A sagging belly always gives an indication of a person who is not physically active or one who is not eating in a healthy manner.

With the growing awareness on health, the quest for a flat belly has come to be one of the most sought after achievements by individuals.

This does not only denote a healthy person but is among the trending body shapes in modern society. It is in this perspective that healthy belly forever was authored to give guidance on the best practices to ensure one achieves a not only a flat belly but also healthy living.

What is the product?

This is an outline authored to give guidance on healthy eating habits and practices to ensure a healthy living. The book is based on aspects of regulating the bacteria from the soil and other microorganisms through alteration in various stages to ensure only the rightful organisms are left within the body.

It mostly involves the manipulation of gut bacteria either to lose or gain weight. This also affects the performance of the body’s immune system, functionality of the brains and the nervous system as well as the overall creation or correction of hormonal imbalances.

Who is the author?

The book is a creation of Brad Pilon. It was during his stay in England that he met Aubrey De Grey n a conference where they shared thoughts on using the organic bacteria in the soil to either increase or reduces the body weight.

After this encounter he embarked on extensive research on the issue where he found that bacterial are integral in human body and performance of its functions.

The indications from the study showed that there are millions of bacteria within the human body of which they are from different sources and as well have different functions and abilities.

What is included in the program?

The program is created to enhance the presence and performance of various bacteria and other microorganisms within the body to achieve the desired results.

Basically it is a 12 weeks program through which an individual is taken through there intensive phases with intent to change the presence and functions of bacteria and microorganisms within the body.

In the initial stages of the program, sugar is completely removed from the diet. This is done to deprive the unhealthy bacteria from their usual food that is sugar and in this way eliminate them.

This is further enhanced by elimination of vegetables from the diet as the fiber contained by the vegetables is also known to form part of the foods that is used by the harmful bacteria within the body. This is considered to be the first phase of the program.

Upon successful completion of the phase, fiber is re-introduced in the diet as it is perceived that by this time the unhealthy bacteria will have been completely removed from the body.

In the second phase of the program, prebiotics and probiotics are introduced in the diets. These are known to be essential in promoting the growth of healthy bacteria.

It in a great way stimulates their growth and in such enhances a healthy and effective digestive system. Once this has been done effectively, usual foods are then introduced in the final stage.

With all the harmful bacteria cleared from the body, it is the digestive system is then assured of having the ability to perform exceptionally.

It is important however at this stage to be cautious of the food that one partakes. It should be food that will in a great way enhance growth and development of the necessary bacteria for optimal health.


How does it work?

For the digestive system to function effectively there has to be presence of the healthy bacteria. The flat belly forever diet program as such is created to enhance removal of the unhealthy bacteria within the digestive system and as such encourage the growth of healthy bacteria.

This improves the digestive system where all the food taken is digested accordingly and the useful nutrients assimilated within the body.

Who is the ideal candidate for the product?

The prevalence of bacteria within the body is not prevalent within any stipulated part of human population. Eating habits however as well as exposure to varying living conditions can put one at the risk of developing the unhealthy bacteria within the body.

For this reason, flat belly forever diet is ideal for use by every individual irrespective of age, race, ethnicity or social background.


  • This is a natural program and therefore poses little or no health implications when followed accordingly.
  • The program involves use of locally available food materials and in such way making it cheap to undertake when compared to other weight reduction methods. The only cost incurred during this process is acquisition of the book where a single copy can be used to serve the whole family.
  • This is a dietary composition, in such way it is easy to understand and follow, and I such way ensure results are achieved.
  • There is no need for instructors as it is created in an easy to follow language.

Does the product work?

Understanding the composition of the body is an ideal way I ensuring that various health precautions can be undertaken. In using the flat belly forever formula the program explains in detail the various bacteria and other microorganisms prevalent within the body.

The ability to identify the harmful bacteria as well as ways to eliminate them is an ideal way to enhance overall body health. As such the program is real and actual results can easily be achieved if followed to the letter.



Taking care of the body is an integral part of life. It ensures that the body is rid of disease attacks as well as ensuring one is able to attend to various daily engagements.

While there are many methods that can be use to achieve this purpose, use of natural methods is more efficient as it reduces chances of side effects as well as addiction or over reliance to certain drugs.

Flat belly forever diet plan is created in this perspective where natural and easily available resources re put into use and thereby ensuring a healthy life of an individual.