Over the past few decades, thousands of fad diets and pills have come out with each promising unprecedented results within a relatively short period of time. Some of us may have even tried one or a couple of these diets and pills, probably with mixed results.

And whereas most of these diet programs have turned out to be mere scams, others have even proven to be downright dangerous—especially ones that require you to fast or phase out certain important food groups from your daily diet.

But James Ward’s Cruise Control Diet manages to shine in a sea of mediocrity, providing a genuinely useful diet program that will help you attain your weight loss goal the right way and within a short period of time. This article is on James Ward Cruise Control Diet Reviews.

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So, Just What's Cruise Control Diet?

Designed by James Ward, Cruise Control Diet is a powerful and flexible diet program that utilizes a whole-foods technique to help you lose weight and improve your overall health.

It is a great diet plan for anyone and everyone who wants to lose weight by eating foods that will keep him healthy and fit. This program is unique in that it lacks the strict rules and limitations that you will find with most of the weight-loss programs online these days.

Cruise Control diet is a simple weight loss technique that revolves around four important rules which according to Ward, are vital for best weight loss results.

They are:

  • Eat all natural foods that will fuel your body’s fat burning process
  • Get rid of those foods that will trigger accumulation of more fat in your body i.e. packed & processed foods
  • Managing your physical body with sense of guilt satisfactions is useful in shedding additional weight. Enjoy guilty pleasures such as sweet cookies, sweet chocolates and candies occasionally
  • The all-natural cravings reaction of the physical body is the most effective overview instead of taking a diet programs routine or a calorie counting statistics.

James Ward says he was able to whittle away more than 35 pounds in only 10 weeks by following the above guidelines. He further assures that most individuals will be able to lose about 30 pounds over similar period by using the Cruise control diet. >

What is Included in The Product?

The main features that come with the Cruise Control Diet standard package include:

  • The Cruise Control Diet Core program Guide that’s based on three phases that allow you hit your weight loss target without dangerous weight loss pills, excessive workout routines, or strict diet limitations and restrictions. These three phases include: the metabolic reset phase, the cruise control phase and the rapid fat burning phase.
  • The weekly Recipe Bonus that will allow you access new recommended recipes weekly for the first 2 months
  • The Cruise Control Diet Jumpstart Guide that was specifically created to help users get desired results faster.
  • The Cruise Control Diet Cook Book that has numerous recipes to help you shed excess fats faster than others


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Does It Work?

James ward’s Cruise Control Diet works great for truly rapid and sustained weight loss. It isn’t like your average diet that you’re on for a short period of time and then end up getting off because you can’t stand it anymore.

Actually, Ward says that occasional consumption of small-cake quantities, candies, cookies, chocolates is permissible when undergoing this diet approach which only means that the feeling of giving up on your diet won’t occur since the approach is motivating, energy consuming and non-compromising.

The most impressive aspect about this diet approach is that beginning the weight loss program has been made easy. You will only need a PC and good internet connectivity to get started.

Carefully following this diet plan as per the guidelines contained in the guidebook will realize you quick positive outcomes. Other than giving weight reduction concepts, the guide book also trains you on how to lead a healthy & balanced life.

This diet plan focuses on helping individuals lose around 40-pounds in only 8 weeks without extreme workout routines. Basically, it’s managed in 3 phases; metabolic reset phase, trip manage phase and rapid burning of fatty-tissue phase.

Metabolic Reset phase resets your metabolic process by lowering insulin hormone levels. It brings back the all-natural food cravings impulse of the physical body and runs for 14 days.

Throughout trip manage phase, weight and fat deposits are controlled. This stage lets you delight in approximately two dishes each week. This phase likewise acts as the default diet program to preserve weight after you are through with the last stage.

The third phase involves fatty tissue burning and is basically an extension of the second phase. There is rapid loss of fatty-tissue throughout this phase. Upon completing the 3rd phase, it is recommended that you return to the trip Manage phase so as to keep that extra weight off.


The benefits you may accrue from using this diet plan don’t just end at excess weight shedding. Other than whittling away excess fats, you'll experience an immense natural energy increase & eliminate that feeling of exhaustion.

As you begin this diet approach, significant improvements in your overall health are guaranteed such as the regulation of blood pressure, blood glucose level, and restoring cholesterol levels back to normal.


  • Unlike other diet plans on the market today, this diet program is a properly organized and user friendly weight loss program. It is subdivided into 3 simple stages that will help you understand precisely what you need to do, how and when.
  • It’s the most efficient means to attain weight loss without having to use craze meals, workout, diet plan, and fasting.
  • Most information in James Ward’s diet plan is backed by respected researchers and based on solid scientific analysis.
  • Thanks to this program’s full refund policy, users can try the complete system for 60 days without any risk.
  • This program also has a very considerate and helpful support team with a turnaround of less than 24 hours to all your queries and concerns.
  • This program is easy to follow and doesn’t complicate your weight loss process. It doesn’t involve counting calories and has no limitations on any food types. Furthermore, it eliminates need for dangerous pills and excessive workout routines.


  • The program's only focus is on diet. The program disregards inspirational aspects and routine workouts that could help with weight loss.
  • This program is only available online. Those without Internet connectivity won’t get access to it.
  • The program is less comprehensive vis-à-vis other weight-loss diet plans.


Cruise Control Diet is undoubtedly a revolutionary weight-loss program that's proven to be effective and gets you quick successful results than any other weight-loss programs out there.