The multi-million dollar weight loss supplement industry is in no way dying down in the near future but it is plagued with scepticism.

This is mainly because people are always looking for an easier way to shed the extra weight but most of the products out there advertise a lot but offer little to no benefits to the user.

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The claims made by most of these products are often shot down by doctors and consumer reviews often confirm just this but Green Coffee Bean MAX might just be one of the first ones to receive positive reviews from both.

All about the product

The composition of this product is basically unroasted coffee beans thus the name Green Coffee Bean MAX or GCB MAX referencing the colour of the coffee bean.

Roasting coffee beans strips them of some of their nutrients and minimizes the amounts of some of the nutrients. Despite this coffee is usually packed with antioxidants and other active ingredients.

Chlorogenic acid is the all-important active ingredient that makes the distinctive difference between roasted and unroasted coffee beans. This active ingredient is what really makes GCB MAX capsules a weight loss supplement.

How it works? Is it a scam?

GCB MAX has two main ingredients in it caffeine and chlorogenic acid. Caffeine has been linked to weight loss due to its ability to boost a person’s metabolism but the big dog in this mix is chlorogenic acid. Studies have shown that the acid helps to balance the amount of glycogen that is released into the blood stream.

Glycogen is responsible for fat gain and is usually realised in larger amounts after eating a main or large meal. Balancing the amount of glycogen that is released into the blood stream after meals limits the amount of fat that can be gained from that meal.

This is essential when you are trying to lose weight as it ensures that you gain a minimal amount of weight during the period of your weight loss.

Chlorogenic acid also has some thermo genic properties that help increase body heat which in turn help your body burn more calories than it would naturally do.

The liver has a fat burning metabolism that is activated by the acid which increases your metabolism which is highly effective in weight loss.

This also ensures that fat is burned at a much faster and higher rate than protein and carbohydrates would in the body which ensures that you retain the essential nutrients without keeping the bad part which is the fat.

There have been various studies conducted on this product since the discovery of its potential health benefits some years ago that have been conducted on both humans and animals.

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The product has been named the new miracle pill when it comes to weight loss by many including the TV sensation Dr OZ.

Dr Oz on his popular show that has reviewed some weight loss supplements and found them wanting also did a study on the effectiveness of Green Coffee Bean MAX which indicated its effectiveness.

This plus other studies done on the effectiveness of GCB MAX prove that it is not a scam but one of the rare effective supplements in this industry.


This weight loss supplement is plainly what it says it is. It is solely the extract of green coffee beans and nothing else. This makes it an all-natural supplement with no additives or preservatives which ensures that it you get exactly what it advertised.

The green coffee bean extract contains about 50 per cent chlorogenic to ensure a higher level of effectiveness.


Much has been said about this product in this review but what exactly does it provide to its users in terms of benefits. The following are some of the benefits that its users attain;

  • Balancing blood sugar

An imbalance in blood sugar levels will is responsible for fat gain in the body. GCB MAX ensures that your blood sugar is balanced to help control fat gain which is essential in weight loss and help to control your weight. Health conditions such as diabetes cause imbalanced blood sugar which would also benefit from this product.

  • Boosts metabolism

This product ensures that your weight loss is supplemented quite effectively as its ability to boost your metabolism ensures that you lose a lot more calories that you naturally would during a workout or doing everyday things.

  • Reduced sugar cravings

GCB MAX has the ability to balance your blood sugar levels. Lowered blood sugar levels are responsible for the sugar craving we often suffer from.

The balanced blood sugar levels will eliminate your sugar cravings ensuring that you stick to your diet without it being such as a strain on your will power.

  • Less caffeine

Many diet pills contain a significantly high amount of caffeine which often leaves you anxious and jittery. GCB MAX despite it being a coffee bean supplement contains a lowered amount of caffeine containing 50 per cent of its active ingredient in chlorogenic acid which has less of an effect on the users.

  • Lower blood pressure

This supplement sneaks in some health benefits despite it being mainly used as a weight loss supplement. It provides your blood vessels with the ability to reduce the amount of pressure that the blood in them is pumped effectively reducing a person’s blood pressure.

Side effects

This product is coffee based which means it contains caffeine even thou it is not in very large amounts it can cause jitteriness and anxiety and to some a rapid heartbeat. Some people with sensitivity to caffeine have experienced some laxative like side effects to the product and diarrhoea.

People allergic to coffee have had allergic reactions to this supplement as it is also a coffee derivative. The product is also not recommended for breastfeeding women and pregnant women, the product is not also recommended for children too.

Where to purchase it


GCB MAX is being one of the most popular weight loss supplements has received a high amount of purchases but despite having various purchase point options it is always safer to purchase such a product from the manufacturer.

The product is available on the Green Coffee Bean MAX official website where you can place an order and have it shipped to your convenient location.