The Fat Shrinking Signal is a weight loss program which works by combining a couple of natural solutions to enable its users shed off excess body fat and tone their body muscles.

The product is a masterpiece of Derek Wahler, a well-qualified and Certified Turbulence Trainer, as well as a certified NASM personal trainer.

Wahler, during the introduction of his product which he called the “Weight loss whisperer” declared that his program combats the challenges involved in alternative weight loss programs such as physical exercise and conventional diets, as the product makes the process effortless and easy.

The product’s simplicity makes it easy to use by anyone and everyone. It is based on science and research, and for this reason, it can be adopted and used by anyone despite their medical conditions, age or gender.

The Fat Shrinking Signal program comes as a sequential 21-day weight loss program that is easy enough to use at home.

How does the program work?

The program targets all angles in the body of its users to ensure that excess fat is shed evenly and at the same time avoid the boredom that comes with everyday workout routines and diet procedures.

Its set of activities burns excess fat on the entire body uniformly by sending fat burning signals to the brain through a sequence of body movements.

The program heavily relies on leptin and its effects to achieve weight loss. Leptin is a hormone released in the body which is involved in weight loss and achievement of the feeling of satisfaction.

It gives you the signal when to stop eating after you are full.

If the brain doesn’t receive leptin signals, it gets the message that the body is starving and hence it cannot determine when you are full. This consequently results into over feeding, and hence excessive fats are deposited in your body.

The Fat Shrinking Signal works to combat this leptin problem by ensuring leptin signals reach the brain hence you do not consume more than you need.

What is involved in the program?

The Fat Shrinking Signal program involves the performance of specific body movements in a particular manner, intensity, and sequence.

Mastering the sequence of the movements may take a while, but once you get the hang of it, it should take you a maximum of 10 minutes to complete the entire exercise.

The program involves four simple steps

· Body slimming burst one; – the Fat Shrinking Signal program begins the fat burning right from the first step. This step is responsible for the activation of the “Fat shrinking signal” which cleans out trapped fats in the body, making you feel and look slimmer almost instantly.

Experts even say that the Fat Shrinking Signal program works the same way as rapid liposuction, just that the dangerous risks and side effects are eliminated.

· Body Shaping burst two; – This step works by sending fat burning signals to the brain so that it immediately flushes out trapped fat deposits in the arms, thighs, belly and around the heart.

It involves unique body movements that help flush out fat in troublesome areas. This step is sometimes known as the shock your system step, as it concurrently activates 5 shock points to help shape troublesome body areas, and make them firm.

· Body Sculpting burst three; – The second step works to tone and tighten body fat through a 40-second tummy movement.

The activities of this step activate anti-ageing enzymes which make you feel and look younger. It also involves the firecracker method which is a 10-minute activity that releases the breakdown of fat deposits in the body.

· Body shredding burst four; – The last step of the program works to jam start your metabolism so that it works optimally, lowers blood pressure and ignites the burning of calories.

What this means is that you will be able to shed off double the amounts of fats in your body without extra workout because the body will be functioning optimally.

The Pros

  • Involves short workout activities; this is probably the biggest reason for opting for the Fat Shrinking Signal as compared to alternative weight loss programs. Is set of activities will only need 40 minutes of your precious time a week and can be done in the comfort of your home, so the hustle of going to the gym is eliminated.
  • A money back guarantee; The Fat Shrinking Signal program offers a two-month money back assurance to help clients build confidence and trust for the program. This time also serves as a trial period to see if the product works for you before you commit to it
  • Results are promised to be achieved in a short time; weight loss procedures that do not show substantial results within a short time can be frustrating. The Fat Shrinking Signal program promises to reward your efforts with quick results with the supercharged work out procedures that will deliver results within a week or two.
  • Combats difficulties involved in other weight loss procedures; one of the reasons most people have a problem losing weight is leptin resistance. For this reason, their bodies do not burn fats properly. With the Fat Shrinking Signal program, the problem is properly combated, and excessive fats are burnt out completely.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate For The Product?

The Fat Shrinking Signal program uses natural body movements that use science rather than chemicals to achieve results.

This means that the product is safe for use for anyone regardless of their age, gender or prior medical conditions. It is a convenient set of procedures that you can perform at home, hence no gym charges incurred.

It involves only four steps that are easy to comprehend making them comprehensible for anyone. The program is also ideal for people with busy schedules as it only needs 40 minutes a week.


The Fat Shrinking Signal by Derek Wahler has prospects of becoming the next big thing in terms of weight loss programs.

It especially promises to be a great rescue plan for the thousands of people who struggle with weight issues with little or no results for their efforts to lose weight.

The fact that it involves completely natural procedures gives it higher chances of better reception, and with no side effects or health risks involved, the Fat Shrinking Signal program could take over the market for a very long time to come.