The French Paleo Burn Reviews

There’s a lot of buzz on the Internet about the French Paleo Burn that claims to help women lose weight without having to sacrifice the food they love or sweat it out for hours in the gym. Now, that sounds refreshingly new!

Every day we hear different diets that tell you to exercise like crazy, skip meals, or drink those nasty shakes. In this program, Carissa Alinat, a healthcare specialist, shows people the right way to go from fat to fit without doing all those silly stuff.

Carissa claims that the program helped her lose 20lbs and gain back her confidence. With this program, she hopes to bring about a difference in the lives of women who suffer the brunt of stubborn fat and feel frustrated with diets that yield no results.

In simple words, this is a complete diet program created for women over 35 who find it difficult to stick to a diet or exercise daily. It aims to help women take charge of their body, learn the right way to lose weight naturally and stay healthy.

Let’s take a closer look at the French Paleo Burn to see if those claims are true.

Who Is The Creator?

Dr. Carissa Alinat, the creator of the French Paleo Burn is a nurse practitioner, weight loss specialist, researcher, and published author. She is a mother of three and wife to a popular French chef named Gui Alinat.

According to her, she discovered her passion for women’s fitness, health, and nutrition years ago when she was herself became overweight after two pregnancies.

The strategies offered in this program helped her turn her life around by fighting depression and springing back into shape.

With this program, she now hopes to show women how to take control of their body, get rid of the stubborn fat, and reclaim their confidence sport a bikini. Her goal is to help one million women lose weight and get back into shape.

What Is Included In The Program?

In the program, Carissa promises to reveal the best kept secrets of the French women who eat delicious food, yet manage to stay healthy effortlessly. The French Paleo Burn Program includes:

  • Phase 1 and Phase 2
  • 14 Day Meal Plan
  • The French Paleo Burn Cookbook

You will also receive 3 bonus eBooks – 8 Week Primal Movement Plan, Secrets of Skinny French Women, and The Truth About Weight Loss.

The program is a well-structured and effective guide that takes you step-by-step towards a healthier lifestyle with Phase 1 and Phase 2.

It explains the benefits of the Paleo Diet system that helps in melting away the fat accumulated in stubborn areas of the body.

You can find delicious recipes, amazing ingredients, tricks, and tips to help you lose weight naturally without skipping meals or spending hours at a gym.

The program teaches you what to buy and how to eat correctly to boost your metabolism and break free from the vicious cycle of gaining weight repeatedly.

As a health care expert and researcher, the creator focuses on the concept of Mindful Eating and helps readers identify how this can accelerate their weight loss journey.

Another part of the guide Quick Fat Reduction talks about various delicious foods that can be eaten without feeling guilty.

The weight loss guide also educates about the simple movements and activities that can help you stay in shape. Most importantly, it shows the way not just to lose weight now but maintain the right body metabolism to stay healthy ever after.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

The French Paleo Burn program packs powerful information that makes it a complete guide to losing weight naturally and effectively.

It is extremely user-friendly and easy to follow. Most importantly, it does not tell you to make drastic changes to your lifestyle or diet.

It comes backed by a 60-days money-back guarantee, which makes it a no-risk purchase. The program has some really good reviews from satisfied customers that shows there’s some truth in those claims. It’s definitely not a scam.


  1. The creator is a renowned healthcare expert, researcher, and professor at the University of Florida.
  2. It includes healthy and delicious recipes by creator’s husband, Gui Alinat, who is a famous French chef
  3. It is a relatively affordable program that offers priceless health benefits to people of all ages
  4. It is suitable for both women and men wanting to shed some extra pounds naturally
  5. It comes with exciting bonuses to provide additional benefits with your purchase
  6. It is backed by a 60-day guarantee that gives two months to try the ingredients, recipes, and strategies

Who Is the Ideal Candidate For The Product?

The program is created for women post 35 years of age who find it difficult to burn fat through diet and exercises. It works great for women wanting to reclaim their pre-pregnancy body or those who want to give up their favorite foods.

Although the program is focused on women, we feel people of all ages can benefit from the simple recipes, useful tips, and effective strategies offered.

Does The Product Work?

Yes. After looking at the various customer reviews online, we can say that the program does work. The biggest reason behind its success is that it’s a user-friendly guide that tells you to do simple things that can be included in your lifestyle effortlessly.

The program offers a cheat day every week, which makes it easier to stick to the healthy diet. There is no need to count calories, restrict your food intake, or workout like crazy.

This looking like a refreshingly new yet effective diet created by a nutritionist who has been in her client’s shoes before!


After carrying out a thorough and in-depth research of the French Paleo Burn, we strongly believe that this program offers great value for money.

The pdf guide is created keeping in mind the issues faced by women who desperately want to lose extra fat around the tummy, waist, thighs, and buttocks.

The creator of the program, Carissa Alinat shares her personal experiences on how she bounced back into life after hitting the rock bottom.

This adds a personal touch, which stirs that key pain points most women past 35 years of age face in their lives.

Overall, we feel the French Paleo Burn program is definitely worth a try. With the money back guarantee, there is nothing to lose. You can only gain back your confidence, reclaim your healthy body and feel great in the skin you are in!

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