With the recent research reports on obesity cases on the rise all over USA, there is need to cut on weight. Lots of media attention is thus focusing on the many ways to actualize this, majorly on the food that we do consume.

There has been a myriad of information concerning weight loss tips, as expected. Whether all these information is valid and can be relied upon is a topic for another day. You can criticize any of them but I will focus on this as I have read it.


Done by one notable nutritionist and food researcher Brad Pilon, who is also recognized on matters exercise and weight loss although myself I just read the various ways.

From the huge media coverage this book received that drew lots of questions and suggestions, it just took me just a day to read the whole of it.

I will be black and white on this book for you the reader to at least get an idea or two about it.

Brad Pilon has been in this particular field for quite some time and I do trust that the information contained on this book- Eat Stop Eat, are as a result of his huge bank of experience and careful experimentation on the theme.

This book has been rated a 5-star majorly from all the aspects including its cost and effectiveness.

About The Book

The author tries so much to justify his assertion of weight loss without muscle damage on this book using his experience and passion as an expert on nutrition and weight loss. It is notably clear to see that he adamantly tries to eliminate the traditional diet planning and replaces this with an intermittent way of fasting.

The title of the book gives a hint of the main strategy of weight loss that he tries to put across in the book. You can “eat then stop and then eat again” rather than using the using the traditional way of meal planning that included using a given food with a set of calories.

Basically, this book explains on both fasting and routine weight training practices whereby fasting takes the center stage. A day of fasting serves to get rid of all those toxic substances in addition to boosting the general body’s metabolism.

In the end however, your body will have been purified and thus maintain a healthy life with a huge chuck of weight shed. For a beginner, a day of fasting can be hard but will eventually be of benefit.

The goodness about this approach is that it’s safe and easy to follow especially for anyone who cannot stay away from their favorite meals. You will have access to your meals over the fasting periods and still get the desired result.

You will also benefit from the fact that you will not have to subscribe to those special diet plans or any side hassles to lose weight. It is a simple and safe plan as you will depend mainly on your exercise plan to avoid no loss of the muscle mass while you follow a resistance training program.

The fact that all these are researched on for years means they are safe for all.

The author uses the idea of intermittent fasting for a number of purposes. As you work out, lots of fats are being used for the extra energy while you also abstain from the extra calories. There will be a substantial amount of fat lost and thus the weight lost.

However, I fail to understand the reason behind the huge “this is why you should believe me” section taking a huge volume of the book. There are cases of dismal grammatical and punctuation mistakes and of course I won’t forget the long section of reference.


If It Works

Given that this program is both interesting and demanding in equal measure, a week of Eat Stop Eat plan will greatly help cut down on your body fat and thus weight loss. There will be no changes on your muscle mass making it a big success in the quest for weight loss and muscle gain.

The author having been a researcher did travel over the world and even used the best of testing equipment prior to writing this awesome book. He seem not to be forcing you into following the information but rather just recommending.

Even before you embark on this program, the way he articulates all his facts clearly show that it is not a mere hearsay but a result of deep scientific working. The 24 hours of fasting involves some hormones and insulin enzymes whose general effect will eventually bring about low bodily calorie intake and muscle growth.

The benefits of this intermittent fasting plan are immense and he further advises to read the whole book before trying it. The good news however can be seen from the huge number of responses received nationwide after following this program.


The major benefit apart from the information got in this book is the success of the whole program. After just some few trials, you will have lost a good amount of weight while still with your favorite diet and with no additional foods or schedules.

Brad Pilon justifies his knowledge of years in a book and there is an instant hit of success, shoving away the traditional methods of losing weight.

Pros and Cons of Eat Stop Eat

I would love to review this book as a good piece for someone looking to cut on weight. However, just like any other book, it too has its merits and demerits worth mentioning.

You will love the way the author tries to proof all the points in this 212-page book. It is quite short and within hours you know all that is inside and you can plan on the program.

However, the author is an experienced and educated author and all these grammatical errors should not be an issue. You will notice that he still loves to capitalize the “c” of calories. Was it not for the long “…you should believe me” section, it would have been at most $25 as an eBook.

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There is no reason again to embrace all those magazine adverts on weight losses and quick slimming pills. The approach invested by the author is simple to follow and guarantees success. There is no reason to pay more for a bit of losing weight, just follow the program well.