You are not the only one who has tried various supplements to lose weight. Most of you have tried a lot of products to lose weight and failed due to ineffective drugs and medications.

The fact is that no medicine or product works like a magic. Apart from that you can’t get overnight success from anything. Every product has a timeline and working procedure to help you out with your efforts. No product is a magic at all.


This article is about the review of ProShape RX. The article details out all the features of the product so that you can understand how it can work to give the benefits.

You will also know about the pros and cons of the product. The article also details out where you are going to get this product.

What Is ProShape RX All About?

ProShape RX is a supplement for helping you lose weight. It does so by putting a halt on your desire to eat food all the time. Apart from that the product restricts fat and cholesterol to get absorbed by your body.

The product improves the metabolism of your body. After consuming the product you get to digest food in a better way unlike never.

The product is made of natural ingredients which is why you will be free from all sorts of side effects of the product. You just need to take 90 pills in a month to get benefits from this product. You need to take three pills in a day and one after each meal.

The product mentions bout all the ingredients on the bottle. Apart from that it contains no filler ingredients. All the ingredients mixed in the product are verified by the experts. There is no doubt about the effectiveness of the ingredients mixed in the product.

How Does ProShapeRX Work? Is It a Scam?

The product facilitates weight loss in your body

The formula used by the product is pretty simple. The product targets you appetite. The less your appetite is, the less calorie you consume. The other ingredients in the product reduce the amount of fat, bile, cholesterol, glucose and sucrose your body absorbs on daily basis.

The product improves the overall performance of your body

The performance of the product is so vigorous that you start to feel the slimming effect within two weeks of using the product. Some of the people who used the product were able to cut round about 5 pounds in just a week.

If you will count your weight loss in a month, you will notice weight loss of round about 10 to 12 pounds. You can get all these benefits from this product when you use this product with a rigorous exercise regime.

The product renders you various health benefits

When you lose unnecessary weights from your body, you look good and you feel confident about it. The product improves the metabolism of your body.

When you are able to digest food in a better way, you feel the power from inside and outside. There are many more health benefits this product offers.


What Are The Ingredients?

The primary ingredient of the product is Hoodia Gordonii. This product has been discovered from the forests of Africa. The product has Kidney Bean Powder which is very effective for absorbing sugar from your body.

L-methionine is an ingredient of the product which has the power to burn fats from your body. The product blends green tree extracts which work as anti-oxidants for your body.

Hoodia Gordonii

You brain has synapses that tell your brain about the condition of your stomach. Your stomach has limited capability to absorb sugar.

This ingredient tells the synapses of your brain that your stomach is full of sugar and you can’t take it anymore. The actual case is different. You have actually not eaten enough.


This ingredient has the capability to absorb cholesterol from your body. This ingredient absorbs cholesterol even before it reaches your stomach.

Your body can’t digest the ingredient which is derived from shellfish. The fat attached to Chitosan and itself come out of your body through extraction process.

Kidney bean powder

Your body absorbs calories from different starch sources. The ingredient is derived from white kidney bean. This ingredient stops your body from absorbing calories from starch sources. The ingredient also doesn’t allow the conversion of starch to sugar in your body.

List of Pros

  • The product is made of complete natural ingredients

You can go to the ingredients section of the article to check different ingredients of the product and verify their sources.

  • The product can control your appetite which is the preliminary requirement for losing weight

The prime ingredient of the product is Hoodia Gordonii which influences your brain by tell that your stomach is full and it can’t take food anymore.

  • Unlike any other supplements available in the market, you just need to take three pills a day for achieving weight loss
  • You get trail benefits of the product

Does It Have Any Side Effects?

The product is made of all natural ingredients hence it doesn’t have any noted side effects. Clinical studies have recommended this product as a reliable product although FDA has not approved the product.

There is an ingredient in the product named chitosan which is derived from shellfish. Some people have allergy for shellfish. They should stay away from the product. Apart from these minor effects, the product has no other side effects.

Where To Buy It?

There are many online retailers who sell this product online. As far as you look for a genuine product, you can’t trust on the vendors who don’t give guarantee on the products.

You may not be sure about how genuine the product will be when you will buy it from third parties. It is always good to buy the product from the official website.

There are many offers that the official website offers for its customers. You may not be able to avail those offers when you buy those from third parties.


Final words

ProShape RX is made of all natural ingredients to promote weight loss. When it is combined with exercises, you derive maximum benefits from the product. The product is not that pricy when you compared its benefits with the price.