of fats is burned down by the metabolic activity of the body that has been enhanced.

3. Mastery flow

This is the last phase that combines the first, second and other additional poses and sequence to come with a comprehensive thing that is highly effective and efficient.

After completing this phase, you will simply have lost so many pounds due to the enhanced metabolism and a number of fat burning exercises.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

The program is a twelve-week course that entails yoga exercises and sequences that are very helpful in burning calories from the bodies of women.

In this awesome program, various workouts run from the first week to the twelfth week aimed at boosting body metabolism or the fat burning process.

Is it a Scam?

This real program has been in place and has gained demand due to its effectiveness. Therefore, there is no need to worry or to think otherwise since this has worked for a majority of women out there and thus is a real thing that should also benefit you as well.


  • The program is suitable for women of all ages and fitness levels. This means the program does not exclude based on age or the level in which you are. Ideally, there are many workout sessions of programs that fit everyone depending on the need.
  • It is highly effective and efficient as compared to other programs. When it comes to the effectiveness, this one has been proven so much functional in losing weight and thus works better in melting the body fat.
  • The program is affordable and thus is cost-effective. As in this case, once you purchase the book, it is just enough for you to learn by yourself. When compared to other means of losing weight, this is by far the cheapest since it does not require the constant attention of the trainer.
  • Awesome bonuses. The program also comes with beautiful bonuses that are very good for maintaining a good health and the overall body shape or posture. Some of the bonuses include the audio and the video classes of the same that comes alongside buying the same book.
  • It is easy to use. The book comes with simple tips and procedures that are easy to follow and to adapt throughout the entire period of its application. The book also comes with images and pictures that are helpful in enhancing its usage.
  • 60 days money back guarantee. As a matter of fact, this has happened and is still the best practice in place. That is, if in any case you will find the program not working as per your expectations, you stand a very good chance of being compensated your money.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate For The Product?

As mentioned earlier, any woman who has got to deal with her weight or burn excess calories is the best candidate for this exclusive program.

In this case, all women of all ages are eligible to obtain the same since it is so much effective and efficient.

Therefore, if you are a woman and have the same problem, you should look out for purchasing this imperative book and surely, you will never come to regret your choice.

Does The Product Work?

Of course, the program has been proven to be so much effective and the majority of the women who have tried the same can attest to that fact.

Therefore, there is no need for you to hesitate or to wait for rumors. It is really a working thing that has been tested, proven and certified.


Having gone through the overview, you will learn that this is just but the tip of the iceberg.

There are so much that is entailed in this book and therefore, it is always the best practice to practice what is instructed and thus, if you are a woman with the same problem, there is no way you can practice the same without first acquiring the book.

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Her Yoga Secrets is, therefore, the best program for women’s weight loss.