If you have tried to lose weight, you already know that losing weight is not an easy job. With so many weight loss products and programs in the market, choosing the right product or program can be a daunting task.

However, change in lifestyle is a major reason losing weight is not an easy task. For instance, if you are on a weight loss diet, you know that avoiding your favorite stuffs such as pizza, cookies, ice creams, bagels, and pancakes over the weekend is not an easy task.

If you had a party over the weekend, drinks such as sodas, beers, and fruits among many other drinks and food that you cannot avoid will hamper your efforts to lose weight and stay fit.

Diet Free Weekends Solution is a weight loss program that is designed to help you lose and maintain weight without the likelihood of gaining weight anymore.

It is an effective program that will aid in weight loss without following a strict diet that may limit you on the type of meal you can eat and when to eat certain foods.

The program allows you to eat any food you want for three days in a week and still lose a significant amount of weight. You may have tried other programs and products in the market without significant results. This write-up will provide a comprehensive and honest review about Diet Free Weekends Solution.

About Mike Whitfield

Diet Free Weekends was created by Mike Whitfield. Mike is a health and fitness guru who has been in health and fitness industry for decades.

He has created several successful programs such as Men’s Health program. He has won several awards including the trainer of the year award.

However, it is through Diet Free Weekends program that Mike was able to lose a lot of weights and take the body shape he has ever dreamed about.

For example, Mike has been on vegetables and other boring foods. From his profile, Mike means business and knows what can work and what will not work.

What Is Included In This Program?

The program is designed with natural products that will help users to lose weight without any side effects. The program is wholly natural, tested and proven to work. The components of Diet Free Weekends include the following:

Diet Free Weekends Nutritional Manual

The nutritional manual provided by Mike gives you a day-by-day strategy on how you can enjoy your favorite food without gaining weight, or else, losing up to five pounds every week.

The diet manual provides scientific strategy on how you can elevate your body metabolic rate, raise energy levels and also lose a significant amount of weight. The manual contains super food that can burn a lot of fat.

Quick Start Guide

Apart from the diet manual, Diet Free Weekend provides a quick start guide that breaks the whole program into smaller segments that are easier to follow. The quick start guide provides a colored chart showing users what to do on each day.

Diet Free Weekends Success and Tracking Journal

Another very important component of the Diet Free Weekends is the success and tracking journal. The success and tracking journal enables users to visualize results.

Thus, this component is important because it offers motivation and encouragement to the users. the success and tracking journal come with daily and weekly milestone guide to help you reach your weight loss goals.

The program comes with various bonuses such as:

Four Day Belly Detox Solution

Toxins in the body are among the major factors that can hinder your efforts to lose weight. Diet Free Weekends comes with body cleansing solution that will help to get rid of the toxins and harmful substances that can damage your health and also hamper your efforts to lose weight.

Cheat Yourself Lean Guide

Apart from the diet manual, the program comes with a cheat yourself lean guide. The guide provides important techniques such as how to avoid bloating after eating carbs, trick on how to block fat synthesis and block the body from storing carbs among many other tricks provided.

How Does It Work?

Diet Free Weekends is based on the premise that a person can lose weight or maintain normal weight by eating healthy foods in some parts of the weeks and breaking free other days of the week.

In the Diet Free Weekends, users follow a specific diet plan from Monday to Thursday and are free to eat any food of their choice from Friday evening to Sunday.

The diet that is followed is usually of low-calorie levels enabling users to lose a lot of pounds. During the break free period, users can eat any food.

The program works like interval training where you have a short period of high training followed by long period of recovery. By making your body to adapt to high calories during the free break period, your body will be compelled to burn more fat to maintain high metabolic rate during the low-calorie intake period. Thus, users will burn a lot of fat than those who are following a strict diet.

Why Diet Free Weekends is not a scam

The developer, Mike, is a reputable professional who has been in the fitness industry for more than ten years. He understands what works and what will not work.

He has developed several other programs that have helped many people on the globe to lose weight without side effects. In addition, the program has been tested and proven to work without any side effects.

Moreover, the program comes with 60 money-back guarantee; if you don’t get significant results within 60 days, you can claim for refund in full amounts.


  • This wholly a natural program that has been tested and proven to work;
  • Users are free to eat the diet of their choice from Friday to Sunday:
  • The program comes with full money back guarantee;
  • Diet Free Weekends is very affordable;
  • The program was developed by a reputable professional.

Ideal candidate

Diet Free Weekends can be used by any person who wants to lose or maintain weight without following a strict diet plan.

Does it work?

No doubt, Diet Free Weekends has been tested and proved to work. Some users have reported losing up to five pounds within the first seven days of use.

Final verdict

You may have tried other programs without significant results. Diet Free Weekends is a perfect program that will show you how you can achieve your weight goals without depriving yourself.

Because food is the biggest hurdle when it comes to weight loss, this is a perfect program to aid in weight loss and overall health.