Organic Total Body Reboot Reviews

A research report by Food and Drug Administration reveals that Americans spends billions of dollars every year on dietary products, which most of them fail to work.

This article reviews Organic Total-Body Reboot, which is a revolutionary weight loss products designed to work perfectly within as little as 7 days.

What is Organic Total-Body Reboot?

Organic Total-Body Reboot is an effective weight loss product developed Thomas Delauer who is a popular celebrity trainer. According to studies, the product help to eliminated body's chronic inflammation allowing the body to lose weight easily.

It is a 7-day course that has been verified by a doctor and provides you with everything to effectively lose your weight and attain healthier, comfortable, active and pain-free life.

According to DeLauer, the product helped him loss up to 70 pounds in just one year, resulting in a dramatic full-body transformation.

The product also has helped his wife, who was suffering from Lyme disease as well as autoimmune hypothyroidism, lose over 25 pounds within a year.

About Thomas DeLauer ( The author of the program):

DeLauer is a popular bodybuilder who works as Business Optimization and Performance Coach. He was also once a long distance runner.

Thomas DeLauer holds has been certified by National-Strength and Conditioning-Association (NSCA) as a top-level as a trainer.

He once worked as executive as well as clinical recruiter at Signature Health care Search where he helped the company recruit staffs with proper clinical expertise.

What Is Included In The Program?

Total Body-Reboot is a worthwhile weight loss product that leaves a great impact on life.

Here is how the product works:

Everyday plan: The product features daily diet plan that teaches you what you should consume daily and what food you should avoid if you want to reduce fat and lose weight.

The food recommendation has been studied extensively and proven that they help reduce inflammation that prevents absorption of essential nutrient in the body.

Organic “Hacks: the program includes three Organic “Hacks or strategies that will assists you jump start the weight loss process.

These strategies are critical as it helps you overcome the challenges that prevent you from losing enough weight within the least time possible.

Weight loss Exercise Routines: the third element is a well-designed exercise routine. Although the exercises are easy to adopt it is not a simple approach and you must be dedicated to getting through the exercise and loss weight.

Vitamin/supplement guide: the weight loss product also include detailed supplement guide that helps to lose easily.

The guide helps you to consume only the right supplements that will not only help you lose weight but also build the muscle appropriately.

The weight loss product also comes with video guide for each of the routine. This allows you to must the program faster. You just need to watch the videos as you practice ad you will enjoy the results.

How does the program work?

The weight loss plan is contained in 24-page eBook that features food and recipes as well as some few exercise and eating habits.

Some of the most recommended action that DeLauer believe that it will assist you in weight loss include drinking a lot of ware, having breakfast in the earl in the morning and eating only organic food.

Drinking a lot of water before meals reduces appetite as well as improves the number of calories burned by the body, which work a great deal in weight loss.

Eating breakfast helps to activate thermogenesis process and stimulate metabolism process in the body, which is a plus in weight loss.

Organic food, on the other hand, is packed with antioxidants, which help to lower inflammation in the body and improve weight loss.

Research shows that organic food, whether unprocessed or packed have high nutrients and antioxidants as compared to the conventional counterpart.

Organic Total-Body Reboot System includes exercises that are limited to about half and hour before taking Fasted Lemon Water.

Lemon water features D-Limonene, which is a substance that helps increase enzymes in the body that help to detoxify the liver.

This optional exercise is done in the morning before taking breakfast. Although the exercise is optional is highly recommended as it helps to hasten weight loss and help built the body.

The program includes the recommendation of proteins that you can take for breakfast as well as lunch. Protein helps to curb appetite and keep you from overeating. You should only take protein during morning and lunchtime but not dinner.

You can take a vitamin from day four of the supplement. DeLauer recommends a number of vitamins and other supplemented that you can obtain at a discounted through the weight loss program.

The weight loss program is designed for seven days but in case you find it necessary continue after 7-days, you can sign up for up to 6-week Organic-Health Protocol.


1. Does not include advisement: the weight loss program’s website does not include scammy advertisements. It does not include annoying popup with ridiculous discounts as in most other weight loss websites.

The Total Body Reboot’s website features only important and information that you need to lose weight. The training videos go straight to the point and are very informative.

2. The product was developed by an experienced guy who is confident in the product: unlike most other weight loss products that are developed by paid actors and sometimes features fake characters, Thomas DeLauer is a popular performer in the weight loss and bodybuilding industry.

All users have positive reviews about the product and the developer has used the product with his family and reported great results.

3. Based on Legitimate Medical Research: the product is based on a research done by DeLauer, which points out that chronic inflammation make it impossible to lose weight.

This is a medical fact and is not secret in the industry but what most people don’t know is hot to combat the inflammation start losing weight.

Although there are a number of other programs that claim to have a solution to body inflammation, according to our studies the DeLauer’s program is the only one that has proof effectiveness for all users.

This program works perfectly for everyone with weight loss problem.


Organic Total Body Reboot System is great for anyone who wishes to improve weight loss and improve their health.

If you have attempted other programs but did not lose weight, you may need to reduce inflammation in your body and this is the right product for you.

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