Sometimes you just want to fit into your favourite outfit before that huge party that is in just two days. The only thing in your way could be that extra bloat that adds you weight.


Moreover you might have been planning on kick starting a weight loss plan for some time now. The good news is, with Quick trim cleanse, you can cleanse your body before starting your diet plan and lose up to two sizes in two days ensuring you can wear that stunning outfit. Quick Trim cleanse is one of the many products under the brand name Quick Trim.

What is it all about?

Quick Trim Cleanse is a lemon flavoured drink that just as its name suggests works quickly in just two days to cleanse your body so that you can begin your weight loss journey plan. It has been endorsed and marketed by Khloe and Kim Kardashian which has gained it astounding popularity.

Quick Trim Cleanse is ideal for men and women who are seeking a quick way to rid themselves of bodily toxins in form of excess water weight, impurities and other forms of undesirable intestinal bulk for a fresh, slimmer, non-bloated look. Since it is not a prescription product, you need not visit a doctor to start using it.

How does it work? Is it a scam?

This product empties your body of all intestinal bulk as well as excess water weight. Since these two take up a lot of space in the body, it helps you look much slimmer even before you start your weight loss program. It also helps rid your body of toxins making you much healthier as you start a lifestyle that will keep you at optimum weight.

Since it is taken between meals, one does not have to completely keep off foods. However, only specific foods like gelatin, clear soups, fruits and vegetables, plenty of water or very dilute juices or non-caffeinated drinks.

Other foods especially processed, fried, proteins, sugars, grains and caffeinated drinks are restricted. This works to get you the best results. Bloating and excess water weight is reduced by the laxatives in the drink that increase bowel movement and loosen your stool.

Quick Trim Cleanse has definitely been put on the spot as a rip-off, but it has also worked for many people.

When taken the recommended times a day with the suggested dietary guidelines, the body cleans out impurities built up from digestion reducing that buffed up look that makes one look fat. It is suitable for all genders but not be taken with prescription medicines. Pregnant and lactating mothers should avoid its use.


Quick Trim Cleanse has proven cleansing elements as well as traditional herbs that are renowned for their detoxifying abilities as well as health benefits. Its conglomeration of elements works systematically to give you rapid and satisfactory results. They include;

Plant, Fruit and Root extracts

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A number of natural fruit extracts are included in its make-up. They are:

Fibersol 2, Wheat Berry, Brown Rice, Coconut, Pomegranate Fruit Extract, Raspberry Juice Crystals, Blueberry Fruit Extract, Japanese Seaweed Blend, Elderberry Fruit Extract, Chlorella Algae, Soybean Fiber, Bilberry Fruit Extract, Chicory Root, Jerusalem Artichoke Tuber, Acerola Berry Extract, Astralagus Root, Licorice Root Extract, Barley Malt, Mung Bean, Soy Sprouts, Aloe Vera Gel, Eleuthero Root Extract also called Eleuthero Ginseng to increase energy and vitality because the lower sugar intake that goes with taking Quick Trim Cleanse might reduce your energy, Cranberry Concentrate, Barley Grass, Jasmine Tea Extract.

Quick Trim Cleanse harnesses the natural healing powers of these plant extracts to help you achieve your cleansing goal.

Other ingredients include;

Beta Carotene that is used as a colouring agent

Freshness preserving agents in the form of Potassium Sorbate and Sodium Benzoate

Fructose is used as a sweetening agent

Purified water is added as a solvent

Trace Minerals like iron, zinc, copper, manganese, chromium, selenium, fluoride and molybdenum iodine to prevent mineral imbalance because of the limited diet.


There are many advantages of using Quick Trim Cleanse especially with strict adherence to the given instructions.

  • It is used and is effective in a short span of just 48 hours
  • It reduces bloating of your belly making it look flatter and easing the discomfort that bloating brings
  • It rids the body of harmful toxins leaving you healthier
  • The ingredients used have long been used by celebrities to look slim
  • It helps you to begin your weight loss plan
  • While on the cleanse, you can eat specific foods and still get satisfactory results
  • It helps you lose up to two sizes in two days
  • It curbs your appetite while boosting your energy levels
  • It helps the digestive system to perform effectively
  • It is a non prescription product

Any Side Effects?

There has been a certain amount of fuss about the safety of Quick Trim Cleanse because of its possible side effects. Usually, there are no products that do not have a side effect and the intensity with which each person reacts is different even for a specific product.

Some of the possible side effects range from; dizziness, breast enlargement in males, an increase in the blood sugar, irregular menses and impotence in men.

One should be careful to note that quick trim is not a long term fat loss product but just helps before you undertake a long term weight reduction regime.

Its effect will be visible in just two days but to maintain the great look you will have to stick to a definite weight loss plan.

Where can you buy Quick Trim Cleanse?

Quick Trim Cleanse is widely available in GNC, Wal-Mart, Amazon and large retail chain stores. However, it is highly recommended that any purchase be done from their official products website.

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In the website is detailed information on this particular product as well as other Quick Trim products that are just as helpful in getting that dream figure you desire.

There is no guarantee that comes with any product and the results may differ with different people. However, Quick Trim Cleanse could just be the answer you need to look, feel and actually be slimmer and more rejuvenated while becoming healthier and toxic free.