Emotional eating accounts for most cases of excess body weight. With increased stress levels among today’s population, emotional eating has become an easy act to indulge in notwithstanding the known risks.

Poor diets combined with the current lazy lifestyles in addition make it almost impossible for people to remain trim and those already struggling with weight find it even more difficult to shed off the extra fat.

Exercise and improved diets could help solve the problem but will not fight against emotional eating. So just how do you control your appetite to reduce emotion-based cravings

You have probably heard about the spice saffron, which is obtained from the saffron crocus. The purple flower not only looks good but also contains some beneficial health properties.

Scientific studies reveal that saffron crocus contains a supplement called the Satiereal Saffron extract that works as a very effective appetite suppressant.

The extract is highly recommended for emotional and binge eaters as it helps control how much food they take which eventually facilitates weight loss efforts.

Back in history, saffron extract had numerous medicinal uses. It was used to help ease digestion of spicy foods, treat depression and sooth upset stomachs.

It was until extensive and further study was done on the extract that it appetite repressing abilities were noted.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

Do you know the connection between your mood and appetite? Serotonin is a powerful brain chemical that controls cravings and shuts off appetite.

High levels of serotonin result to a more positive mood and reduced hunger pangs thus your appetite levels are low. If low, the mood turns negative and leads to binge eating and other unhealthy dietary habits.

When stressed or in a low mood, you tend to reach for carbohydrate-packed foods like cakes, chocolate, buns and biscuits because such foods temporarily increase your serotonin levels making you feel relaxed and somewhat happy.

Saffron extract works by increasing serotonin levels making you feel good and less likely to indulge in unnecessary cravings. It helps your body feel fuller fast by delivering the same satisfaction gained from carbohydrate carvings.

The extract stimulates the brain to feel content with fewer calories which reduces your food intake. This way, your body is able to use up the stored energy that is in form of fats, other than storing more. The supplement helps you have better control over what and how much you eat.

When it comes to your health or body, it is okay to be a little more concerned about products like saffron that promise a significant weight loss effect.

Very few companies that promise natural yet effective weight loss solutions are legit. But the saffron extract backed by all scientific and medical research is proved to have the ability to help in weight loss by repressing appetite.


Overnight miracles do not happen in the world of weight loss and so it will take time before you start to realize the effects of saffron extract.


Saffron Extract Select is absolutely pure and natural premium saffron extract. The supplement does not contain any filler, binders or any chemical ingredients for that matter.

The formula is 100% chaste. The active ingredient in saffron extract is serotonin, a chemical found in the human brain. The chemical is present in the flower naturally and helps control both your mood and appetite.

List of Pros

  • On using saffron, your appetite is repressed and that way you are able to make progress in your weight loss efforts.
  • The extract helps lessens cravings and the urge to snack between meals. It therefore makes it easy for one to adopt a strict specific weight loss diet.
  • The active ingredient in saffron extract, serotonin, uplifts mood and increases energy levels making you feel happier and at ease.
  • Saffron lets you experience less hunger pangs and allows you to be control of what and when you eat.

Does Saffron Have Any Side Effects?

The market is full of duping merchants and manufacturer with magical products that fail to live to their promises. It is therefore expected for clients to hesitate and raise fares concerning every new product.

There are products that have promised lots of good to users only to turn out disastrous in the end. Others refuse to be clear about the ingredients they contain and in the end cause adverse effects on the users.

The saffron extract stands out from the bunch of dangerous weight loss supplements. By the fact that it is completely natural, the extract does not pose any side effects to users.

It does not contain any stimulant such as caffeine and therefore you can be rest assured that it will not interfere with the functioning of your body in any way. The only effect expected from saffron is that of reduced appetite.

Where to Buy It

It is difficult to find the Saffron Extract Select in local stores and it being so, the best place to buy it is online as the price is way cheaper if compared to that of a local store.

There are numerous brands of saffron extract and thus you ought to be careful in order to get the right one. Saffron Extract Select is highly recommended even by Dr.Oz and is also the leading premium brand that is 100 natural and with proven results.

The product can be purchased from sites like Amazon or the official product’s site. It is advisable to buy the extracts in bulk as that way you are able to enjoy bigger discounts and save more money.

Weight loss is a tough journey and requires will and determination. Although Saffron Extract Select helps, it cannot be solely relied on.


Weight loss is actually not just about what you are eating but an issue of your entire lifestyle. Make sure to check with your doctor before starting on the supplements.

More to that make sure to read all instructions on the pack of the extract very carefully before using it.