Are you fed up with fad diets and weight loss programs that promise fast results but then never deliver? Do you find a hard time sticking to weight loss regimens due to their diet restrictions and skyrocket prices?

Do you feel frustrated that after multiple attempts of losing weight, it seems like you still have those extra pounds on you? Well, here is the answer.

What is this product all about?

The E-Factor Diet is a revolutionary weight loss system that allows you to lose weight in a short period of time while naturally boosting the energy in your body.

The E-Factor Diet works by lifting up the body’s metabolism and by synchronizing your diet with your circadian rhythm.

Supported by scientific facts and proven results, it does not work through exhaustive calorie counting and intense work out, rather, it involves eating the right kind of food at the appropriate time.

Who is its creator?

Its creator, renowned fitness expert John M. Rowley, developed the E-Factor Diet to provide a solution for many people who feel lost in their quest to a healthier and fitter body.

Coming from America’s Lifestyle Strategist, the diet not only promotes physical fitness, but emotional and mental positivity as well.

John Rowley’s vast experience and knowledge in guiding individuals to holistic vitality has been infused into the system, creating a non-fad-based regimen that everyone can follow.

What is included in the program?

The E-Factor diet involves segregating foods into different groups, and eating the correct type of food at the right time of the day is a fundamental principle of this system.

The system does not rely on counting the amount of calories ingested and focuses more on the quality of food that the body digests on particular times of the day.

How does it work?

The first food group in the diet involves the “Energetic Foods”. Energetic foods are fuel-rich foods that provide energy for the body and the brain.

This group includes food items that are rich in complex carbohydrates, such as whole grains. Although the body requires energy from this group to function properly, eating them at the wrong time will force the body to depend overly on carbohydrates for the entire day.

In short, it will get you hooked on high calorie foods and leave you feeling less and less energetic throughout the day. Many of the breakfast food that you thought to be healthy are actually bad, particularly if you want to lose weight.

Furthermore, taking them during dinner at night time will force your body to work overtime just to digest the excess carbohydrates. This can probably account for those mornings when you just don’t want to get up from the bed.

The E-Factor system suggests that the best kinds of foods for people who intend to lose weight are those that belong to the “Endothermic” group.

The term Endothermic came from two terms – “Endo” stands for the endocrine system and immune system, while “Thermic” refers to food that burns fats naturally.

Endothermic foods are the best breakfast foods. They promote fat burning by stimulating the lipid digesting enzymes of the endocrine system.

The E-Factor Diet also discourages the intake of histamine-rich food such as alcoholic beverages, cheese, dried fruits, avocados, smoked meat, mushrooms, yoghurt and many others.

Since histamine can cause the body to retain water and make you look bloated (i.e. “The Bee Sting Reaction”), minimizing intake is a necessary step to look trimmer and leaner.

The third factor in the system is the “Enzymatic Food” group. This group includes food items that are naturally loaded with digestive enzymes that can vamp up the gut’s digestive rate.

These foods can also help curb the activity of gut fungi that derail your digestion and promote the increased need for carbohydrate intake.

Many of the enzymatic food group members are fruits and vegetables rich in catalysts that can certainly make a few more inches off your waistline.

The system also emphasizes the fourth factor — “Enjoyment”. If you can’t enjoy the food you eat, you will find a harder time sticking to your diet leading you to become more and more frustrated with your progress.

Without enjoying your meals, your mental health can also be derailed and holistic growth could not be achieved.

The E-Factor Diet is not a scam and has been proven to be an effective means of losing weight. You can listen to what Jared has to say about the program through the video in this link:

What are the advantages of the system?

Now that you know, what the E-Factor Diet is all about, let us take a quick look on some of the factors that make it a perfect fit for you:

(1) The E-Factor Diet is scientifically-based and is proven to be effective.

(2) It does not involve food restrictions and calorie counting, so you don’t have to starve and force feed yourself with bland, nutritionally deficient food.

(3) It will not put a gimp into your schedule and daily living activities.

(4) It also revitalizes your body and boosts your immune system leading to a healthier, fitter you.

(5) It costs significantly less than other diet programs since it does not require the whole flotilla of supplements and fad foods.

Who are the ideal candidates for this program? Does it work?

The E-Factor System can work for anyone and everyone under the sun. It is a universal system that employs a deep understanding of the human physiology and psyche to push the body towards the desired goal without employing extreme means.

It can work for any type of body build, age or sex; as long as you have a clear, unwavering dedication towards self improvement.


But wait, there’s more! The E-Factor System also includes the whole package for improving the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states as well. It includes useful tips and advices on not just how to look good, but also on how to feel good.

The entire package comes with downloadable electronic books such as The E-Factor Weight Loss Handbook, Cheat Your Way Trim, The E-Factor Grocery Guide and the E-Factor Meal Planning Blueprint.

The program also includes a chance to gain access to the E-Factor support forum so you can get in touch with your fellows and peers who are headed towards the same path. So what are you waiting for? It is time to get to the E!