A major reason why people suffer from constipation and abdominal pain may be because of faecal matter on the colon walls or due to the presence of parasites that live in the bowel. These parasites may cause symptoms like diarrhea, joint pains, constipation and other problems.

This product is intended to handle such issues such that it will assist in getting rid of these parasites and cleanse your colon of faecal matter.

Bowtrol Colon Control has an upper hand in the market due to its natural ingredients which have been proven to be effective in various researches.

This product’s natural ingredients unlike others are gentle to your system and will not cause abdominal cramping.

What is this product all about?

It is a nutritional complement intended to tackle delicate digestion specifically for a sensitive colon. It reduces digestion distress by reinforcing and protecting the mucosa of the intestines.

This also improves the absorption process thus assisting the body to utilize all the nutrients consumed. Also Bowtrol Colon Control usually is designed to replenish helpful bacteria in the colon, aid in preventing digestive distraught, restore the regular digestive balance and improve the lactose tolerance indicators.

This product also assists in the body’s detoxification routine thereby improving the immune system of the body.

How does it work? Is it a scam?

The fundamental action of this product is the regulation of bowel movements by hardening the stool, but also making it gel-like for easier passage, sanitization of the digestive tract, curbing colon irritation and restoration of natural bowel elimination.

The formula also assists in removal toxins and other harmful materials that may get stuck in the colon. The formula is intended to treat a sensitive colon and therefore restore a healthy digestive function.

What are the ingredients?

Active Charcoal:This ingredient is an amazing element in Bowtrol Colon Control. It works in a way that it pulls, by osmotic pressure all contaminants out of the colon and binds them thus ensuring excretion in the faeces.

It is usually conjoined with Bentonite Clay which is a form of inert clay that passes through the digestive system without being absorbed by the body.

It attracts bacteria and absorbs water to form a gel like form in the digestive structure which functions as a natural laxative. These two ingredients work together to ensure the complete removal of contaminants from the digestive structure.

Turkey Rhubarb: This is a herbal perennial plant that was initially grown for medical reasons by the Chinese long ago. Today, rhubarb is grown all over the world.

Its name is derived from the ancient Greek words “rha” and “barbarum“, because rhubarb was grown untamed for centuries near the Volga River.

As it travelled all the way through Europe, rhubarb slowly got other names such as turkey rhubarb. Conversely, in traditional medicine, it is consumed as a potent laxative to people suffering from diarrhea and other digestive issues.

This laxative function is largely attributable to its abundance in anthraquinones, and its matter in flavonoids. Rhubarb and rhubarb-containing produces are frequently used as diet aids.


Organic Clove: It is a frequently used aroma both in western and Italian food. Also it is rich in antioxidants which guarantee cellular safeguard.

In traditional treatment, clove has been used in remedying indigestion and amending flatulence. Furthermore, its antimicrobial properties craft this natural spice as a valuable resource for detox diets together with colon cleanses.

Peppermint: It is also refered as M. Basalmea Willd, peppermint is a mentholated fusion between spearmint and watermint. Used essentially to boost memory, alertness and for aromatherapy requirements, peppermint also has some great aid in reducing gastrointestinal symptoms like abdominal nausea, pain, vomiting, indigestion, bloating and other difficulties of irritable bowel.

During a research analyses performed in 2004 by Italian researchers, it was proven that 75% of patients who grieved from irritable bowel syndrome (portraying symptoms like diarrhea, vomiting, flatulence, abdominal pain and who obtained peppermint oil capsules for several weeks witnessed a key decrease in their signs.

This emphasizes the importance of peppermint in reducing problems of digestive kind..

Aloe Vera: This has merited its name in the marketable and health fields currently as a body healer, cleanser and purifier. For a regular plant which was once used in Early Egypt in the cosmetic business, Aloe Vera is at this time being used in many areas of life and most essentially health.

Another important ingredient is Senna, which is not only abundant in anthraquinones but also has herbal detox properties. It has flax seeds rich in soluble fiber.

Bowtrol also has peppermint. As per studies, peppermint causes the movement of bile in the body that is critical in promoting the most favorable condition of the digestive system. Bowtrol also has garlic that boosts the body’s immune system.

Cascara Sagrada, which is a herb that has been traditionally used by the native Americans. It is rich in anthraquinones or compounds that enhance contractions in the colon and hence stimulate regular bowel movement.

These ingredients are able to enhance the digestive function by harmonizing the bacterial flora in your digestive system. The lactobacillus sporogenes generates lactic acids which curb the growth of harmful bacteria.

Bowtrol Sensitive Digestion Formula has all-natural ingredients that enable it to cleanse the colon and generally improve the health of the body.


  • Treats delicate digestion especially a sensitive colon.
  • Assists you in replenishing beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract.
  • Protects you against stomach upset and other signs of sensitive digestion.
  • It assists you in restoration of a healthy digestive balance.
  • It supports your immune system.
  • It assists your body in improving symptoms of lactose intolerance

Does it have any side-effects?

The product’s side effects include stomach distress, gas, bloating and diarrhea. Other people may be hypersensitive to particular ingredients which may cause an allergic response.

There is a probability of undesirable interactions with particular drugs or digestive health compliments so you need to be careful in taking this product.

Where to buy it?


Bowtrol colon control can be bought from different places on the internet, the best place to find this product is through the official website. You can purchase this product from the official website here.