The Bikini Model Cookbook is literary work that extensively addresses problems that arise as a result of consuming low calorie foods, and also gives insights that will help readers to prepare the healthiest meals in a way that will make them taste great. It will encourage the reader to avoid binge-eating, feeling moody, fatigued or bloated.

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Who is the author?

This literary work has been done by Caithleen Heffernan, who is a professional trainer, bikini model, and also a diet coach.

What is included in the program?

The following is the content that the reader will get after reading the Bikini Model Cookbook:

Chapter One

The first chapter addresses the first meal of the day, that is, breakfast. It’s generally about pancakes prepared in the old-fashioned way, the Blue Berry Sauce which can be prepared at home, the Zucchini Waffles, all about Butter together with Maple Syrup, about Walnut Pancakes made from bananas, Flax Waffles mixed with Vanilla to add flavor, and Blue berry breakfast shakes which can be made on the go.

The author also describes the Granola Muesli prepared in the old fashioned way, the popular Ezekiel Toad in the Hole, the Ezekiel French Toast made to be taken with Raspberry Jam that is home-made, Blueberry Muffins containing lemon to be taken with Hemp Streusel, the Granola Parfaits, Rasp berry Waffles flavored with chocolate, the Pumpkin Pancakes, Mexican Omelets, and lastly Vegetable Pancakes to be taken with Tomato Salsa that is fresh.

Chapter Two

In the second chapter, the author has focused on Portable Pancakes, Snacks and also Shakes. Under these major categories, the author considered written about their sub-categories, such as Sattay Skewers made from chicken meat, Pine Apple Shake that has been pumped up, ‘Teriyaki' Chicken Shakes, Garlic Dip along with Red Pepper which has been roasted, and Turkey meatballs.

Others meals include the Garlic Tarragon Dip, Scrambled Mexican Turkey along with Chunky Guacamole, Zuchini Cookies with chocolate added to them, Banana Bread containing coconut flax, a mixture of Cottage Cheese, the Portable Pancakes, Cookies made from Blueberry Cheesecake, the Blue Berry Maca Shake, among others.

Chapter Three

In the third chapter, the author has focused on Salads and Salsa. In the sub chapters, the author has further written about the Snapper Salads along with Peppercorn Vinaigrette, Salads made from the Mediterranean Chicken, the Spice-rich Thai-Scallop Salad, Feta Sauce along with Turkey Koftas and Tomato-minted Salad, and Thai Avocado Salad along with the Coconut Snapper.

The author has further written about Grilled Chicken along with Red Quinoa and Beet Salad, Tomato-corn Salsa along with Cajun rubbed Chicken, Wasabi Salad along with Snapper Avocado, and Cabbage Salad along with Lemon-Dill Tilapia, together with Thai Shrimp.

Others meals covered are Baked Agave Pecans along with Steak Skewers and Pomegranate, the Bean Summer Salad, Cilantro Cucumber Salsa together with grilled chicken richly spiced, the Thai-Cilantro Coleslaw together with Sesame crusted Tuna, Chicken Potato Salad, and finally Minted Cucumber Salad together with Herbed Chicken.

Chapter Four

In the fourth chapter, the author has generally written about Soups and Stews. Under the two are the following; Stew made from Chicken Eggplant, Chicken Stock, Split Pea Soup together with herbed meat balls (a recipe from the Middle East), soup made from Shrimp together with Thai-Coconut Chicken, and Stew made from Lentil along with Carrot Koftas.

Others meals covered include; Meatballs made from turkey and rice, the Congee, Stew made from the Lentil Chicken together with sauce made of Yoghurt Cucumber, Chicken Pepper Soup, Mexican Albondigas Soup, Sick Soup named after Laura, the Chicken Pea Soup, the Mediterranean Bison Stew, the Chicken Mushroom Soup, and finally, the Seafood Chowder, among others.

Chapter Five

In the fifth and final chapter, the author has written about Seafood and Vegetarian Foods. She has further written about Peppered Tuna when prepared with Cucumber Relish, the Fried Snapper when prepared with Grilled vegetables, the Polish salad, the Sweet Caithleen, the Shrimp Pad Thai, the Thai Scallop Fry, and Baked Salmon prepared with tomato sauce, the Orange Salmon.

Others meals covered include; are Fish Tacos prepared with roasted Salsa, the Coconut Shrimp Curry, Feta Cheese dressing prepared with Falafel Wrap plus Cucumber Salsa, the Mexican Shrimp Fry, the Tarragon Vinaigrette prepared with baked Sea Base, and lastly, Crusted Scallops prepared with Mint Chimichurri.

How does it work?

The reader is encouraged to stop adding artificial flavors or sweeteners to her meals. This will enable her to eventually have a body that is sexy and lean. The reader is also encouraged to ensure that she only cooks real food, or whole foods.

The reader is further encouraged to make her meals more healthy and tasty by using natural ingredients only. The recipes that the reader is advised to make use of should meet the following minimum conditions; The meals should be easy to prepare, and should only need minimum preparation and cleaning up.

The recipes should include a wide variety of ingredients which are natural and healthy. The recipes should not include any artificial supplements or sweeteners.

Who is the ideal candidate for the product?

The candidate for this product ideally is;

A person who would like to have a bikini body, or in other words, a lean body A candidate who would like to observe a diet composed of healthy foods that can be prepared with natural supplements, instead of the unhealthy, artificial supplements.

A person who would like to use the recipes contained there-in during his/her physical training A person who is interested in knowing how often, and how much he/she should eat A person interested in knowing the type of foods to prepare and eat

List of Pros

This book can be beneficial to the reader who buys it in the following ways;

It provides information on the different types of healthy foods to eat It contains recipes, which can guide the reader, step-by step in preparing the meal It informs the buyer concerning how often, and how much food he/she should eat It advises the reader on natural supplements that can be used to prepare delicious, healthy meals It discourages the buyer from using artificial supplements and sweeteners in food, by highlighting the dangers of using such artificial supplements. It guides the reader on how to get a lean, bikini body

Does the Product Work?

Yes, the product works very well. The author has given personal testimonies of her experience. Other readers have also given their testimonials on how the book has been helpful to them, and this is enough evidence to prove that the book and its contents really work.

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Any reader/buyer who would like to get information on the types of healthy foods to eat, how much and how often to eat, recipes for preparing healthy foods, and how to prepare healthy foods with natural supplements instead of the artificial supplements, then such a person needs to buy and read this book, because it will add so much value to his/her life.