My Bikini Belly is all about doing an effective exercise. It is a 21 day body weight system, which has the follow along videos.

These videos let you follow your exercise routine without any expensive equipment and that without going to gym. You just have to take out the few minutes from your hectic routine and you can be assured to get the desired Bikini Belly.

This product is about fast results with the minimum effort. It has been designed keeping in mind that time is the limited resource and long torturous exercises are not feasible.

It works on the real reason (menopause cells activation) of women aged 35 years and older being fat. It is a unique solution which defies the older way to exercise and regards it to be the real culprit.

According to the research the older way to exercise normally activates the menopause and thus body maintains the body fat in response to this activation.

It claims that unlike the older way of exercise, these effective ways of exercising will not bother the metabolism rate.

The points of body which are being touched in this exercise have never been covered in any routine before. The results of this exercise will start to appear just after 3 days of the exercising.

Who Is The Author or Creator?

Shawna Kaminski is the creator of this unique exercising program. She is an exercise expert and likes to remain fit even at the age of 52.

She understands the hormonal conditions of menopausal women and have developed the effective way so that any hormones are not touched.

The Creator is also a user of this product. The confidence at the age of 52 in terms of excising and achieving results in form of bikini belly are phenomenal.

The author of this series is a professional with the years of experience in the field. This series is a gust of her life long journey.

What Is Included In The Program?

The program includes a set of three CDs with the videos of author revealing her secret ways to the effective exercising.

These Cds are being sold with a triple guarantee to ensure that they will be effective. Apart from being normal exercising routine, it shows you the routine which is manageable and effective instantly.

The videos are small in size so that one can remain loyal to the program and get the desired results in just few days. Moreover, the discounts are also included for a limited time so that one do not have to worry about the money factor.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

The CDs of the video series are compatible with any CD player. It can be played with any available CD player. It can also be followed by running the CD in your laptop.

The convenient setup of this video series has no match. If we analyze the credentials of the author and the layout, these confirm that it is not a scam.

The professionalism of the creator or author along with the research she has done, shows that she is a dedicated professional and it can not be a scam.

The three guarantees are a gift which can let you think that it can be a scam but believe me they are real and the claimed results are also real.

List of Pros

  • It is a unique product
  • It is based on the latest research
  • It is effective for dealing with other problems like metabolism
  • The exercises are easy to follow and can be performed without any expensive equipment.
  • The exercises can be performed without going to gym
  • Results are visible after just three days
  • Do not require lots of time
  • It is only 21 day program
  • Limited time discounted price
  • Limited time three guarantee offer
  • The creator or author has tested it herself
  • She is a trusted professional with the years of experience

Who Is the Ideal Candidate For The Product?

The bikini belly system is especially designed for women who have already passed the age of 35 and have been trying for flat tummy for all these tireless years.

It is for the age group which fears the menopause and desires to save oneself from its not known disastrous effects on body as well as the skin.

If you are spend lots of time at gym and still can’t get rid of that belly bulge, this product is perfect for your help.

Although it can be used by people belonging to any age group but this unique set of exercising system is most effective in deactivating the fat which catalyzes the process of menopause.

It stops the menopause without disturbing the hormones and it ensures that you look fit without much effort. It has been designed such that the women does not have to waste lots of time after being back from work.

Does The Product Work?

This revolutionary product works as promised. The exercises are found to be effective even before mentioned on the box. You will feel younger as you follow through the program.

The exercises have other hidden benefits which appear as you go. After few days of following the program the feeling of being refreshed is the most outstanding effect.

The dedication with which the author has explained everything is also commendable. Although the guarantees are enough but the fitness of author herself also shows the effectiveness of product.


It is highly recommended product as it can solve all your major problems which come with age. It is a kind of anti-aging exercise which has no match available in the market.


The techniques of exercising, the special points on the body to get the desired results is the best way to save time and money.

The professional explanation of each and every exercise by Shawna also makes this series out of the box and allows it to stand out.

It is the only product in the market which explains its effects in steps ensuring that everyone understands ever single point.