Many people have had several recipe books sitting on their book shelves without checking them or tucked inside their cupboards without reading them but rather just checking them once or twice in a year.

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Most of these books are idle since they are very hard to follow and have many plans and ingredients that are not accompanied with any picture to show to what the finished product will look like.

Moreover, these books are just variations of the old same books. After flipping through them for a shot while, you easily revert back to your normal lifestyle. Fortunately, this is not all about Paleo Recipe Book.

What is Paleo Recipe Book?

Paleo Recipe Book is absolutely one of its own kind and will be ideal for anyone who loves books especially the ones that are concerned with health matters. If you are trying to live a healthy living then this book is among the best.

It is based on optimal human diet such as fish, poultry, red meat, eggs, vegetables and fruits. On the other hand it discourages the consumption of toxic foods such as sugars, grains legumes, dairy and all the other bad fats.

This is because these food products can make your body to feel sluggish, your skin to lose its natural healthy glow, your sex drive to drop or can just slow you down.

To make it more interesting, it is loaded with beautiful pictures and healthy looking meals. It has a diet plan that has literally helped thousands of people.

Besides, it has easy to follow steps that will make you healthy within no time. The recipes presented in the book will make everyone who cooks feels good since it has easy to follow recipes, recipes for a wide variety of foods, and all the health benefits that comes with consuming optimal Paleolithic food products

Who is the author of the product?

The author of the book is Sebastien Noel, a fitness, nutrition and health enthusiast. He has dedicated a huge portion of his life in helping others.

The kind of diet plan that he presents in the book is surely going to become a hit. Within its 392 pages, he crafts 372 recipes that will help you so that whether you are cooking for a family or you hosting a plethora of dinner you cannot get bored cooking something twice.

He also include pictures, colors, a huge amount of different recipes, easy to follow recipes among others,

What is included in the program?

While many books are not that clear about what you should eat and what you should not eat, paleo recipe book explains everything in details and how you should arrange the recipe to ensure that you benefit to the maximum.

For instance, the book recommends that you should eat grass produced meats, sea food, fishes, eggs, nuts and seeds, and healthy oils as olive oils.

On the contrary, this book is against eating food supplements such as cereal grains, legumes, dairy refined sugar, potatoes, processed food, salts and refined vegetable oils.

For a healthy breakfast, the book recommends that you make omelets with onions, pepper, mushrooms and broccoli or use olive oil and mega 3 types of nutrients such as the ones found in eggs.

Secondly, paleo lunches are very easy to prepare for instance, at the beginning of the week you can make a huge salad of anything that you want.

This can be mixed with greens, spinaches radishes, black peppers, avocadoes, wall nuts, olive oils, mixed meat, turkey or even sea food. Lastly, for dinner you can try spaghetti, which is a substitute for any pasta meal.

This book covers almost everything that you need to learn about recipes hence you do not need another recipe book. It has covered 372 recipes presented in a step by step formula that is easy to follow.

To make it more attractive, the explanations are accompanied with some of the most beautiful pictures that will attract you. Moreover, within the book, there are over 17 comprehensive categories of recipes that have been carefully put together for easy read and follow.

With this book, you can stop stressing yourself about recipes and start enjoying a healthy living. This is because the book outlines almost all healthy recipes.

Who is the ideal candidate for the product?

Since preparing a healthy diet for the family can be a challenge, paleo recipe book has been crafted for anybody who would like to live a healthy living. It is a great presentation for any family who would like to start on Paleolithic healthy diet.

Additionally, this book has been made for anybody who is searching for a quality recipe book that has some of the best health plans.

Since it has over 370 recipes, it will definitely meet the need of anybody from children to adults, healthy to invalid and old to young. In addition, it is very simple and easy to follow hence will make it easy for you to start and maintain a healthy diet.

What are the pros of the book?

  • It has over 370 recipes that you can choose.
  • It is simple and very easy to follow.
  • It is accompanied with beautiful pictures and illustration that cannot be found in most recipe books
  • The book is organized in a step by step design for easy read by anybody.
  • The health plans of the diet presented in the book are all beneficial.

Does it really work?

According to studies, it was noticed that Paleolithic diet leads to an improved waistline of an individual and gylmecic control. Secondly, it was noticed that individuals who were put on paleo diet lost weight and had mild reduction on their waist line.

Next, it was also realized that there were several improvements concerning the risk factors that can cause cardiovascular diseases and it also ensure that all everybody who consumed this diet were able to control their calories.

During the study, it was concluded that paleo diet actually works since the women who were put on the program lost weight and had some improvements on their overall health. Besides, there was reduction in liver fats.



For you to be healthy you need healthy food and that is all that is contained inside Paleo Recipe Book. The resources inside the book are abundant hence you should just know what and what not to put inside your mouth.

If you are looking for the best recipe book, then this book together with all its bonuses is a must read for you.