As far as detox and cleanse resources are concerned, Total Wellness Cleanse is considered the most complete out there. Even this is an understatement.

The number of detox and cleanse information as well as actionable guidelines that you get from this package cover each and every aspect of the subject.

You are literally able to save thousands of dollars hiring detox and cleanse professional when you follow advice in this program to the letter.

Therefore, unless you require specific tools which only a professional may provide, the information you are going to receive from Total Wellness Cleanse kit will be more than adequate to get you smoothly through your detox and cleanse.

About the Authors…

Total wellness Cleanse is a collaboration of Amy Coates and Yuri Elkaim. Yuri is quite famous in the cleanse diet and raw food industry. He’ authored various quality diet products.

Amy Coates, on the other hand, is a registered Holistic Nutritionist. There’s little less celebrity to her name, though she’s quite knowledgeable when it comes to detox and cleanse field.

Amy and Yuri combined form a remarkable detoxing, cleansing and entire health duo. It is noticeable that they’ve jammed everything that they know into the product and provided a concerted effort to collect them in an organized and simple to understand manner.

Who is Total Wellness Cleanse for?

Total Wellness Cleanse program are for those individuals who need to regain their health, heal their body and build a healthy foundation.

It serves as your most comprehensive resource as far as achieving those goals is concerned. This program is definitely a must have to help with your current health issues as well as to protect you from any future damages to your health

What You Expect From Total Wellness Cleanse

You expect this to be complete health and wellness system, as opposed to your usual weight loss product. The program is all concerned with building some great foundation of health, and maintenance of that health throughout your entire life.

You are going to learn proper as well as natural detoxing and cleansing methods and building a healthy foundation for your body. You will also have to maintain your health through proper exercise, right food and religious tracking of the health indicators.

Along the journey through the program, you will get to experience some other positive advantages of healthy lifestyle such as natural weight loss, abundance of energy and stronger common diseases resistance.

Remember that everything about Total Wellness Cleanse is naturally done through natural processes as well as right food. You do not need going through complex medical processes or ingest simulated detox pills and formulas.

Three Phases of Your Detox and Cleanse Program

Just to give you some rough idea on what you may expect to undergo within this program, you will begin with what’s called the “Cleanse Phase.” Here, your goal is to “reset” the body to its healthy roots via proper detox and cleanse processes.

Going through this initial phase is to let your body to heal and eliminate all garbage it has accumulated throughout the years of unhealthy living.

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You can imagine this as internally taking a bath. After this phase, you are going to feel renewed and refreshed. This phase usually lasts for 14 days.

After this comes the “Maintenance Phase”. You are going to get a set of recipes and meal plans that you ought to religiously follow so as to maintain the healthy foundation you managed to build through the first phase.

This will take 18 weeks’ worth of recipes and maintenance meals.

Lastly, you are going to get a special Candida Cleansing Guide. This will help in further cleansing up your body and make you become as healthy as possible.

All the sections indicated add up to provide you with a lot of valuable information. Yuri together with his team are aware of that, and they deliver the sections to you two weeks apart of each other.

Upon your purchase, you are going to receive the “Cleansing Phase” and immediately two weeks after that; you are going to receive an email that contains the “Maintenance Phase” materials.

Two weeks after this, you are going to get Candida Cleansing Guide. This is designed to help you from being overwhelmed.

Total Wellness Cleanse Packages

  • Daily coaching emails(30)
  • Members Only Cleanse, “Teleclass series” audio mp3( 13 different teleclasses)
  • Ongoing support system through Facebook page of the author
  • An article compilation set “101 Ways of Total Wellness”


  • When you suffer from some medical condition than your doctor says may be improved through “living and healthy eating:, this program is your solution
  • It deeply covers a wide aspect of detox and cleanse advice that you would usually pay a lot to a professional to hear. Here, you do not pay by the hour or session
  • It promotes natural and healthy detox and cleanse methods. You do not have to take detox formulas and pills
  • When it comes to detoxing and cleansing resources, Total Wellness Cleanse is the most comprehensive
  • It’s capable of actually replacing your detox and cleanse specialist
  • It has excellent presentation, the organized program flowing easily
  • It’s packaged with detox and cleanse concepts and principles together with actionable plans
  • Remarkable customer response time


The presentation is quite clean, and the layouts of Total Wellness Cleanse are crystal clear. The main sections of this program are also perfectly segmented so as to prevent overlapping of the topics.

Total Wellness Cleanse is considered more like a mega package. Just imagine various standalone products that deal with detoxing and cleansing combined together so as to form this kit, and suddenly, the three-digit pricing appears like a bargain. Detox specialists are still more costly, regardless.

Screen Shot 2558-02-11 at 4.38.13 PM

Total Wellness Cleanse should be considered as the most comprehensive detoxing and cleansing program out there in the market today.

It is a program that has proven it's effectiveness considering the number of positive reviews from the past customers who have successfully used it or are continuing to do so.

Considering the amount of information this amazing product contains and how well it’s organized and presented, it is simple to give it the perfect highest recommendation and rating possible.