Bacon & Butter: The Ultimate Ketogenic Diet Cookbook Reviews

The Ultimate Ketonic-diet Cook-book is your one-stop solution for all the information you require on the keto diet. It also has some very delicious recipes specifically made for ketonic consumption.

The recipes in the book mentioned are further classified into smoothies, snack recipes, sea food recipes, breakfast recipes, etc so that you don’t need to ponder over which recipe to make and at what occasion.

Apart from the recipes there’s also a full guide and instructions on the ketogenic diet requirements and some do’s and don’ts about this diet.

Who is The Creator?

The author of the Keto Diet-book is Celby Richoux, director at Digitas health. She is renowned for her creativity and purpose-built wellness products that are recommended for people from all walks of life.

Keeping in mind the requirement of a healthy lifestyle for her customers, the author came up with this ultimate keto cookbook.

In the cook book, there is all the information related to the ketogenic dietary requirements followed by a range of recipes.

From smoothies to desserts and from special keto snacks to the main course meal, this book is a wonderful and useful product for anyone who wishes to follow ketogenic meal.

What Is Included In The Program?

The keto cookbook guides the reader in a systematic way and gives all the information about the nature of ketosis, the effects and the recipes.

There are over 150 recipes in the cook book and all of them come with a different speciality. The book also covers the exact amount of fat which is to be consumed in accordance with the ketogenic requirements.

This guide starts off with the explanation of ketosis and the nutritional ratios, before proceeding to a list of foods segregated in different categories.

There are foods to avoid followed by the lip-smacking recipes. It also has a special mention of spices and sauces to be consumed alongside the keto food.

How Does It Work? Is It A Scam?

The cook book starts off with the definition of ketosis, explaining what exactly the word ketosis means and how this concept is useful for our well-being.

Just to scrape the surface a bit, Ketosis involves the metabolism of body fats into energy.

The keto diet forces the body to avoid the glucose and sugars, and instead use up the fats stored in the body tissues. This process is especially very useful for those wanting to lose weight.

The next content is the list and quantity of the macro nutrients present in our body.

There are also methods mentioned in the book on how to try out the ketosis program where the body foregoes carbohydrates completely and enters into a state of ketosis.

Nutritional ratios make up for the next part of the book. 4:1 and 3:1 are the recommended ratios required in the keto diet which are proportional to the carbohydrate and the fats present in the meal.

Then there is the mention of some low carbohydrates foods that can be enjoyed in a keto diet. The low carbohydrates foods consist of a list of meat, sea food, glycemic-centric fruits and vegetables, nuts, fats and oils and dairy products.

As this is a low-carb diet, the next mention is of the high carbohydrates food that should be avoided. Dairy products and certain fruits and vegetables make up this list, as do bread and refined sugars.

There is also the special mention of spices as well as sauces and condiments, which can be used to supplement the keto diet.

A psychological topic is discussed in the next part where the social pressure associated with eating a special diet is more emphasized.

There are times when people tend to forget their keto routine and consume the other prohibited foods, thereby having all the progress made till such a point reversed. This happens due to the social pressure which the book challenges us to resist.

The most important part of the book starts off at this juncture – the recipes. There are over 150 recipes, each with a different title such as the Breakfast Recipes, Smoothies, Desert Recipes, Chicken Recipes, Snacks, Main Course Meals, etc all with bacon or butter.

This cookbook ensures that there is never a dull day in the kitchen and that all your nutritional needs are well captured.

List of Pros:

  • There is full information about the ketosis and the keto diet in the cook book, guiding the user about the exact nature and requirements of the keto programme.
  • The full and detailed list of the products to be consumed and the products to be avoided can be very useful when looking to have a thorough, strict keto diet.
  • The wide variety of recipes with their exact way of cooking using the right amount of ingredients is an easy way of grasping the concept of keto recipes.
  • The suggestions in the recipe book as to when to cook what food, for example- breakfast recipes, deserts and snacks, main course etc, are very helpful in deciding the menu beforehand.
  • The detailed information of the ingredients with the technical terms like the weight of fats, the cooking times, carbohydrates to be included, and the net contents makes this cookbook a virtual guide to the ketogenic diet.

Who Is The Ideal Candidate For This Program?

The ideal candidate for this book is anyone that wishes to follow the ketonic routine diet. As the book specialises in the exact weights and measurements, the user might find the book very accurate in terms of calories and other minerals to be used.

The book can also be used by those persons who just wish to try out some new delicacies at their home.
The knowledge of the exact measurements is not required if you are not on a strict keto diet.

For all those wishing to lose some weight using the keto diet, this book provides some wonderful content.

Does The Book Work?

The product sure does work in an amazing way. You get over 150 dishes with full nutritional value using bacon and butter.

Even if you are already familiar with the keto diet, the book is still resourceful enough as there is all the information required on how to use the keto recipes for maximum benefit.

The measurements of the carbohydrates as well as fats, vitamins etc make it a natural choice for the ketogenic followers.

The recipes, along with clear step-by-step cooking procedures, will guide you to make some delicious offerings.


This book is very highly recommended for all those people aspiring to have weight loss as well as those wishing to follow the ketonic diet plan.

If you are sincere and seriously thinking of some weight loss or body toning, this book might come in quite handy. The detailed and accurate measurements are sure to give you fantastic results.

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