All of us would love to stay fit, lose weight, and look fabulous. However, a lot of people think that it's a difficult process. Truth be told, it's not. In fact, it's all about making small sacrifices combined with specific techniques. With that, we've gathered some of the expert ways on how to lose weight fast and here are some of them.


16 Ways to Lose Weight Fast

1) Drink Water

If you're thinking that energy drinks, fruit smoothies, or light beer is a great way to lose weight, you're wrong. As a matter of fact, these drinks contain about 100 calories per serving. Yet, these beverages don't even satisfy you the way food with 100 calories can– so, you'll end up drinking a lot more. Likewise, other liquids are usually high in sodium and carbohydrates. Thus, it tricks your body into retaining more water, puffing you out.

On the other hand, water has zero calories and carbs. Also, it has little to none sodium content, making it the perfect slim-down drink. Furthermore, as odd as it may sound, it helps the body flush out the excess water weight and it could jump-start your metabolism.

Note: If you don't enjoy the taste of plain water, you could add lemon wedges or mint leaves.

2) Stay Away from White Bread and Pasta

One of the effective ways on how to lose weight fast is by saying no to pasta. As much as possible, stay away from all white grain products, such as spaghetti, white rice, and sandwich rolls. By doing this, you'll instantly slim down because these foods contain a lot of carbs, leading to bloating– especially around your belly.

Also, simple carbohydrates could wreak havoc to your weight because they're digested very quickly, making you hungry and increasing the chances of overeating.

3) Drink Coffee an Hour Before Working Out

This is an exception to ‘stick-to-water-only' rule. You could enjoy a cup of coffee before going to work or hitting the gym. Also, you could add a splash of skim milk or enjoy a black coffee instead. This is up to you, but it's a great way to stay energized and burn a lot of calories without even realizing it.

4) Switch to Ordinary Coffee

If you're not aware, fancy coffee drinks from popular cafes are often packed with hundreds of calories per cup. Thanks to whipped cream, whole milk, sugar, and all kinds of fancy sugary syrups. However, a cup of regular coffee with skim milk only has a very small fraction of those calories. Also, if brewed with good beans, it tastes smoother and sometimes, even greater.

You could also try non-fat powdered milk in your coffee and you'll get the nutritional benefits, such as calcium, while being aware that it's low in calories. Best of all, because powdered milk doesn't have any water, it wouldn't dilute the coffee unlike skim milk.

5) Do 36 Push-Ups and Lunges Every Other Day

This simple exercise would help sculpt your muscles, giving you a more fit appearance. You could do the three sets of 12 of each exercise every other day.

6) Sleep 30 Minutes More

It doesn't matter if you sleep for 5 hours or 8 hours, but as much as possible, try to get an extra half an hour. This would freshen you up and help you make better choices when you wake up. Also, you wouldn't feel tired, nor think about skipping the gym. Furthermore, getting enough sleep could also boost your metabolism.

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7) Sacrifice One Food

Try cutting out one indulgence, such as chocolate for dessert after dinner or ice cream after lunch. This simple act would subtract a few hundred calories from your diet, which means less flab and baby fats.

8) Nuts for Snack

Studies show that eating almonds and other forms of nuts could help you lose weight. Thus, snacking once or twice a day could boost your metabolism and curb your appetite. Likewise, you could also include baby carrots, or come up with your own trail mix with seeds, nuts, and dried fruits.

9) For Indulgence, Choose Fat-Releasing Foods

Opting for fat-releasing foods would make you feel satisfied and it's a great way to avoid binging on higher-calorie foods. For example, eggs have 70 calories in one hard-boiled egg and it's packed with fat-releasing protein. One tablespoon of honey has 64 fat-releasing calories. Lastly, dark chocolate has 168 calories in a one ounce square, but it's also packed with plenty of fat releasers.

10) “Cowboy Position”

Believe it or not, this sex position is considered to be a fat blaster. No doubt about that. Being on top means you'll be the one to do the rocking and the more active you are, the more calories you'll end up burning.
Furthermore, sex also increases the levels of feel-good endorphins and neurotransmitters, helping you curb your appetite.

11) Stay Away from Large Groups

Studies show that we tend to eat more if we're sharing a meal with a group of people. The reason behind is, we'll likely spend more time on the table. However, if you'll eat with your significant other or a family member and spend more time talking in between chewing, it could help you lessen your food intake.

12) Opt for the Smallest Portion

Every time you eat outside, as much as possible, opt for the smallest portion. Our eyes deceive us, in a way that, whether the serving is small or huge, both could make us feel satisfied.

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13) Eat Water-Rich Foods

Foods that are rich in water would help you lessen your calorie intake. Some of the water-rich foods are tomatoes, zucchini, and cucumber. You could put them in soups and salads.

14) Bulk up Your Meals with Veggies

If you want to eat a lot, you should opt for veggies, such as carrots, broccoli, and tomatoes. Also, it's ideal to have a 1:1 ratio of grains to veggies. This would help you feel fuller and prevent you from overeating.

15) Wait for Your Stomach to Rumble

We often eat when we feel bored, frustrated, stressed, our nervous. With that, a lot of us even forget what physical hunger feels like. Additionally, if you're hankering for a particular food, that doesn't mean you're hungry, but you only crave for it. There are better ways to relieve stress, boredom, and nervousness.

16) Brush Your Teeth After Every Meal

Last, but not the least, would be brushing your teeth after each meal. Having a clean, minty fresh breath would serve as your sign that meal time is over and you're not allowed to eat more.

We hope that these 16 ways on how to drop a few pounds fast would be helpful to you. Remember, when it comes to losing weight, patience and determination are the key.